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Minion Roulette Icon.png
Minions are personal "pets" who will follow the player around. Some minions will interact with the player during periods of inactivity, and some will interact with other minions of the same (or different) types. The minions are purely for entertainment purposes, and do not in any way impact the outcome of any game systems.
Name Description Acquisition
Baby Bat (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bat Nonoroon, resident junkmonger at Memeroon's Trading Post came up with the idea for capturing and selling baby bats one day while raiding caves for bat eggs...of which he could not find any. Purchasable for 2400 gil from Junkmonger Nonoroon at Poor Maid's Mill. His appearance is dependent on FATEs that occur in that area.
Baby Behemoth (Minion) Icon.png Baby Behemoth Obtainable in Ul'dah's Sapphire Avenue Exchange for a fistful of coin and a smile, the pedigree of this baby beast is questionable at best. While displaying many behemoth-like features - a sleek violet hide, hungry eyes, and two polished horns - its squealing is not unlike a boar at slaughter. Purchase the collectors edition of FFXIV (1.0 or ARR)
Baby Bun (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bun For those wondering on the ill effects of inhaling spores released by common funguars, according to the Encyclopedia Eorzea (third edition), funguar spores "befoul the body's humours and claim control of an individual's very soul, rendering them a mindless thrall." Complete Lazy for You with a gold medal rating
Baby Opo-opo (Minion) Icon.png Baby Opo-opo A daring rescue from the clutches of the goblin hero Brayflox's minions is the only thing separating this opo-opo from a life of swinging free from tree to tree through the lush jungles of the Longstop...and forever trudging in the wake of the brave adventurer who "saved" him. Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)'s final boss.
Baby Raptor (Minion) Icon.png Baby Raptor Taking a hint from goblin merchants who raise raptors to serve as beasts of burden, a shopkeep from the village of Boughbury has begun hatching raptor eggs of his own (stolen from nearby nests). One can only hope the mother raptors are not as clever as the shopkeep thinks he is. Purchased from Auriana for 30 Allagan Tomestone Of Mythology.png Or bought from Boughbury Trader if Clearing the Hive has been won.
Beady Eye (Minion) Icon.png Beady Eye One of the most outlandish theories recently posed by scholars of the void, is that ahrimans do not reproduce by typical sexual means, but rather by shedding tears which eventually grow into new creatures. Received after paying for 90 days of subscription time.
Bite-sized Pudding (Minion) Icon.png Bite-sized Pudding Unable to reproduce, puddings increase their number solely via mitosis. Because of this, it is widely believed that all of Eorzea's puddings descended from a single entity - a proto-pudding, if you will. This, however, leaves us with the question: whence did the first pudding come from? Obtained from chests in The Wanderer's Palace
Black Chocobo Chick (Minion) Icon.png Black Chocobo Chick This poor chocobo chick was as yellow as an ear of millioncorn before one day being doused in black ink by a random passerby bedecked in silver accessories. Try as the chocobokeep might, none were able to remove the taint, and thus the realm's first black chocobo was born. Received after paying for 60 days of subscription time.
