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Name Description Acquisition
Baby Bat (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bat Has yet to acquire a taste for blood. Purchasable for 2400 gil from Junkmonger Nonoroon at Poor Maid's Mill. His appearance is dependent on FATEs that occur in that area.
Baby Behemoth (Minion) Icon.png Baby Behemoth We can only hope his mother doesn't come looking for him. Purchase the collectors edition of FFXIV (1.0 or ARR)
Baby Bun (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bun Tastes great on salads and in stews. Complete Lazy for You with a gold medal rating
Baby Raptor (Minion) Icon.png Baby Raptor Luckily for you, his teeth haven't all grown in...yet. Purchased from Auriana for 125 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy Or bought from Boughbury Trader if Clearing the Hive has been won.
Beady Eye (Minion) Icon.png Beady Eye That feeling you get sometimes that you are being watched? More often than not it is him. Received after paying for 90 days of subscription time.
Bite-sized Pudding (Minion) Icon.png Bite-sized Pudding Though seemingly delicious, this spoonful of slime is not intended for consumption. Obtained from chests in The Wanderer's Palace
Black Chocobo Chick (Minion) Icon.png Black Chocobo Chick Summon your black chocobo minion. Rumors about her being able to fly are completely unfounded...or are they? Received after paying for 60 days of subscription time.
Bluebird (Minion) Icon.png Bluebird Known to retroactively bring good fortune to those who have already experienced good fortune. Treasure Hunt
Buffalo Calf (Minion) Icon.png Buffalo Calf Milk-fed until tender and juicy. Not that anyone would ever think of eating him. Complete the quest You're Gonna Carry That
Cactuar Cutting (Minion) Icon.png Cactuar Cutting Take care not to suffer 1,000 points of your heart. Complete the quest Zombies Are People Too in Southern Thanalan
Cait Sith Doll (Minion) Icon.png Cait Sith Doll The ever-extended tail helps the kitten keep her balance Received for pre-ordering FFXIV: ARR (CE or SE)
Cherry Bomb (Minion) Icon.png Cherry Bomb Summon your cherry bomb minion - a miniature recreation of a voidsent bomb, created via the thaumaturgical rendering of umbrally charged aetherial energy. Guaranteed never to self-destruct, or your gil back. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Chigoe Larva (Minion) Icon.png Chigoe Larva This tiny vilekin takes the blood pact with his master very seriously. Complete the quest Occupational Hazards from Yoenne in South Shroud, Quarrymill
Coblyn Larva (Minion) Icon.png Coblyn Larva Too dangerous to allow to grow any larger...too adorable to condemn to the furnace. Unspoiled Deposit, level 46-50 Miner
Coeurl Kitten (Minion) Icon.png Coeurl Kitten It may still be several summers before his trademark whiskers grow out. Curiosity Killed the Coeurl quest in Aleport from Skribyld.
Demon Brick (Minion) Icon.png Demon Brick We are all better off not knowing what arcane magicks animate this ordinary stone block. Obtain from the first chest in Amdapor Keep
Dust Bunny (Minion) Icon.png Dust Bunny Despite the striking similarities, spriggans are not related to rabbits. But they have been known to eat them. Purchased from Auriana for 125 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy
Flame Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Flame Hatchling Not more than a fortnight out of the shell, but his blood already runs Immortal Flames black. Purchased for 20,000 Flame Seals
Fledgling Apkallu (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Apkallu Will follow you until you give him a fish. Will continue to follow you after being given a fish.
Fledgling Dodo (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Dodo Properly trained not to eructate, regurgitate, expectorate, or flatulate. Purchased from Auriana for 125 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy
Gigantpole (Minion) Icon.png Gigantpole Yes, it can survive for hours on end without any water, and yes, it can fly. Your argument is invalid. Rare fishing catch from The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan (28-25) with Topwater Frog.
Goobbue Sproutling (Minion) Icon.png Goobbue Sproutling Summon your goobbue sproutling minion. Has been known to attack kittens for no apparent reason. Obtained from the Main Scenario Quest It Was a Very Good Year
Gravel Golem (Minion) Icon.png Gravel Golem Only you stand between it and a hard place. Level 46-50 Goldsmith recipe (99 Wind Shards and 3 Astral Rocks)
Infant Imp (Minion) Icon.png Infant Imp Hopes that one day, he will rule the seven hells. But for now, your backside will do. Get a Gold Medal on Go, Go, Gorgimera.
Kidragora (Minion) Icon.png Kidragora Even in space, everyone can hear this seedkin scream. Gathered by level 46-50 Botanist
Magic Broom (Minion) Icon.png Magic Broom For safety reasons, do not fall asleep while it is at work. Level 90 Carpenter Recipe
Mammet 001 (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 001 Summon your mammet #001 minion-a fully operational clockwork puppet built in a joint effort by the Alchemists' and Goldsmiths' Guilds. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Mammet 003G (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003G A fully operational clockwork puppet built for the Order of the Twin Adder. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Order of the Twin Adder
Mammet 003L (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003L A fully operational clockwork puppet built for the Maelstrom. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Maelstrom
Mammet 003U (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003U A fully operational clockwork puppet built for the Immortal Flames. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Immortal Flames
Mini Mole (Minion) Icon.png Mini Mole
Minion of Light (Minion) Icon.png Minion of Light When Darkness veils the world, three Minions of Light shall come."
