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Culinarian Icon 4.pngCulinarian (CUL)
The Armoury
Culinarians preside over the world of cuisine, preparing every known consumable in Eorzea. Armed with a cornucopia of ingredients from across the realm, and versed in methods from the far corners of Hydaelyn, these master chefs help adventurers maintain their strength on the battlefield.
Of all the city-states of Eorzea, Limsa Lominsa boasts the richest culinary tradition, a product of its proximity to fertile lands and plentiful seas, and its standing as the realm's foremost trading port.
Guild: The Bismarck
Stats: CPControlCraftsmanship
Tools: Culinary KnivesSkillets
Culinarian (30)
Level Name Type Description Affinity
&0000000000000001000000 Basic Synthesis (Culinarian) Icon.png Basic Synthesis (Culinarian) Ability Increases progress. CUL
&0000000000000005000000 Basic Touch (Culinarian) Icon.png Basic Touch (Culinarian) Ability Increases quality. CUL
&0000000000000007000000 Master's Mend (Culinarian) Icon.png Master's Mend (Culinarian) Ability Restores item durability by 30. CUL
&0000000000000009000000 Steady Hand (Culinarian) Icon.png Steady Hand (Culinarian) Ability Improves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps. CUL
&000000000000001100000011  Inner Quiet (Culinarian) Icon.png Inner Quiet (Culinarian) Ability Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality. CUL
&000000000000001300000013  Observe (Culinarian) Icon.png Observe (Culinarian) Ability Do nothing for one step. CUL
&000000000000001500000015  Hasty Touch Icon.png Hasty Touch Ability Increases quality and requires no CP. Disciple of the Hand
&000000000000001800000018  Standard Touch (Culinarian) Icon.png Standard Touch (Culinarian) Ability Increases quality. CUL
&000000000000002100000021  Great Strides (Culinarian) Icon.png Great Strides (Culinarian) Ability Doubles efficiency of next "Touch" action. Effect active for three steps. CUL
&000000000000002800000028  Master's Mend II (Culinarian) Icon.png Master's Mend II (Culinarian) Ability Restores item durability by 60. CUL
&000000000000003100000031  Standard Synthesis (Culinarian) Icon.png Standard Synthesis (Culinarian) Ability Increases progress. CUL
&000000000000003700000037  Steady Hand II Icon.png Steady Hand II Ability Improves action success rate by 30% for the next five steps. Disciple of the Hand
&000000000000004300000043  Advanced Touch (Culinarian) Icon.png Advanced Touch (Culinarian) Ability Increases quality. CUL
&000000000000005000000050  Reclaim Icon.png Reclaim Ability Increases the chance materials will not be lost after botched synthesis to 90% Disciple of the Hand

Level Name Type Description Acquired
&000000000000001500000015  Manipulation Icon.png Manipulation Ability Restores 10 points of durability after each step for the next three steps. Goldsmith
&000000000000001500000015  Ingenuity (Ability) Icon.png Ingenuity (Ability) Ability Slightly lowers recipe level for the next five steps. Blacksmith
&000000000000001500000015  Careful Synthesis Icon.png Careful Synthesis Ability Increases progress. Weaver
&000000000000001500000015  Rapid Synthesis Icon.png Rapid Synthesis Ability Increases progress. Armorer
&000000000000001500000015  Rumination Icon.png Rumination Ability Removes Inner Quiet effect and restores CP proportional to the number of times control was increased. Carpenter
&000000000000001500000015  Waste Not Icon.png Waste Not Ability Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next four steps. Leatherworker
&000000000000001500000015  Tricks of the Trade Icon.png Tricks of the Trade Ability Restores 20 CP. Can only be used when material condition is good. Alchemist
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Earth Icon.png Brand of Earth Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is earth. Leatherworker
&000000000000003700000037  Flawless Synthesis Icon.png Flawless Synthesis Ability Increases progress by 40. Goldsmith
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Lightning Icon.png Brand of Lightning Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is lightning. Weaver
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Ice Icon.png Brand of Ice Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is ice. Armorer
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Fire Icon.png Brand of Fire Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is fire. Blacksmith
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Water Icon.png Brand of Water Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is water. Alchemist
&000000000000003700000037  Brand of Wind Icon.png Brand of Wind Ability Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is wind. Carpenter
&000000000000005000000050  Careful Synthesis II Icon.png Careful Synthesis II Ability Increases progress. Weaver
&000000000000005000000050  Waste Not II Icon.png Waste Not II Ability Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next eight steps. Leatherworker
&000000000000005000000050  Byregot's Blessing Icon.png Byregot's Blessing Ability Increases quality. Carpenter
&000000000000005000000050  Ingenuity II Icon.png Ingenuity II Ability Lowers recipe level for the next five steps. Blacksmith
&000000000000005000000050  Piece by Piece Icon.png Piece by Piece Ability Increases remaining progress by 1/3. Armorer
&000000000000005000000050  Innovation Icon.png Innovation Ability Increases control by 50% for the next three steps. Goldsmith
&000000000000005000000050  Comfort Zone Icon.png Comfort Zone Ability Restores 8 CP after each step for the next ten steps. Alchemist
Level Name Description
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Strength (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Strength (PvP) Increases strength by 4.