Bluebird (Minion) Icon.png Bluebird Fortunate to hatch before being eaten by lizards. Unfortunate to fall from its nest before learning to fly. Fortunate to land in an empty treasure coffer. Unfortunate to still be in said coffer as it is filled with booty and locked up again. Fortunate to be you. Rarely from Peisteskin Treasure Maps
Buffalo Calf (Minion) Icon.png Buffalo Calf When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn began clearing out the Waking Sands in preparation for the move to Revenant's Toll, this wide-eyed calk was discovered hiding in a disused linen closet. Though an inquiry was made by the Antecedent herself, it is still not known who was keeping the beast. Complete the quest You're Gonna Carry That
Cactuar Cutting (Minion) Icon.png Cactuar Cutting Hab, loneliest zombie in the realm, is certain that this cactuar cutting taken from his trusty companion Sabotendrick. Or if not, then most positively Sabotendred. What he does not know,is that it is, in fact, from the oft forgotten Sabotendale. Complete the quest Zombies Are People Too in Southern Thanalan
Cait Sith Doll (Minion) Icon.png Cait Sith Doll The clockwork rendition of an enigmatic cat spirit from the pages of Midlander mythology, Goldsmiths' Guild guildmaster Serendipity crafted this life-like figuring to bring joy to those children who were orphaned in the Calamity. Received for pre-ordering FFXIV: ARR (CE or SE)
Cherry Bomb (Minion) Icon.png Cherry Bomb To maintain the white-hot temperature within their cores, bombs will feed upon almost any combustible material, including wood, charcol, ceruleum, fire crystals, even dragon peppers. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Chigoe Larva (Minion) Icon.png Chigoe Larva Chirurgeons of the fallen city of Gelmorra once used chigoes to leech the dark humours of the infirm until it was realized the patients were contracting additional maladies as a result of the treatment. Complete the quest Occupational Hazards from Yoenne in South Shroud, Quarrymill
Coblyn Larva (Minion) Icon.png Coblyn Larva Coblyns will lay their eggs near ore deposits so that when the larvae emerge, they will have a ready supply of nourishment to form their protective outer carapaces. This is a slow process which involves dousing the ore in digestive fluid, waiting for it to clarify, then ingesting the ooze. Unspoiled Deposit, level 46-50 Miner
Coeurl Kitten (Minion) Icon.png Coeurl Kitten Coeurls are extremely proud and defiant creatures, even when young. Faced with insurmountable odds, a coeurl will rarely shy away from a fight, choosing rather to perish in combat than run. This characteristic keeps coeurl numbers low, but ensures the strength of those who survive. Curiosity Killed the Coeurl quest in Aleport from Skribyld.
Demon Brick (Minion) Icon.png Demon Brick For many years, modern archaeologists did not understand how a seemingly primitive civilization without clockwork or steam technology could build the massive stone structures of Amdapor. Animated bricks, such as the one that has chosen to follow you, may be the missing link. Obtain from the first chest in Amdapor Keep
Dust Bunny (Minion) Icon.png Dust Bunny It is not fully known why spriggans hoard precious rocks and minerals, though scholars would have us believe that it is the rocks and minerals which are hoarding the spriggans, hence the creatures' scientific classification as soulkin. Purchased from Auriana for 30 Allagan Tomestone Of Mythology.png
Eggplant Knight (Minion) Icon.png Eggplant Knight House Eggplant has faithfully served the royal line of Tomato kings for eighteen generations, never once betraying the throne...until, that is, the knight of the nineteenth generation laid eyes upon the fair Mandragora Queen. Gardening
Flame Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Flame Hatchling Raised by a flame private from an egg found abandoned in the company stables he was charged with cleaning, this adorable fledgling is a symbol of new beginnings for the Immortal Flames. Purchased for 20,000 Flame Seals
Fledgling Apkallu (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Apkallu While the hatchlings of other flightless cloudkin have been observed covered in a dull brown coat of down when they emerge from their eggs, apkallus enter the world covered in the same vivid green plumage they will bear for their entire lives. Completing all 80 Sightseeing Log Entries
Fledgling Dodo (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Dodo Dodos mature extremely fast, going from fledgling to full-grown fryer in but a few short moons. This, coupled with the fact an adult female can lay up to seven eggs a sennight, makes this particular cloudkin the perfect option for feeding the hungry masses. Purchased from Auriana for 30 Allagan Tomestone Of Mythology.png
Garlic Jester (Minion) Icon.png Garlic Jester The son of a traveling mummer who performed under the name Garlic Star, the jester swore he would never follow in the footsteps of his father. However, after being deemed too malodorous to serve in the royal guard, he swallowed his pride and fell back on the only trade he knew. Gardening
Gigantpole (Minion) Icon.png Gigantpole Over countless generations, the gigantoads of Thanalan have adapted to the arid climes by taking on traits not seen in their cousins to the north, such as thick membranes to keep their skin hydrated out of water, and a set of fins which act as wings to propel them over land. Rare fishing catch from The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan (28-25) with Topwater Frog.
