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Head Items are usually armor that protects the head. All disciplines can wear different types and styles of it.

The text command /display head on and /display head off can be used to toggle the display of the player's head item on and off.

The text command /visor can be used to raise and lower visors on certain pieces of gear.

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iLevel 10-19
iLevel 20-29
iLevel 30-39
iLevel 40-49
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iLevel 60-69
iLevel 70-79
iLevel 80-89
iLevel 90-99
iLevel 100-109
iLevel 110-119
iLevel 120-129
iLevel 130-139
iLevel 140-149
iLevel 150-159
iLevel 160-169
iLevel 170-179
iLevel 180-189
iLevel 190-199
iLevel 200-209
iLevel 210-219
iLevel 220-229
iLevel 230-239
iLevel 240-249
iLevel 250-259
iLevel 260-269
iLevel 270-279


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