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Guildhests are a form of Duty designed for party play. They are the most similar to Guildleves, though there is no "guildhest allotment." A one-time bonus to experience points and gil is granted upon your first successful completion of a guildhest. Guildhests are unlocked by completing a lower level guildhest, with the exception of Basic Training: Enemy Parties that is unlocked from the beginning. Guildhests provide a variety of challenges, from defeating powerful bosses, to breaching enemy strongholds. They can be accessed through the duty finder. Adventurers will receive a bonus to their rewards for their first time completing a guildhest on a particular class.
Name Level
Duty roulette icon.png Basic Training: Enemy Parties &0000000000000001000000110
Duty roulette icon.png Under the Armor &0000000000000002000000210
Duty roulette icon.png Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds &0000000000000003000000315
Duty roulette icon.png Hero on the Halfshell &0000000000000004000000415
Duty roulette icon.png Pulling Poison Posies &0000000000000005000000520
Duty roulette icon.png Stinging Back &0000000000000006000000620
Duty roulette icon.png All's Well that Ends in the Well &0000000000000007000000725
Duty roulette icon.png Flicking Sticks and Taking Names &0000000000000008000000825
Duty roulette icon.png More than a Feeler &0000000000000009000000930
Duty roulette icon.png Annoy the Void &00000000000000100000001030
Duty roulette icon.png Shadow and Claw &00000000000000110000001135
Duty roulette icon.png Long Live the Queen &00000000000000120000001235
Duty roulette icon.png Ward Up &00000000000000130000001340
Duty roulette icon.png Solemn Trinity &00000000000000140000001440
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