&000000000000003000000030 32px Enhanced Purify Shortens recast time to 150 seconds.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Piety II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Piety II (PvP) Further increases piety by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Strength III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Strength III (PvP) Further increases strength by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Strength II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Strength II (PvP) Further increases strength by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Vitality II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Vitality II (PvP) Further increases vitality by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Vitality III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Vitality III (PvP) Further increases vitality by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Vitality (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Vitality (PvP) Increases vitality by 4.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Piety III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Piety III (PvP) Further increases piety by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Piety (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Piety (PvP) Increases piety by 4.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Intelligence (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Intelligence (PvP) Increases intelligence by 4.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Dexterity II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Dexterity II (PvP) Further increases dexterity by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Dexterity III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Dexterity III (PvP) Further increases dexterity by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Intelligence III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Intelligence III (PvP) Further increases intelligence by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Intelligence II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Intelligence II (PvP) Further increases intelligence by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Mind II (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Mind II (PvP) Further increases mind by 8.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Mind III (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Mind III (PvP) Further increases mind by 13.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Mind (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Mind (PvP) Increases mind by 4.
&000000000000003000000030 Enhanced Dexterity (PvP) Icon.png Enhanced Dexterity (PvP) Increases dexterity by 4.
Gear and Items Quests
Class Quests
Name Level
My First Skillet &0000000000000001000000
Way of the Culinarian &0000000000000001000000
A Treat of Trout &0000000000000005000000
Dodo It Yourself &000000000000001000000010 
On a Skewer Tip &000000000000001500000015 
Releasing a Burden &000000000000002000000020 
Winning Friends with Aldgoat &000000000000002500000025 
The Chefsbane Cometh &000000000000003000000030 
Of Cooks and Books &000000000000003500000035 
Diplomacy of the Skillet &000000000000004000000040 
A Taste of Home &000000000000004500000045 
Revenge of the Chefsbane &000000000000005000000050 
Recipes (194)
Levequests (60)
Name Level Location (Issuing NPC) Experience Items Needed Type
It's Always Sunny in Vylbrand 1 Limsa Lominsa (Wyrkholsk) 1,092 Raisins Ingenuity
Meat Lover's Special 1 Red Rooster Stead (Wyrkholsk) 885 Marmot Steak Constancy
Trout Fishing in Limsa 1 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 885 Grilled Trout Constancy
What a Sap 1 Red Rooster Stead (Wyrkholsk) 240 Maple Syrup Constancy
Pork Is a Salty Food 1 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 240 Table Salt Constancy
In Hot Water 1 Red Rooster Stead (T'mokkri) 1,092 Boiled Egg Ingenuity
Fishy Revelations 5 Limsa Lominsa (Wyrkholsk) 3,430 Braised Pipira Ingenuity
Jack of All Plates 5 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 2,022 Jack-o'-lantern Constancy
Putting the Squeeze On 5 Red Rooster Stead (Wyrkholsk) 1,053 Orange Juice Constancy
Butter Me Up 5 Red Rooster Stead (Wyrkholsk) 2,022 Kukuru Butter Constancy
A Real Fungi 5 Red Rooster Stead (T'mokkri) 1,715-3,430 Chanterelle Saute Ingenuity