Goobbue Sproutling (Minion) Icon.png Goobbue Sproutling To achieve their cyclopean size, goobbues must maintain a daily diet of several times their own weight. Luckily, the seedkin are not fincky eaters, and will consume almost anything that cannot outrun them. If rumors are to be believed, this includes Lalafells. Obtained from the Main Scenario Quest It Was a Very Good Year
Gravel Golem (Minion) Icon.png Gravel Golem Mage-controlled golems were in such wide use by the end of the Fifth Astral Era, that entire battles were waged by armies comprised of nothing but the lifeless soulkin. This recreation, however, is nothing but a standard model #001 mammet outfitted with simple gravel plating. Level 46-50 Goldsmith recipe (99 Wind Shards and 3 Astral Rocks)
Infant Imp (Minion) Icon.png Infant Imp Scholars believe there are three ways in which voidsent can make the journey from their realm to ours - tearing a hole in the aether on their side, having a hole torn for them on our side, or stumbling into a randomly occuring hole, the latter being the most common for imps. Get a Gold Medal on Go, Go, Gorgimera.
Kidragora (Minion) Icon.png Kidragora One must take care when harvesting mandragoras, for if the roots are disturbed they will emit a high-pitched scream powerful enough to shatter glass over a malm away. Gathered by level 46-50 Botanist
King Tomato (Minion) Icon.png King Tomato After the flames of the Calamity rendered Lord Tomato a king without a kingdom, the ruby red regent packed up his seeds and set out on a journey to find a new land to rule. He currently roams the realm recruiting any taproot, tuber, or corm who will follow his standard. Gardening
Magic Broom (Minion) Icon.png Magic Broom While you may not hear many of the realm's mages admit it, magicking a household broom to become a self-propelled sweeping servitor (albeit one which does very little actual cleaning) is far more complicated than it sounds, requiring no fewer than seven cants of binding. Level 50★★★ Carpenter Recipe
Mammet 001 (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 001 The standard frill-free #001 model is not only the best-selling mammet on the market, but is the blueprint on which all other clockwork servitors are based. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Mammet 003G (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003G Designed to be a standard bearer in Order of the Twin Adder company parades, these hand-crafted automatons were soon decommissioned due to the fact that their small stature ensured that no one could see the flags they carried. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Order of the Twin Adder
Mammet 003L (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003L Designed to be a standard bearer in Maelstrom company parades, these hand-crafted automatons were soon decommissioned due to the fact that their small stature ensured that no one could see the flags they carried. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Maelstrom
Mammet 003U (Minion) Icon.png Mammet 003U Designed to be a standard bearer in Immortal Flames company parades, these hand-crafted automatons were soon decommissioned due to the fact that their small stature ensured that no one could see the flags they carried. Talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania after completing Bump on a Log: Immortal Flames
Mandragora Queen (Minion) Icon.png Mandragora Queen Destined to a life with a man she did not love, nary a night passed when the Mandragora Queen did not dream of throwing herself into the sea's eternal embrace...until, that is, she laid eyes on the noble Eggplant Knight. Gardening
Mini Mole (Minion) Icon.png Mini Mole Snatched from its hill while still young by infamous naturalist Marcette Manne, this poor creature has suffered countless experiments filled with endless pokings, proddings, potations and panaceas. Compared to that, following an adventurer around all day is a veritable vacation. Reward for completing the Side-Story Quest "Thwack-a-Mole" from the Deputy Postmoogle at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.
Miniature Minecart (Minion) Icon.png Miniature Minecart Despite adamant claims by Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern that their donation of over five score carts to the orphans of Stone's Throw was a simple act of charity, opponents of the guild insist it was a scheme to recruit inexpensive child labor for Thanalan's myriad mines. Rarely from Highland Exploration XIV (Retainer Ventures)
Minion of Light (Minion) Icon.png Minion of Light Ancient records show that almost every Astral Era has had its own Warrior of Light - brave souls who appeared before forthcoming disasters to unite the people of that time... only to disappear once again as catastrophe rained down from the heavens. 180-day Veteran Reward
Minute Mindflayer (Minion) Icon.png Minute Mindflayer Similar to voidsent dullahan, mindflayers also lack a corporeal from and must possess a host to be able to exert force on our realm. Whereas the dullahan, however, are limited to the possession of inorganic objects such as steel, mindflayers tend to prefer the dead as their vessels. 18-Hour Retainer Ventures
