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Castrum Centri

Zoneicon.pngCastrum Centri
Area: Fogfens
Zone: Mor Dhona
Region: Mor Dhona (Region)
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Building
Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
Patch: 2.0
NPCs (6)
Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
5th Cohorot Hoplomachus 12-16 46  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Eques 12-16 46  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Hoplomachus 12-16 46  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Medicus 12-16 46-47  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Optio 12-16 47-??  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Signifer 12-16 46  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
5th Cohort Vanguard 11-17 Garlean Steel Joint Icon.png Garlean Steel Joint  Aggressive.png
Magitek Colossus 12-16 47  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Magitek Vanguard H-1 12-16 47 Garlean Steel Joint Icon.png Garlean Steel Joint (???%)Garlean Steel Plate Icon.png Garlean Steel Plate (???%)  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Hunts (2)
Name Mob Reward
Hunting Log: Conjurer 46 Mor Dhona
Enemy Humanoid Icon.png
5th Cohort Eques x4
Mor Dhona - Castrum Centri
Hunting Log: Lancer 47 Western La Noscea
Enemy Humanoid Icon.png
Sea Wasp x5
Western La Noscea - Halfstone
Mor Dhona
Vanguard Icon.png
5th Cohort Vanguard x4
Mor Dhona - Castrum Centri
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