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The content of this article or image is currently out of date and needs to be updated or archived to match the release of A Realm Reborn.

Armor can be worn on various parts of the body for protection and to enhance various stats. The different places/types of armor that can be worn are listed below.

Note: The only equipment that can be purchased via vendors is the initial equipment that you started the game with. Your equipment is crafted or upgraded via crafting within the game. Other players can craft equipment and then offer it for sale within their Bazaar. Caution Icon.png

All worn equipment except for throwing weapons has a Wear value that indicates its condition. When this number gets low, the item needs Repairs. You can reduce the need for this by wearing equipment that "Favors" your class, as well as with an "Optimal Rank" equal to or less than your class rank. Doing so will also give you more benefit from the item's stats.

[edit] Available Armor Slots

  • Off Hand (sub)
  • Pack (pack)
  • Pouch (pouch)
  • Head (head)
  • Body (body)
  • Body (clothing) (shirt)
  • Legs (legs)
  • Legs (clothing) (garment)
  • Hands (hands)
  • Feet (feet)
  • Waist (waist)
  • Neck (neck)
  • Right Ear (R.ear)
  • Left Ear (L.ear)
  • Right Wrist (R.wrist)
  • Left Wrist (L.wrist)
  • Right Index Finger (R.index)
  • Left Index Finger (L.index)
  • Right Ring Finger (R.ring)
  • Left Ring Finger (L.ring)


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