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Cure for the Common Pox/Plot Details

Cure for the Common Pox - Part 1
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Chief Sergeant <Name>. You're ever welcome here at the Adders' Nest. Is there aught you need?

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Your unquenchable determination does my spirit well! To rise to the next rank, I require of you a submission of 25,000 Serpent Seals. This sum serves as proof of your contribution to the Order. Are you ready to make the ascent?

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: We are not unmindful of the valor you displayed at Castrum Novum, but you must do more if you would become an officer of the Order.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You must needs prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes to be a leader of men. Then─and only then─can we consider your application for promotion.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: The light of virtue shines brilliantly within you, and I shall trust to its radiance. Here, please accept this.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Go now, and do your part to light the way for the people of Gridania.

Cure for the Common Pox - Part 2
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Look to the medal upon your breast. It shines with the light of a Serpent's eye. A light of merit and honor. A light for all to see.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: The Order of the Twin Adder would make an officer of you, <Name>.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You have served us well as a petty officer. I daresay better than any before you. None among our Serpents have earned the chance for this promotion so quickly─and to have done so without the say of conjurers is without precedent.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Yet so moved was the Elder Seedseer by your heroics at Castrum Novum that she has seen fit to make of you a special case.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: None shall ever question your skill in battle─not after what you have done. But to become on officer of the Twin Adder, you must prove you can lead as well as you can fight.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: To that end, you will command an assault on the goblin brigands of Treespeak.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: They are a vile band of thieving brutes, headed by one Haughtpox Bloatbelly. Of late, they have taken to attacking our caravans, depriving us of supplies needed now more than ever.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Most of what they plunder are goods given us by the smallfolk of Gridania─simple men and women with little and less in these times. We will not suffer their charity to be profaned.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Nor will we suffer this Haughtpox Bloatbelly to live. Track the fiend down and make an end of him.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: He and his foul band are oft sighted to the north and east of Treespeak, which lies north of Camp Emerald Moss. Will you see this thing done, Chief Sergeant?


Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You require time to make ready? Very well. But know that every caravan taken lessens Gridania's capacity to wage war.


Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Haughtpox is as cunning as he is craven. He will not be alone.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: And nor should you be. Gather companions to your side, and lead them into battle.

Cure for the Common Pox - Part 3
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Chief Sergeant! You are returned, and safe. The gods are good.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You have done all that was asked of you. The goblin Haughtpox Bloatbelly and his band of thieves are no more.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You proved you could fight at the battle of Castrum Novum. And by this latest deed, you have proven you can lead.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: You have all that is required and more of an officer of our ranks.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: And so it is with great honor that the Order of the Twin Adder offers you promotion to the rank of Second Serpent Lieutenant.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: If you would accept this honor, and its responsibility, swear it now with a salute.


Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: A fine salute!

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: With your new station comes new responsibility, but waver not. Trust in yourself as you have, and all will be well.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: We expect great things of you, Second Lieutenant. And now, as befits your post, I bestow upon you this Eorzean Alliance commemorative coin, as well as a stipend of 5,000 Serpent Seals.

Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: Now go forth, Second Lieutenant <Name>, as both eye and fang of the Twin Adder. Rest not until the wood knows peace once more.

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