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Faepup (Minion)

Faepup (Minion) Icon.pngFaepup  Seasonalachievementicon.png
Lord of Verminion  Cost: 20  Critter
HP: 440 ATK: 65 DEF: 35 SPD: ★★★★
Strengths: Shield Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: Teething
Reduces HP of enemy Shield by 70%. No effect if Shield is already inoperable.
0 Area Icon.png
Type: Dismantling Points: 30

Whelped in the blackness of the void, and raised to be a proud and merciless killer, this deceptively adorable pup does not (obviously) take well to companionship. The rare exception, however, has been made for those who have shown they will not back down in fear.

Pup that he is, having a trophy will mean much to him. - Bloeidin

Requires: Faepup
Behavior: Independent
Faepup Patch.png
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