Whip It 5 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 1,053 Sweet Cream Constancy
Go Ahead and Dig In 10 Swiftperch (T'mokkri) 3,849 Mole Loaf Ingenuity
The Bango Zango Diet 10 Swiftperch (Swygskyf) 7,698 Parsnip Salad Ingenuity
Fisher of Men 10 Swiftperch (Swygskyf) 3,872 Salt Cod Constancy
Pretty Enough to Eat 10 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 3,872 Grilled Carp Constancy
Keep Your Powder Dry 10 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 2,230 Kukuru Powder Constancy
Chew the Fat 10 Swiftperch (Swygskyf) 2,230 Grilled Dodo Constancy
Rustic Repast 15 Aleport (Orwen) 6,109 Chicken and Mushrooms Constancy
Omelet's Be Friends 15 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 8,114 Dodo Omelette Constancy
Shy Is the Oyster 15 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 4,522 Raw Oyster Constancy
Sweet Smell of Success 15 Aleport (Orwen) 4,057 Lavender Oil Constancy
A Total Nut Job 15 Aleport (T'mokkri) 6,573 Walnut Bread Ingenuity
Flakes for Friends 15 Aleport (Orwen) 13,146 Apple Tart Ingenuity
Brain Food 20 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 5,259 Walnut Bread Charity
A Grape Idea 20 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 12,746 Grape Juice Constancy
Picnic Panic 20 Quarrymill (Nyell) 5,259 Apple Tart Charity
Food Fight 20 Quarrymill (Nyell) 13,718 Shepherd's Pie Constancy
Feast of All Soles 20 Quarrymill (T'mokkri) 20,578 Salmon Meuniere Ingenuity
For Crumbs Sake 20 Quarrymill (Nyell) 12,746 Honey Muffin Constancy
Whirled Peas 25 Quarrymill (Nyell) 19,770 Pea Soup Constancy
Convalescence Precedes Essence 25 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 9,885 Ginger Cookie Constancy
Cooking with Gas 25 Quarrymill (T'mokkri) 33,100 Chicken Stock Ingenuity
Fever Pitch 25 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 8,505 Chamomile Tea Charity
Love's Crumpets Lost 25 Quarrymill (Nyell) 22,066 Crumpet Constancy
I Love Lamprey 25 Quarrymill (Nyell) 11,115 Eel Pie Charity
Pretty as a Picture 30 Costa del Sol (T'mokkri) 45,424 Dark Vinegar Ingenuity
Point Them with the Sticky End 30 Costa del Sol (Nahctahr) 31,882 Tuna Miq'abob Constancy
Gegeruju Gets Down 30 Costa del Sol (Nahctahr) 30,282 Cornbread Constancy
True Grits 30 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 13,887 Cornmeal Charity
Sole Survivor 30 Costa del Sol (Nahctahr) 17,670 Baked Sole Charity
Bloody Good Tart, This 30 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 31,882 Blood Currant Tart Constancy
Leek Soup for the Soul 35 First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (Cimeaurant) 23,940 Cawl Cennin Charity
Feeding Frenzy 35 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 19,600 Acorn Cookie Charity
Rise and Dine 35 First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (Cimeaurant) 20,517 Cheese Souffle Constancy
Don't Turn Up Your Nose 35 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 20,517 Sauerkraut Constancy
No More Dumpster Diving 35 First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (T'mokkri) 64,792 Knight's Bread Ingenuity
Winter of Our Discontent 35 First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (Cimeaurant) 43,194 Mugwort Carp Constancy
The Perks of Life at Sea 40 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 27,107 Jerked Beef Constancy
Good Eats in Ishgard 40 Whitebrim Front (Voilinaut) 54,994 Salt Cod Puffs Constancy
Made by Apple in Coerthas 40 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 32,049 Apple Juice Charity
Moving Up in the World 40 Whitebrim Front (T'mokkri) 83,662 Rolanberry Cheese Ingenuity
Pagan Pastries 40 Whitebrim Front (Voilinaut) 32,049 Pastry Fish Charity
Rolanberry Fields Forever 40 Whitebrim Front (Voilinaut) 55,774 Rolanberry Cheese Constancy
Drinking to Your Health 45 Saint Coinach's Find (K'leytai) 69,104 Mulled Tea Constancy
Culture Club 45 Saint Coinach's Find (T'mokkri) 106,560 Crowned Pie Ingenuity
Comfort Me with Mushrooms 45 Saint Coinach's Find (K'leytai) 72,932 Buttons in a Blanket Constancy
Bread in the Clouds 45 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 39,087 La Noscean Toast Charity
The Egg Files 45 Limsa Lominsa (T'mokkri) 67,146 Deviled Eggs Constancy
Red Letter Day 45 Saint Coinach's Find (K'leytai) 39,087 Rolanberry Lassi Charity


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