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Know Thy Land

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 5   Know Thy Land
Miner Quest Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png560 Gil Icon.png194
Guaranteed Items Optional Items
Bronze Pickaxe Icon.png  Leather Culottes Icon.png Hempen Work Gloves Icon.png Allagan Tin Piece Icon.png x2 
Informationicon.png Description
Adalberta wants to teach you the importance of knowing the land.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Deliver bone chips to Adalberta. 0/50
Issuing NPC: Adalberta
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal -Miners' Guild  (10-14)
Type: Class Quest
Unlocks: The Cutting Edge
Class: Miner
Quest: My First Pickaxe
Required Items
Bone Chip Icon.png
Items Involved: Bone Chip

Exiting Ul'dah from the Gate of Nald, head directly East until you reach the mineral deposits on the cliffside near the Ul'dah Dispatch Yard.

  • In recognition of your progress, Adalberta has set you a new task. Wishing to impress upon you the importance of knowing the land, the guildmaster bids you procure fifty bone chips. Mine the required quantity beyond the Gate of Thal and deliver them to her.
  • After counting all fifty of your bone chips, Adalberta explains that knowledge acquired through practical experience is what allows a miner to grow. With your trusty gathering log to guide you, venture forth into the wilderness in search of further riches, and amass a wealth of knowledge in so doing.
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