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Category:Grand Company Quests

The content of this article or image is currently out of date and needs to be updated or archived to match the release of A Realm Reborn.
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Category The Order of the Twin Adder The Maelstrom The Immortal Flames Required Class Rank
Main Quest Breaking the Seals The Price of Integrity Career Opportunities 22
Main Quest Why Did It Have to Be Snakes Testing the Waters Kindling a Flame 22
Main Quest Adder's Nest Egg Seals for the Whorl Burning a Hole in One's Pocket 22
Main Quest The Mail Must Get Through Engineering Victory Arms Race 22
Main Quest Their Finest Hour An Officer and a Wise Man Burning Man 25
Main Quest Appetite for Destruction Ceruleum Shock Know Your Enemy 25
Main Quest Serenity, Purity, Sanctity Till Sea Swallows All By Fire Reborn 25
Side Quest Imperial Devices 25
Side Quest Eternal Recurrence Saving the Stead Instead Different Strokes 25
Side Quest The Pen Is Mightier Than the Spear The Cove Prying Eyes 25
Main Quest It Kills with Fire 30
Main Quest Two Vans are Better than One Alive Like Father, Like Son 40
Side Quest Woes of the Botanist It's a Piece of Cake to Bake a Poison Cake A Weaver and a Mummer 40
Side Quest Into the Dark 45
Side Quest Gone with the Wind Kobold and the Beautiful When Alchemists Cry 45
Side Quest A Taste for Death Oil Crisis Challenge Accepted 45
Rank Quest You Don't Have the Rite The Weakest Link Gore a Lizard, Hurry 45
Rank Quest Cure for the Common Pox Patrol, Interrupted Mess with the Goat, Get the Horns 45
Main Quest Shadow of the Raven Deus ex Machina Careless Whispers 45
Main Quest In for Garuda Wakening 45
Main Quest Don't Hate the Messenger 45
Main Quest United We Stand 45
Main Quest To Kill a Raven 45


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