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FFXIV:Mob template tutorial


add a mob

The Gamer Escape templates are constructed to be as user-friendly as possible, but because of some software limitations there are sometimes some unintuitive fields.

This template is used for all monsters (aka mobs) which are battled by players.

This template should not be used for mobs that are interacted with (i.e. beastmen).

We've placed the entire item template below and explain each line, explaining what it's for and what data you can enter for it. The template lines are located in the boxes surrounded by the dashed line with the description for it underneath.

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to use any wiki coding (i.e. brackets).

{{ARR Infobox Mob
| Image = 

One image of the mob. Just add the file name and extension as uploaded to the wiki ("File:" is not needed). The image will be automatically cropped to the proper size - cropping from the bottom right.

| Move Image Up   = 
| Move Image Left = 

Takes a numerical value of "1" through "5", each level moving the above image 20px up or left. Use any combination necessary to center the above image.

| Name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}

The name of the mob you are adding.

| Description = 

If applicable, a description of the mob. If left blank, the description of the mob family will automatically be displayed.

<!-- Overall Statistics - Leave blank if inapplicable or unknown -->
| Low Level  = 
| High Level = 

| Low HP  = 
| High HP = 

| Low MP  = 
| High MP = 

Numbers only. These should simply represent the overall statistics for the mob in all various locations across Eorzea.

| Jobs       = 

If applicable, the job of the mob. Separate multiple jobs by commas.

| Gender     =  

If known, the gender of the mob (i.e. "male" or "female").

| NM         =        <!-- Define if mob is an NM (found in a FATE) --> 
| Miniboss   =        <!-- Define if mob is a Miniboss --> 
| Boss       =        <!-- Define if mob is a Boss --> 

Define (i.e. "yes" or "x") one, and only one, of these variables if applicable.

| Genus     = <!-- Family, such as dodo or spriggan -->
| Species   = <!-- Divisions of a genus that look slightly different—coblyns (blue) v. doblyns (yellow) -->

Define only one of Genus or Species, and only define Genus if mob doesn't have a Species. In other words, identify the lowest known taxonomic classification of the mob.

| Locations = 
{{ARR Mob Row
| Location    = 
| Coordinates = 
| Guildhest   = 
| Levequest   = 
| Quest       = 
| Event       = 
| FATE        = 
| Levels      = 
| Drops       = {{Drops|Name=<!--Name-->|Link=<!--If different from Name-->|<!--Total Drops-->|<!--Total Kills-->}}
| Behaviors   =        

Add new {{ARR Mob Row}} for each location where the mob is located. Location is the most specific named location applicable for the mob (i.e. a zone, area or landmark). Coordinates is the x,y coordinates. If applicable, Event is the name of the Event associated with the mob. If applicable, Quest is the name of the Quest associated with the mob. If applicable, Guildhest is the name of the Guildhest associated with the mob. If applicable, Levequest is the name of the Guildhest associated with the mob. If applicable, FATE is the name of the FATE associated with the mob. Levels are the level range of the mob at this location. Drops are the items dropped by the mob. Add a new {{Drops}} template for each drop/ Behaviors takes either "A" for Aggressive or "P" for passive.

| Images = 

Add any additional images related to the mob, separated by commas. Just add the file name and extension as uploaded to the wiki ("File:" is not needed).

| Etymology = 

Add any information about how the origins of the name of mob. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

| Notes =

Add any notes that don't fit anywhere else here. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

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