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Castrum Novum

This article has been "archived". It was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV, but is not part of the current game anymore.
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Castrum Novum
Located deep within the recesses of Mor Dhona, the Garlean Empire has finally managed to acquire a permanent foothold within the continent of Eorzea. Within this forbidding, magitek structure, await the strongest of the imperial forces, waiting to unleash their might upon the city-states.


Area Coordinates
Mor Dhona 6-12

Type: Stronghold
Region: Mor Dhona
Zone: Mor Dhona
Weather: Miasma
Expansion: Original


Castra, or Castrum is a Latin word that means military building, or fort. Novum is a Latin word that means "New Thing." Roughly translated, Castrum Novum means "The New Fortress."
Monster "Patrols" change at various points in time. New waves of monsters may spawn in an unpopulated area, or the monster you are fighting may despawn, given the appropriate change of hour.
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