Model Vanguard (Minion) Icon.png Model Vanguard Part of the Guildmaster Series, this high-quality replica is so exact in its rendition of the vanguard's build that Garlemald has banned the item's import into the empire's outlying provinces, for fear the data gleaned from it will be used by rebel forces still active in these lands. Level 46-50 Goldsmith recipe
Morbol Seedling (Minion) Icon.png Morbol Seedling It is in fashion amongst wealthy Ul'dahn merchants and nobles to bring morbol seedlings to banquets, so that the upper crust might inhale the seedkin's "boot-like" bad breath to induce vomiting, allowing them to engorge themselves for the duration of the gatherings. Obtained from chests inside Aurum Vale
Naughty Nanka (Minion) Icon.png Naughty Nanka Instead of laying her eggs in a pond or river where they might be devoured by predators, the ninki nanka female deposits her offspring upon the back of the father, who then carries and protects the brood until it is ready to face the world on its own. Unless, however, one falls off. Hullbreaker Isle
Nutkin (Minion) Icon.png Nutkin Inspired by the words of Millinth Ironheart, this daring squirrel longs to travel the realm in search of the legendary golden acorn, and hopes that trailing in your shadow will ensure that he isn't eaten before he discovers the mother lode. Unhidden Treasure Map
Onion Prince (Minion) Icon.png Onion Prince After learning his parents married not for love, but for duty, the Onion Prince vowed he would never walk in the footsteps of his parents, and to this day promises his baseborn sweetheart, the Leek Maid, that they will run away and be wed. Gardening
Plush Cushion (Minion) Icon.png Plush Cushion Preferring to take a more hands-on approach with his latest project, Redolent Rose of the Weavers' Guild personally researched the resilience and contour of over four score buttocks in order to create a cushion so light and fluffy, even the clouds would darken with envy. Level 50 ★★★ Weaver recipe
Princely Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Princely Hatchling A thoroughbred descended from the legendary Vellantif, this noble bird of Ishguard seeks a rider who will not sully his family's name. Obtain the achievement Leaving a Good Impression II
Pudgy Puk (Minion) Icon.png Pudgy Puk Fattened from birth to be a succulent snack for the sadistic Steropes, this fledgling puk's excess baggage ensures that even if he attempts to flee, he will not be getting that far. Complete The Eyes Have It (FATE) with a Gold Medal rating.
Serpent Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Serpent Hatchling Raised by a serpent private from an egg found abandoned in the company stables he was charged with cleaning, this adorable fledgling is a symbol of new beginnings for the Order of the Twin Adder. Purchased for 20,000 Serpent Seals
Slime Puddle (Minion) Icon.png Slime Puddle Once stepped upon, slime can be nigh on impossible to remove from the soles of boots, making the shapeless creatures a nuisance to those who mine the mountains in which slimes reside. The Encyclopedia Eorzea recommends a squeeze of sun lemon to loosed their stony grip. Drops in Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Smallshell (Minion) Icon.png Smallshell As is implied by its name, the smallshell's shell is small. What is not widely known is that unlike normal crabs whose shells grow thicker and, hence, larger as the crabs age, smallshell carapaces usually reduce in size due to erosion over the wavekin's lifespan, until nothing is left but legs. Complete It's Not Lupus with a gold medal rating
Storm Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Storm Hatchling Raised by a storm private from an egg found abandoned in the company stables he was charged with cleaning, this adorable fledgling is a symbol of new beginnings for the mighty Maelstrom. Purchased for 20,000 Storm Seals
Tender Lamb (Minion) Icon.png Tender Lamb Information Needed
Tiny Bulb (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Bulb To answer the question, "why can this bulb walk," one must trace the seedkin's evolution back thousands of generations. Since this guide lacks the space to do so, let us simply say that it has something to do with seeking sunlight under the eternal darkness of the Black Shroud's thick canopy. Rare reward from Treasure Hunting
Tiny Rat (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Rat It was only recently that an enterprising merchant from the Emerald Exchange in Ul'dah was tossed into the sultanate's oubliettes for fluffing the tails of rats caught on Pearl Avenue and selling prettied pests to tourists as "tiny squirrels." Purchased for 2400 gil after completing Attack on Highbridge: Act III
Tiny Tapir (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tapir Before it was realized that tapirs were, in fact, consuming the dreams of their owners, several hundred were sold to Ul'dahn nobles seeking a better night's sleep. Surprisingly, there were few complaints from buyers, even after learning the truth. Retainer Ventures
Tiny Tortoise (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tortoise Hatched from an egg laid in the ivory sands of La Noscea's Salt Strand, if lucky, this baby adamantoise may live to see as many as ten score summers...that is, if it does not accidentally launch itself off a cliff with its constant spinning. Use Northern Krill and fish from the The Salt Strand in Lower La Noscea.
