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Emotes & Signs

The content of this article or image is currently out of date and needs to be updated or archived to match the release of A Realm Reborn.

[edit] Map Icons

Icon Description
Map1 Icon.pngMap1a Icon.png Limsa Lominsa
Map2 Icon.pngMap2a Icon.png Gridania
Map3 Icon.pngMap3a Icon.png Ul'dah
Map4 Icon.png Instanced Dungeon
Map5 Icon.png Instanced Raid
Map6 Icon.png Guildhest
Map7 Icon.png Trial
Map8 Icon.png PvP
Map9 Icon.png Locked duty finder
Map10 Icon.png Unknown
Map11 Icon.png Unknown
Map12 Icon.png Unknown
Map13 Icon.png Unknown
Map14 Icon.png Achievements
Map15 Icon.png Unknown
Map16 Icon.png Levequests
Map17 Icon.png Quest
Map18 Icon.png Unknown
Map19 Icon.png Destination area
Map20 Icon.png Unknown
Map21 Icon.png Unknown
Map22 Icon.png Unknown
Map23 Icon.png Unknown
Map24 Icon.png Unknown
Map25 Icon.png Unknown
Map26 Icon.png Unknown
Map27 Icon.png Party members
Map28 Icon.png Unknown
Map29 Icon.png Unknown
Map30 Icon.png Retainer bell
Map31 Icon.png Free Company acquisition
Map32 Icon.png Linkshell acquisition
Map33 Icon.png Aetheryte
Map34 Icon.png Unknown
Map35 Icon.png Botany Node
Map36 Icon.png Gold Botany Node
Map37 Icon.png Repairs
Map38 Icon.png Quest continuation
Map39 Icon.png Inn
Map40 Icon.png Miner Node
Map41 Icon.png Gold Miner Node
Map42 Icon.png Zone Change Map Icon
Map43 Icon.png Landmark Map Icon
Map44 Icon.png Player Location Map Icon
Map45 Icon.png Unknown
Map46 Icon.png Fishing Node
Map47 Icon.png Stairs up
Map48 Icon.png Stairs down
Map49 Icon.png Settlement/Hamlet Map Icon
Map50 Icon.png Zahar'ak Map Icon
Map51 Icon.png Natalan Map Icon
Map52 Icon.png U'Ghamaro Mines Map Icon
Map53 Icon.png Ferry
Map54 Icon.png Zone change
Map55 Icon.png Fate
Map56 Icon.png Unknown
Map57 Icon.png Company Chest Map Icon
Map58 Icon.png Unknown
Map59 Icon.png Unknown
Map60 Icon.png Unknown
Map61 Icon.png Unknown
Map62 Icon.png Unknown
Map63 Icon.png Unknown
Map64 Icon.png Unknown
Map65 Icon.png Unknown
Map66 Icon.png Unknown
Map67 Icon.png Unknown
Map68 Icon.png Unknown
Map69 Icon.png Unknown
Map70 Icon.png Gather Items Turn-in NPC for FATE
Map71 Icon.png Unknown
Map72 Icon.png Unknown
Map73 Icon.png Unknown
Map74 Icon.png FATE Map Outline
Map75 Icon.png Vendor
Map76 Icon.png Moogle Mail
Map77 Icon.png Unknown
Map78 Icon.png Unknown
Map79 Icon.png Unknown
Map80 Icon.png Unknown
Map81 Icon.png Airship
Map82 Icon.png Market Board Map Icon
Map83 Icon.png Locked Cottage Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map84 Icon.png Locked House Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map85 Icon.png Locked Mansion Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map86 Icon.png Unlocked Cottage Map Icon (Open to all)
Map87 Icon.png Unlocked House Map Icon (Open to all)
Map88 Icon.png Unlocked Mansion Map Icon (Open to all)
Map89 Icon.png Housing Lot purchased, awaiting Housing Permit Map Icon
Map90 Icon.png Housing Lot available for purchase Map Icon
Map91 Icon.png Unknown Housing Map Icon
Map92 Icon.png Unknown Housing Aetheryte Map Icon
Map93 Icon.png Your FC's Locked Cottage Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map94 Icon.png Your FC's Locked House Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map95 Icon.png Your FC's Locked Mansion Map Icon (Closed to non-FC)
Map96 Icon.png Your FC's Unlocked Cottage Map Icon (Open to all)
Map97 Icon.png Your FC's Unlocked House Map Icon (Open to all)
Map98 Icon.png Your FC's Unlocked Mansion Map Icon (Open to all)
Map99 Icon.png Your FC's purchased land Map Icon, awaiting Housing Permit
Map100 Icon.png Resident Caretaker Map Icon
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