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Copperbell Mines

Dungeon Icon.pngCopperbell Mines
Copperbell Mines Image.png
Abandoned once purged of ore, Copperbell Mines lay untouched for nigh on three centuries until Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern reclaimed the shafts─the guild's sights set on expanding the mines downward in an attempt to tap yet undiscovered veins of valuable metal. Unfortunately, it was not riches the powder kegs uncovered, but sheer terror, for when the smoke cleared, out poured an army of raging giants from the darkest recesses of the mines. The hecatoncheires─thralls of the lost Thorne Dynasty─were, at last, free from their lightless prison, three hundred years of hate fueling their madness.
Zone Coordinates
Western Thanalan (27-17)


Restrictions: 90 Minutes

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
1 1 2
Type: Dungeon
Zone: Western Thanalan
Region: Thanalan
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Minimum Level: 17
Synced Level: 20
Unlock Quest: Into a Copper Hell
Duty Finder: Dungeons: A Realm Reborn
Duty Roulette: Leveling
Expansion: Original
Patch: Patch 2.0
Soul Energy
Nexus Stage Zeta Stage
Bright (8) Gentle (200)
  • Six-onze Pinches of Firesand: 0
  1. Clear Shaft B4 of rubble: 0/1
  2. Clear Shaft E1 of rubble: 0/1
  3. Arrive in Shaft E2: 0/1
  4. Defeat Gyges the Great: 0/1

  • Kill the enemies in Shaft A1 to retrieve a Tiny Key for use on the locked door.
  • Interact with the lift to ride it into the Cellerage, arriving at the Ground Floor.
  • At (X, Y) a Hecatoncheir Stonehauler will break through the wall; be ready.
  • Before entering Shaft B4, take the Firesand from the lift at the end of the path.
  • Place the Firesand into the Powder Chamber and use the Blasting Device to clear the path.
  • Enter the first battlefield.
  • Waves of Spriggan Sifters and Flambeaus will spawn. (Be careful not to be caught in the Flambeaus' Self-destruct.)
  • Eventually, Kottos will spawn. Defeating him will drop the Tiny Key to open the door.

Chest 1
Plundered BliaudPlundered CelataPlundered CuirassPlundered DuckbillsPlundered GauntletsPlundered GogglesPlundered HaubergeonPlundered JacketPlundered MoccasinsPlundered SabatonsPlundered Trousers
Ichorous Ire
  • Collect the Firesand on the platform, and a second from the top of the coal hill.
  • Place the Firesand into the Powder Chamber and use the Blasting Device to clear the path.
  • Interact with the lift to move to Shaft E1, which is blocked.
  • Defeat bombs in the east and west rooms and collect the Firesand they drop.
  • Place the Firesand from the defeated bombs into the Powder Chamber and detonate it.
  • Pick up another Firesand from just outside The Crying Dark, another miniboss battlefield.
  • Defeat Ichorous Ire.
    • At first, the slime cannot be damaged by conventional means.
    • Use the Improved Blasting Device to summon Blasting Caps, which can damage it with Self-destruct.
    • Each time Ichorous Ire is damaged by Self-destruct, it splits in half.
    • Successive uses of the Improved Blasting Device will spawn a Spriggan Quencher who will attempt to destroy the Blasting Cap.
    • When Ichorous Ire has split into 8 smaller versions, they can be damaged normally.
  • Place the Firesand as usual and blast the wall to continue.

Chest 1
Aetherial Ash ShortbowAetherial Ash WandAetherial Brass Bastard SwordAetherial Brass CudgelAetherial Brass KnivesAetherial Brass KnucklesAetherial Hard Leather GrimoireAetherial Iron SpearAetherial Iron War Axe
Chest 2
Nightprowler's TargePirate's BandanaPlundered Cavalier's HatPlundered Leather BeltPlundered Plate BeltPlundered Rope BeltWarded Round Shield
Gyges the Great
  • At (X, Y), a Hecatoncheir Stonebreaker will burst out of the wall; be ready.
  • Gyges the Great is a big mean giant. He will use an area of effect attack called WEAPONSKILL that will deal good damage.
  • At 75% he will retreat to the back of the room and destroy a Boulder. Stone Servants will begin to spawn out of the hole. They will immediately proceed to the other side of the room and attempt to destroy the second Boulder.
    • If they succeed too early, a party is likely to get overwhelmed.
    • Damage Dealers should focus on killing the Stone Servants first, and then switching their attention to Gyges the Great while waiting for the next to spawn. At about 25%, full focus should be put on killing Gyges the Great.

Chest 1
Acolyte's HalfglovesAcolyte's RobeAcolyte's SkirtAcolyte's ThighbootsFoestriker's BootsFoestriker's MittsFoestriker's SkirtFoestriker's Tabard
Additional Coffers

Animus Book (1)
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