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Actions & Traits

The Beta Action Menu

Perhaps the most crucial part of the Main Menu, the Action Menu allows a player to set the Battle Actions, Traits, and Synthesis Actions for their current Primary Skill and Secondary Skill. The action menu can only be modified in Passive Mode.

[edit] Battle Actions

Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can set up to 30 actions to be used in combat. The Battle Action menu has three lines of 10 actions each, and lists the number of available Action Points. Each action has an Action Cost and players can set as many as 30 skills, provided their combined Action Costs do not exceed the total available Action Points. The total number of Action Points available is determined by the level of the current Primary Skill.

A sample battle action:

Action Cost: 3
Sword Optimal Skill 10 Affinity Earth
Gesture threateningly, increasing enmity and temporarily focusing the target's attacks on you.

In this example, Provoke is shown to have an Action Cost of 3 and is a Battle Action that was learned with the Sword skill. Battle Actions can be selected from various skills.

[edit] Traits

Players can set as many as 10 Traits at one time; each trait has an Action Cost, and players may not exceed their total available Action Points.

[edit] Synthesis Actions

The Synthesis Actions menu allows Disciples of the Hand to set up to 10 actions to be used in synthesis. Each action has an Action Cost and players may not exceed their total available Action Points.

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