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Articles contained in this category are user-created guides. Information expressed in a guide is usually more opinion than fact, and should be taken as such. Often, guides are written based upon players' experiences, successes, and mistakes with the goal of aiding others in choosing the most beneficial path through the same activity. However, there may be differing opinions than those expressed in a guide, and more options than those offered. Strategies and information in guides may not work for everyone.

When naming a guide, please stick to the naming conventions described below; guides that do not conform to these conventions will be moved to their proper location without warning, but a notification of the change will be privately posted to the creator's user page.

Naming Convetions:

If a guide is meant to be edited as a collaborative effort with the GamerEscape community, it does not need to be signed, but the page title should be clear and relevant to the subject (e.g. "Guide:Alchemist Equipment Chart" or "Guide:Solo Grinding Camps"). If a guide is meant to be edited by only its creator, or those with their permission, the title can be more personalized, but must remain relevant to the subject and be signed by its author (e.g. "Guide:Superfishal Synthesis by Anonymoose").
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