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Category:Archer Quest

Archer Icon 4.png
 The following is the quest line for the Archer class.
Name Lvl NPC Rewards
Way of the Archer &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001Way of the Archer Athelyna - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-12) Expicon.png100
Guaranteed Items
Weathered Shortbow Icon.png Braised Pipira Icon.png x5 
My First Bow &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000020000002My First Bow Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png100Gil Icon.png115
A Matter of Perspective &00000000000000050000005&00000000000000030000003A Matter of Perspective Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png560
Guaranteed Items
Maple Shortbow Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Custom-made Tunic Icon.png Leather Eyepatch Icon.png Fingerless Leather Gloves Icon.png Copper Gorget Icon.png Allagan Tin Piece Icon.png x5 
Training with Leih &000000000000001000000010&00000000000000040000004Training with Leih Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png1,710
Guaranteed Items
Plumed Maple Shortbow Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Leather Jacket Icon.png Bronze Sallet Icon.png Hempen Bracers Icon.png Hard Leather Caligae Icon.png Allagan Bronze Piece Icon.png x2 
Violators Will Be Shot &000000000000001500000015&00000000000000050000005Violators Will Be Shot Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png3,360
Guaranteed Items
Ash Shortbow Icon.png Repelling Shot Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Cotton Tabard Icon.png Hunting Hat Icon.png Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Icon.png Hard Leather Crakows Icon.png Allagan Bronze Piece Icon.png x3 
To Catch a Poacher &000000000000002000000020&00000000000000060000006To Catch a Poacher Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png406
Guaranteed Items
Elm Velocity Bow Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Goatskin Jacket Icon.png Iron Sallet Icon.png Goatskin Armguards Icon.png Goatskin Leg Guards Icon.png Allagan Bronze Piece Icon.png x5 
Homecoming &000000000000002500000025&00000000000000070000007Homecoming Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png4,760
Guaranteed Items
Wrapped Elm Longbow Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Velveteen Shirt Icon.png Velveteen Turban Icon.png Fingerless Goatskin Gloves Icon.png Goatskin Crakows Icon.png Allagan Silver Piece Icon.png x2 
The One that Got Away &000000000000003000000030&00000000000000080000008The One that Got Away Luciane - New Gridania - Quiver's Hold  (15-11) Expicon.png7,410
Guaranteed Items
Ash Cavalry Bow Icon.png Windbite Icon.png 
Optional Items
 Toadskin Jacket Icon.png Steel Sallet Icon.png Toadskin Armguards Icon.png Toadskin Leg Guards Icon.png Allagan Silver Piece Icon.png x3 

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