Treasure Box (Minion) Icon.png Treasure Box Originally used by an Eorzean Alliance paymaster to store Allied Seals...until the box began eating them. She sold the box in hopes of recouping some of her losses (skimming off adventurer rewards to cover the rest... until she was caught and sentenced to a public flogging). Grand Company Hunt vendor for 440 Allied Seal Icon.png
Wayward Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Wayward Hatchling Even if this orphaned avian were to stumble across his birth parent, chances are he would not even blink an eye, for it is well documented that immediately after hatching, chocobos recognize the first thing they see as their mother - that being you. Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania.
Wide-eyed Fawn (Minion) Icon.png Wide-eyed Fawn An easy target for Eorzea's carnivorous fauna, antelopes must use every advantage they have to remain free from death's dripping jaws. One of those is the remarkable ability to run mere minutes from birth. Unfortunately, the trait did not save this specimen from capture. Purchased from Auriana for 30 Allagan Tomestone Of Mythology.png
Wind-up Airship (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Airship Despite it being the first, and most ambitious undertaking by Highway Skyways founder Tatanora, the Invincible actually never took flight - its ten-year construction period plagued by accidents, material shortages, sabotage, and outright incompetence. Obtain an airship pass
Wind-up Aldgoat (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Aldgoat While in Ishgardian folklore the aldgoat is used to represent greed and gluttony, the Dunesfolk believe the insatiable creatures are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and will present aldgoat fetishes to families with newborn children. Level 46-50 Weaver recipe
Wind-up Amalj'aa (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Amalj'aa Amalj'aa blacksmith Narujj Boh of the Brotherhood of Ash began dabbing in clockwork after rescuing the mammet minion of an adventurer slain near his forges. This particular sample is the product of moons of meticulous calculations made to reproduce the tell-tale Amalj'aa tail sway. Bought from Amalj'aa Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Bahamut (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Bahamut Despite strict orders from the Goldsmiths' Guild to never open the Dalamud minion under any circumstances, someone decided to unleash their inner Pandora and release the terrors hidden within-a wind-up Bahamut...which no one from the guild recalls creating! Obtained when you purchase the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack from the Square Enix Store
Wind-up Brickman (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Brickman One unexpected side-effect of the Calamity has been the significant increase in aetherial rifts appearing throughout the realm. As a result, strange creatures not of this world have been popping in and out of existence without warning - one of those being the bizarre brickman. Complete the event quest Breaking Brick Mountains
Wind-up Cursor (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Cursor If we are to believe the slurred ravings of a self-proclaimed goblin theologian deep in his cups, this seemingly inconspicuous white glove is actually the "Hand of Fate" by which all of us are controlled from a dimension beyond the aether. Received after your first monthly payment.
Wind-up Dalamud (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Dalamud After Dalamud's fall, a wealthy Ul'dahn noble commissioned a famous troupe of musicians to write a dirge for the heroes of Carteneau and play it across Eorzea so that the deeds of the fallen would not be forgotten. This wind-up model of the red moon has naught to do with the dirge. Obtained when you purchase the Before Meteor Blu-Ray Soundtrack from the Square Enix Store
Wind-up Dullahan (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Dullahan Voidsent dullahan are, in fact, shapeless entities who must first inhabit an inanimate host (such as a suit of armor) before gaining the ability to exert force upon the physical plane in which we reside. Luckily, the only thing inhabiting this wind-up contraption are manifold gears and rods. Level 46-50 Armorer recipe
Wind-up Edvya (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Edvya Forty years after the founding of the Thorne Dynasty, sultan Baldric Thorne was blessed by the gods with a single daughter, Edvya, whom he loved fiercely. The history surrounding the two, now known as the "Legend of the Lost Lady" gave rise to the festival of Little Ladies' Day. Complete the event quest A Real Peach
Wind-up Gilgamesh (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Gilgamesh Information Needed Information Needed
Wind-up Goblin (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Goblin Designed to resemble goblin hero Brayflox Alltalks, you cannot help but wonder at the symbol carved into the sole of its left foot—the mark of the dreaded Illuminati. 450-day Veteran Reward
