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Lightning Crystal

Lightning Crystal Icon.pngLightning Crystal  Botanist icon.pngMiner icon.pngQuest Icon.pngLevequest Icon.pngMob Family Icon.pngTreasure Map Icon.pngExplorationicon.pngExplorationicon.pngAirship XP Icon.png
A crystalline manifestation of aetheric lightning energy.
Crafting Catalyst
Stack Size: 9999
Sells for: Unsellable
Recommended Level: Miner Icon 5.png 26
Recommended Level: Botanist Icon 5.png 26
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Rewarded from Treasure Map: (3)
Slot: 3 Level: 26 Perception: N/A
Zone Location Count Grade
Central Thanalan Spineless Basin x1 30
Central Thanalan The Clutch x1 30
Slot: 3 Level: 26 Perception: N/A
Zone Location Count Grade
Southern Thanalan Broken Water x1 30
Reward from Quests (5)
Potential Reward from Levequests (120)
Levequest Level
A Crown for Every Head (L) 50
A Gate Arcane Is Dragon's Bane (L) 58
A Show of Ice and Fire 56
A Spire for New Heights (L) 56
A Taste of Their Own Medicine 58
Abrupt Apprentices (L) 54
Adhesive of Antipathy 54
All of These Bases Belong to Us (L) 54
Allow No Fallacies (L) 52
An Account of My Apron 52
Appeal of Foreign Apparel (L) 52
Bleeding Out 58
Blending In (L) 58
Blinded Veil of Vigilance (L) 58
Bloodspot (L) 50
Bold and Blue 56
Breaking Beacons (L) 50
Breathe Deeply 50
Can't Sleep, Inquisitors Will Eat Me 52
Chewed Up and Snuffed Out 54
Chirurgeon Hand in Glove (L) 54
Cleansing the Wicked Humours 56
Clothing the Naked Truth 54
Coat the Harm (L) 52
Consecrating Congregation 52
Crystal Chronicles 58
Curb the Gnawing Feeling (L) 50
Curbing the Contagion (L) 52
Dandelion Don't Tell No Lies 54
Dappling the Highlands (L) 58
Darkly Dreaming Dexterity (L) 56
Desperate for Diversionaries (L) 50
Dodging the Draft (L) 50
Does This Look Infected? 50
Dragonproofing 58
Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars, Dreams of Dragon Fire 54
Dress Code Violation (L) 52
Exotic Remedies (L) 54
Fake-icite 56
Fashion Patrol 52
Felt for the Fallen 58
Field Trip to the Unknown (L) 54
Filling in the Blanks 58
Finger on the Pulse 54
Fool Me Once (L) 56
Forged from the Void 50
Forgery of Convenience (L) 50
Forging Lance Base (L) 52
From Creepers to Squatters 54
Halone's Jewelry Box 52
He Wears the Pants 58
Heart to Heart 56
History Needs Some Revisions (L) 54
Hot Tub Clime Machine (L) 52
Hybrid Theories (L) 54
I'll Show You My Battle Shards 52
Ink into Antiquity (L) 58
Investing in the Future 56
It's Gonna Grow Back (L) 54
Ladies and Gentians 52
Maids of Honor (L) 56
Mending Wings (L) 58
Mortarin' 56
Nectar of the Goddess (L) 56
No Rest for the Thicket (L) 50
Not So Crystal Clear (L) 58
Perfecting the Posture 50
Permit for Destruction of Religious Property 52
Polished Till They Shine (L) 52
Pom Hemlock (L) 58
Pommeling the Enemy (L) 58
Pride Up in Smoke 50
Putting on Airs (L) 56
Ribbon of Remembrance 50
Rolling on Initiative 56
Rose Never Lets Go (L) 52
Sacrilege Neutralized (L) 54
Scripture Is the Best Medicine (L) 56
Secondhand Smoke Screen (L) 50
Sharlayan Sympathizers (L) 58
Six Hours in a Leaky Boat 52
Soot in My Hair and Scars on My Hands (L) 52
Steeling the Knife, Steeling the Mind 52
Sticking It Out 58
Storm upon Bald Mountain 54
Summoning for Dummies 50
Summoning the Courage to Be Different (L) 50
Surgical Substitution (L) 52
Taken for Granite 50
Talk about Boundaries 54
Thank You for Smoke Screening (L) 58
The Anointing of the Dead 56
The Basics of Forgery (L) 50
The Bitter, the Better 52
The Cinders of Modesty (L) 58
The Clothes off Her Back 58
The Garden of Arcane Delights (L) 54
The Grave of Hemlock Groves 58
The Merits of Upcycling 50
The Mustache Suits Him 50
The Puppets of War (L) 56
The Road Was a Ribbon of Moonlight (L) 50
The Road to Pilgrimage 50
The Sour Patch Grids (L) 52
There's Sand in My Water (L) 54
There Was a Late Fee 58
These Colors Run Not (L) 56
Through Sashes Come the Ashes (L) 56
To Kill a Dragon on Nameday (L) 56
Tomes Roam on the Range 54
Volunteering with Staff 56
Warding Off Temptation 54
Warm in Their Beds 50
Washing Away the Sins (L) 56
Watching the Western Wall 58
What Goes Up 56
What Not to Wear 52
When in Robes (L) 54
Where the Dragonflies, the Net Catches 56
Your Mother Is Medicine and Your Father Is the Wild 54
Dropped by Monsters (2)
Acquired from Airship Voyage
Acquired from Mining Exploration Venture
Acquired from Botany Exploration Venture
Desynth resulting in Lightning Crystal (20)
Used in Obsolete Quest (1)
Quest Level
Forever Taken 34
Crystals (whether in the form of shards, crystals or clusters) are catalysts used in every recipe. See the Crafting Log for more information and for recipe listings by class.

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