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Servers, also known as Worlds, are individual, concurrently running instances of Final Fantasy XIV's setting, Eorzea, on which players reside. Multiple servers exist because the population of the game as a whole is too large to fit into a single world.

During Character Creation, players can select the world server of their choice to begin the game on. An indicator by each world in the world list indicates population density, represented by chocobo icons, as low, average, or high. Players should consider this carefully; high population servers offer more opportunities to find help and social communities, but also suffer from higher latency (lag) and disconnection rates. Likewise, while low-population servers run smoother and more quickly, it may be difficult to find assistance, marketable items, or social groups - and the economy may be easily unbalanced.

Servers often share names with notorious entities in the Final Fantasy franchise. First-generation alpha/beta test servers were named for notorious villains, second-generation open-beta/release servers were named after memorable cities; and third-generation pre-FFXIV 2.0 servers share names with powerful weapons.

Servers for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn kept the server names at the end of 1.23 for Legacy servers. Fresh start servers took on the names of enemies and summons from Final Fantasy history.

[edit] Servers

ID* Name Activation Date Deactivation Date Reason for Deactivation Note
α/ϐ Shadow Lord March 8, 2010 August 25, 2010 Beta Testing period ended. Alpha and Beta test server for Windows version of Final Fantasy XIV.
α/ϐ Garland June 3, 2010
α/ϐ Emperor June 8, 2010
α/ϐ Golbez
α/ϐ Exdeath June 10, 2010
α/ϐ Kefka
α/ϐ Sephiroth
α/ϐ Ultimecia
α/ϐ Jecht
α/ϐ Gabranth
? Narshe Unknown Test servers, closed to public.
? Zvahl
1 Besaid August 31, 2010 March 27, 2012 Transferred to Balmung Merged with Fabul
2 Cornelia Transferred to Durandal Merged with Rabanastre
3 Figaro Transferred to Aegis Merged with Melmond
4 Gysahl Transferred to Masamune Merged with Wutai
5 Istory Transferred to Gungnir Merged with Mysidia
6 Kashuan Transferred to Hyperion Merged with Trabia
7 Lindblum Transferred to Sargatanas Merged with Saronia
8 Mysidia Transferred to Gungnir Merged with Istory
9 Trabia Transferred to Hyperion Merged with Kashuan
10 Wutai Transferred to Masamune Merged with Gysahl
11 Rabanastre September 3, 2010 Transferred to Durandal Merged with Cornelia
12 Bodhum Transferred to Excalibur Merged with Palamecia & Karnak
13 Melmond Transferred to Aegis Merged with Figaro
14 Palamecia Transferred to Excalibur Merged with Bodhum & Karnak
15 Selbina Transferred to Ridill
16 Fabul September 6, 2010 Transferred to Balmung Merged with Besaid
17 Saronia Transferred to Sargatanas Merged with Lindblum
18 Karnak October 2, 2010 Transferred to Excalibur Merged with Bodhum & Palamecia
19 Aegis March 27, 2012 November 11, 2012 End of service for Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 Initial population migrated from Figaro & Melmond
20 Balmung Initial population migrated from Besaid & Fabul
21 Durandal Initial population migrated from Cornelia & Rabanastre
22 Excalibur Initial population migrated from Bodhum, Karnak & Palamecia
23 Gungnir Initial population migrated from Mysidia & Istory
24 Hyperion Initial population migrated from Kashuan & Trabia
25 Masamune Initial population migrated from Gysahl & Wutai
26 Ragnarok Server created for EU players
27 Ridill Initial population migrated from Selbina
28 Sargatanas Initial population migrated from Lindblum & Saronia
ARRB-1 Aegis End of Beta Phase 3 Japanese Legacy Beta Servers
ARRB-2 Durandal
ARRB-3 Gungnir
ARRB-4 Masamune
ARRB-5 Ridill
ARRB-6 Balmung North American Legacy Beta Servers
ARRB-7 Excalibur
ARRB-8 Hyperion
ARRB-9 Sargatanas
ARRB-10 Ragnarok European Legacy Beta Server
ARRB-11 Atomos Japanese Beta Servers
ARRB-12 Bahamut
ARRB-13 Chocobo
ARRB-14 Garuda
ARRB-15 Ifrit
ARRB-16 Mandragora
ARRB-17 Ramuh
ARRB-18 Tiamat
ARRB-19 Titan
ARRB-20 Tonberry
ARRB-21 Adamantoise North American Beta Severs
ARRB-22 Behemoth
ARRB-23 Cactuar
ARRB-24 Coeurl
ARRB-25 Diabolos
ARRB-26 Gilgamesh
ARRB-27 Goblin
ARRB-28 Leviathan
ARRB-29 Malboro
ARRB-30 Midgardsormr
ARRB-31 Ultros
ARRB-32 Cerberus European Beta Servers
ARRB-33 Moogle
ARRB-34 Odin
ARRB-35 Shiva
ARR-1 Aegis August 16, 2013 Japanese Legacy Servers
ARR-2 Durandal
ARR-3 Gungnir
ARR-4 Masamune
ARR-5 Ridill
ARR-6 Balmung North American Legacy Servers
ARR-7 Excalibur
ARR-8 Hyperion
ARR-9 Sargatanas
ARR-10 Ragnarok European Legacy Server
ARR-11 Atomos Japanese Fresh Start Servers
ARR-12 Bahamut
ARR-13 Chocobo
ARR-14 Mandragora
ARR-15 Tiamat
ARR-16 Tonberry
ARR-17 Garuda
ARR-18 Ifrit
ARR-19 Ramuh
ARR-20 Titan
ARR-21 Alexander
ARR-22 Anima
ARR-23 Carbuncle
ARR-24 Fenrir
ARR-25 Hades
ARR-26 Adamantoise North American Fresh Start Servers
ARR-27 Behemoth
ARR-28 Cactuar
ARR-29 Coeurl
ARR-30 Goblin
ARR-31 Malboro
ARR-32 Ultros
ARR-33 Diabolos
ARR-34 Gilgamesh
ARR-35 Leviathan
ARR-36 Midgardsormr
ARR-37 Cerberus European Fresh Start Servers
ARR-38 Moogle
ARR-39 Odin
ARR-40 Shiva
ARR-41 Ixion August 18, 2013 Japanese Fresh Start Servers
ARR-42 Kujata
ARR-43 Typhon
ARR-44 Ultima
ARR-45 Valefor
ARR-46 Exodus North American Fresh Start Servers
ARR-47 Faerie
ARR-48 Lamia
ARR-49 Siren
ARR-50 Phoenix European Fresh Start Server
ARR-51 Pandemonium September 4, 2013 Japanese Fresh Start Server
ARR-52 Famfrit North American Fresh Start Server
ARR-53 Lich European Fresh Start Server
ARR-54 Unicorn September 12, 2013 North American Fresh Start Server
ARR-55 Yojimbo
ARR-56 Asura
ARR-57 Belias
ARR-58 Zeromus
ARR-59 Maetus
ARR-60 Brynhildr
ARR-61 Zalera

* Note: ID numbers are arbitrary and based on the approximate order in which the servers were activated. If multiple servers were activated at the same time, they are listed in alphabetical order.

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