Wind-up Kobold (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Kobold Another of 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go's masterpieces, this cuddly kobold miniature in fact houses several onzes of highly flammable firesand, designed to ignite when outward pressure is applied... such as with a tender hug. Bought from Kobold Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Leader (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Leader Originally crafted to promote the Grand Companies of Eorzea, these clockwork dolls are often rewarded to company members for exceptional service. There are three models of wind-up leaders, one to represent each of the three heads of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah. 270-day Veteran Reward
Wind-up Minfilia (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Minfilia Unlike the real Minfilia, this one actually accompanies you on your adventures. Information Needed
Wind-up Moogle (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Moogle A creation born of 90% love and 10% jealousy (or was that 90% jealousy and 10% love?), this clockwork masterpiece was conceived after the moogles of the Black Shroud began noticing all the adventurers with their new shiny minions, and decided they were not about to be left out. Collector's Edition Reward
Wind-up Odin (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Odin Many have pondered why a dark divinity with roots in northern mythology would wield a blade with a decidedly Far Eastern name. A popular theory is that Odin acquired the blade upon slaying an Auri warrior who was the first ever to notch his theretofore unsullied plate. 360-day Veteran Reward
Wind-up Onion Knight (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Onion Knight If Sons of Saint Coinach anthropogeographer Rammbroes is to be believed, towards the end of their civilization, the Allagans began using automatons such as this to fight their wars (which had been deemed inhumane, yet ultimately necessary to spread imperial peace). Drops from a rare extra chest after beating the last boss in Syrcus Tower.
Wind-up Qiqirn (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Qiqirn Once upon a time, there was not a man, woman, or child in all of Limsa Lominsa who did not know the name Zazaroon, mummer extraordinaire. However, a taste for spices rum, a failed marriage, and several run-ins with the Barracudas saw the Qiqirn fall from the limelight into oblivion. Level 46-50 Weaver recipe
Wind-up Sahagin (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Sahagin Ever the loving clutchfather, Novv had this toy crafted, complete with sharpened trident, for his infant spawnlings. When wound up, it displays various thrusts and parries to prepare the spawn for battle with their enemies. Bought from Sahagin Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Shantotto (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Shantotto If it looks like a Lalafell, rhymes like a Lalafell, and alliterates like a Lalafell, then it is probably a Lalafell... except when it is a wind-up Shantotto. Then it is not a Lalafell. Complete the event quest Burgeoning Dread
Wind-up Succubus (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Succubus One of countless clockwork servitors discovered in the home of a Gridanian goldsmith recently hanged for the crime of ritual summoning. It is believed while crafting the automatons, he became increasingly obsessed with the void, until the darkness bid him do the unthinkable. Grand Company Hunt vendor for 500 Allied Seal Icon.png
Wind-up Sun (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Sun Designed to provide light for road repairmen toiling during the small hours of the night, wind-up suns have become all the talk amongst Ul'dahn mesdames ever since it was discovered the extra light worked wonders at hiding unsightly blemishes and wrinkles. Give an Elixir to the Magic Pot at The Ship Graveyard.
Wind-up Sylph (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Sylph Unlike most species in which the female bears the offspring, only sylph males are capable of reproduction, and they do so via the single flower found upon their heads. After the flower is fertilized, it will eventually fall off, giving rise to a child known as a podling. Bought from Sylphic Vendor for 25,000 Gil.
Wind-up Thancred (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Thancred Information Needed Information Needed
Wind-up Tonberry (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Tonberry While merely a clockwork toy crafted to resemble the twisted survivors of Nym, owners of similar creations claim waking to find their wind-up tonberries propped upon their chests, wooden knives pressed firmly against their throats. Boarskin Treasure Hunt
Wind-up Warrior of Light (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Warrior of Light The brilliant blue suit of armor worn by the wind-up Warrior of Light is based upon ancient Allagan designs rediscovrered in recent years by adventurers returned from the Crystal Tower. 360-day Veteran Reward
Wolf Pup (Minion) Icon.png Wolf Pup Bred to serve as a war wolf in the Imperial Garlean Army, this pup was rescued before any permanent damage could be done to its playful spirit. He will follow you to the end of the world and back... as long as you toss him an occasional biscuit. Man's Best Friend quest in Aleport from Skribyld.

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