─Unknown Prophet
180-day Veteran Reward
Model Vanguard (Minion) Icon.png Model Vanguard Summon your model vanguard minion. An exact 1/9 scale replica of a ceruleum-powered magitek vanguard (imperial pilot action figure not included). Level 46-50 Goldsmith recipe
Morbol Seedling (Minion) Icon.png Morbol Seedling For the nonce, his breath is the worst of your problems. Obtained from chests inside Aurum Vale
Princely Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Princely Hatchling The chocobo who would be king Obtain the achievement Leaving a Good Impression II
Pudgy Puk (Minion) Icon.png Pudgy Puk Summon your pudgy puk minion. Don't ask what it has eaten to grow so plump. Complete The Eyes Have It (FATE) with a Gold Medal rating.
Serpent Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Serpent Hatchling Not more than a fortnight out of the shell, but his blood already runs Twin Adder yellow. Purchased for 20,000 Serpent Seals
Slime Puddle (Minion) Icon.png Slime Puddle Fun for the whole family. Drops in Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Smallshell (Minion) Icon.png Smallshell The mere sight of this wee wavekin may cause severe psychological trauma to those who spent years of their lives on faraway shores culling his relatives. Complete It's Not Lupus with a gold medal rating
Storm Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Storm Hatchling Not more than a fortnight out of the shell, but his blood already runs Maelstrom red. Till sea swallows all! Purchased for 20,000 Storm Seals
Tender Lamb (Minion) Icon.png Tender Lamb Mint jelly optional.
Tiny Bulb (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Bulb Some questions, such as why this bulb can walk, are best left unanswered. Rare reward from Treasure Hunting
Tiny Rat (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Rat Summon yor tiny rat minion. He may infest your granaries, and he may carry the plague, but he's simply too adorable to condemn to the life ending jaws of a metal trap Purchased for 2400 gil after completing Attack on Highbridge: Act III
Tiny Tortoise (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tortoise Will not carry you to an underwater kingdom if you ride on its back. Use Northern Krill and fish from the The Salt Strand in Lower La Noscea.
Wayward Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Wayward Hatchling Summon your wayward hatchling minion. Until he finds his real mother, you'll have to suffice. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Wide-eyed Fawn (Minion) Icon.png Wide-eyed Fawn His mother was either lost in a terrible hunting accident... or perhaps is just lost. Purchased from Auriana for 125 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy
Wind-up Airship (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Airship Summon your wind-up airship minion. A fully operational model of the legendary vessel, the Invincible. Obtain an airship pass
Wind-up Aldgoat (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Aldgoat No aldgoats were harmed in the making of this automaton. Level 46-50 Weaver recipe
Wind-up Amalj'aa (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Amalj'aa What is burnt may never burn, but rises again, harder and stronger. Bought from Amalj'aa Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Brickman (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Brickman The brickman gets up and looks over as if it wants to join the party! Complete the event quest Breaking Brick Mountains
Wind-up Cursor (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Cursor Summon your wind-up cursor minion. Modeled after the ivory glove of Oschon, the Wanderer, does this clockwork hand follow you...or guide you? Recieved after your first monthly payment.
Wind-up Dalamud (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Dalamud Do not attempt to pry open under any circumstances. Obtained when you purchase the Before Meteor Blu-Ray Soundtrack from the Square Enix Store
Wind-up Dullahan (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Dullahan Warning: may contain sharp parts. Level 46-50 Armorer recipe
Wind-up Edvya (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Edvya Sometimes moonlights as a miller girl, much to her father the sultan's chagrin. Complete the event quest A Real Peach
Wind-up Goblin (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Goblin Even this automaton's gobbiebag is bigger than yours.
Wind-up Leader (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Leader Summon your wind-up leader minion, who will follow you unquestioningly─for coin and country; for serenity, purity, sanctity─till sea swallows all. 270-day Veteran Reward
Wind-up Moogle (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Moogle With its button nose and fluffy pom, this clockwork moogle will make you the envy of all your friends. Collector's Edition Reward
Wind-up Qiqirn (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Qiqirn As adorable as the real thing, without the ratty odor. Level 46-50 Weaver recipe
Wind-up Shantotto (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Shantotto Summon your wind-up Shantotto minion. But remember: If you fail to treat her right, she will set your pants alight. Complete the event quest Burgeoning Dread
Wind-up Sylph (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Sylph If it could speak, it would be in the third person. Bought from Sylphic Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Tonberry (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Tonberry Now with 100% less rancor. Treasure Hunt
Wolf Pup (Minion) Icon.png Wolf Pup Idolizes one Gaius van Baelsar for obvious reasons. Man's Best Friend quest in Aleport from Skribyld.

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