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Goobbue Mount

Goobbue Mount Icon.pngGoobbue Mount
Personal Goobbue are a means of open world transportation for players.
Requirements Restrictions
  • Once outside, players can control their Mount as they would their PCs, using the movement keys on their keyboard or the analog stick on their gamepad.
  • Players will be detected by enemies as they would if they were on foot.
  • If attacked while on a mount, players will sustain less damage than they would if on foot.
  • If attacked from behind while on mount, there is a chance that the blow will cause a player's mount to lose speed.
  • If a mount takes too much damage, he will buck his rider and escape back to his stables.
  • Players can dismount their mount at any time by clicking on the mount icon located in the micro menu.
  • Mounts will refuse to enter certain areas, such as city-states and dungeons.

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