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Go, Go, Gorgimera

FATE Icon.png Lv. 49   Go, Go, Gorgimera    30m
Northern Thanalan - Raubahn's Push  (17,14)
Created by a madman employing forbidden alchemy and fell magicks, the gorgimera is a bastardization that cannot be allowed to roam free, lest it spread its taint across the entire realm.
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png53,287 Gil Icon.png98 Flame Seal Icon.png281
Conditional Reward
Infant Imp Icon.png (Gold) 
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Thanalan
Zone: Northern Thanalan
Area: Raubahn's Push
Coordinates: 17,14
Level: 49
Type: Notorious Monster

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