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These quests comprise the main storyline of A Realm Reborn. This storyline is mostly linear, meaning one and only one quest follows the preceding one, although there are few limited instances where there is a small branch. Progressing through this storyline will unlock most aspects of the game, including Inns, Guildleves, Guildhests and Dungeons among many other game systems.
Patch/Expansion Description Quests
FinalFantasyXIV-ARealmReborn-Logo.png Five years after The Calamity, the Warriors of Light have returned to Eorzea.

The Garlean Empire has a stronger presence than ever before and now the threat of the Ascians has arisen from the shadows.

Adventurers join with The Scions of the Seventh Dawn in order to combat the beastmen's Primals, the threat of the Empire, and the Ascians, for the benefit of all Eorzea.

level 1-15
level 15-20
level 20-29
level 30-39
level 40-50
FinalFantasyXIV-ARealmAwoken-Logo.png Where there is light, there will always be darkness. The beast tribes persist in their efforts to summon the Primals. The once defeated Garlean forces resurface, harbouring renewed ambitions of conquest. And the baleful Ascians lurk in the shadows, their presence rousing dark forces long since forgotten.
level 50
FinalFantasyXIV-ThroughTheMaelstrom-Logo.png Political unrest pervades the three city-states as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn leave behind their home in the Waking Sands.

Ever do the mysteries of the Echo and the Ascians elude them, while the beast tribes rally with renewed ambition, threatening to unleash the wrath of another primal upon the land.

To stave off the encroaching darkness and pull the realm back from the brink of destruction, the Warriors of Light plunge headlong into the maelstrom...

level 50
When the world is thrown into chaos, who will rise to defend those too weak to defend themselves?

New voices can be heard. From the deserts of Thanalan, to the verdant woods of the Black Shroud, to the snowy peaks of Coerthas, these voices cry out for a champion.

But who will heed their call as the defender of Eorzea?

level 50
The aches of the realm never cease, and Alphinaud, Scion of the Seventh Dawn, has founded the Crystal Braves in a bid to grant her succor.

In their tireless efforts to protect Eorzea and her peoples, the Warriors of Light now aid this fledgling company in uncovering a plot that could otherwise bring the realm to its knees. What dark forces stir in the shadows of Eorzea?

level 50
With the emergence of a new emperor in Garlemald, the threat of an imperial invasion once again looms over Eorzea. Meanwhile, revelations of conspiracy have sown strife among Ul'dah's ruling class, and the sultanate's precarious peace now hangs in the balance. A storm of chaos gathers; will the Scions of the Seventh Dawn be able to weather the arduous trials it brings?
level 50

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