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The content of this article or image is currently out of date and needs to be updated or archived to match the release of A Realm Reborn.

For a full complete list, please see The Lodestone's Glossary of Text Commands

Using macros, players can equip weapons, gear, or assign abilities to slots on the action bar. There is a max of 100 macros (50 for CTRL and 50 for ALT). Each Macro can support up to 10 lines of text.

You can edit macros by selecting the macro option in the game's configuration menu.

  • More than 10 lines can be inserted but only the first 10 will be saved.
  • Text can be copied using CTRL+C (first mark the text as you would in Windows in general)
  • Text can be then pasted into the text area via CTRL+V
  • Make sure that the item or ability is in quotations
  • Make sure the item or ability has upper case letters where appropriate

[edit] Icons

Macro Icons
You can select one of 100 icons and assign it to your macro. It will appear in the macro's box on your action bar when holding down the CTRL or ALT key (or corresponding gamepad button)

[edit] Text Commands

Text commands are used to tell the macro what to do.

  • Currently, actions and equipment seem to need quotations around them in order to be a valid command. ex. "Weathered Spear"

[edit] Chatmode

Sets the default chat mode.

  • /chatmode [chat mode]
  • Linkshell
  • Party
  • Say


/chatmode linkshell

/chatmode party

[edit] Equipping Linkshells

  • /equiplinkshell "Linkshell Name"
  • /equiplinkshell "Linkshell Number"

[edit] Actions

Performs the specified action on a designated character.

  • /action (or /ac) "[action name]" [command type] <[target]>

Command Type

  • mh -Use the skill equipped on your main hand
  • oh - Use the skill equipped on your off-hand

Sub command does not need to be specified if equipped to main hand

Command Target

  • t - Performs the selected action on the eligible target.
  • st - Selects a sub-target that is different from your regular target.
  • me - Selects yourself for the target. Make sure to use this sub-command for all self-casting abilities.

  • /ac "[action name]" [sub command] <[target]>


/action "Cure" main <me>

/ac "Cure" <me>

/action "Shield Bash" sub <[target]>

  • /aoe [sub command]


  • on - Enable areas of effect
  • off - Disable areas of effect
  • Toggle between area of effect and single target cast modes when no subcommand is specified.

  • /br on
  • /ac "Skill Name" <t>

Once the macro is activated, the Battle Regiment will begin. When everybody in the party is ready to activate the ability, just press the 'G' button and enjoy watching the various abilities get unleashed all at once!

[edit] Equip Action

Equips a command/ability to a slot on the action bar

  • /equipaction (or /eaction) [slot number] [action name] [sub command]
  • If no action name is given, the command will unequip the action in that slot.
  • Following the November 2010 patch, abilities no longer require the [sub command] to be specified in the macro.


/equipaction 4 "Cure" main

/eaction 4 "Cure"

/eaction 10 "Aegis Boon" sub

/eaction 12 "Shield Bash"

[edit] Equip Gear

Equips a weapon or other piece of equipment. Please note that the name of the gear which you want the macro to equip must be written exactly as it is written in the item description, including capitalization.

  • /equip [gear slot] [item name]

Gear Slot

The word in parentheses should be used in place of [gear slot] above.

  • Main Hand (mh)
  • Off Hand (oh)
  • Throwing weapon (throwing)
  • Pack (pack)
  • Pouch (pouch)
  • Head (head)
  • Body (body)
  • Undershirt (clothing) (shirt)
  • Legs (legs)
  • Undergarment (clothing) (garment)
  • Hands (hands)
  • Feet (feet)
  • Waist (waist)
  • Neck (neck)
  • Earring (ears)
  • Wrists (wrists)
  • Left Finger (L.finger)
  • Right Finger (R.finger)

Note: It used to be required in FFXI for you to add a /wait command between your main and sub items in a macro in order to get the sub to load properly. FFXIV inserts that wait command automatically so you no longer need to "waste" a line in your macro for it.


/equip mh "Gladius"

/equip oh "Shield"

/equip waist "Utility Belt"

Removing Equipment

By not specifying an [item name], you can also use /equip to empty a gear slot as follows:

  • /equip ""

[edit] Jobs

There is no direct macro to equip a Soul Crystal. However, you can toggle the Job of your current class with the following:

/job on /job off

[edit] Quick Targetting

Sometimes its necessary to quickly target a mob, or other NPC, or even a PC (PlayerCharacter). In this case, using the TAB key to try to target can make this challenging due to lag, character movement, and other factors. SE has given useful /commands to help here. These work great as macros. Note that if your character and camera are not facing your intended target, you may end up selecting someone else, or yourself if there are no valid targets.

  • /targetpc

Targets the closest PC within a certain radius.

  • /targetnpc

Targets the closest NPC or monster within a certain radius.

[edit] Following

Perhaps one day SE will give us /follow in FFXIV, however, until then... you can use the following command in a macro to emulate it. Target the character you wish to follow, enable auto-run(R on the keyboard), and lock on to your target(C on the keyboard). To stop following, unlock from your target and stop auto-run.

Alternatively, you can create a macro with this command in it to lock-on.

  • /lockon

[edit] Wait

As in FFXI, you can add a pause into your macro that will force it to wait a specific amount of time before performing the next action on the macro. The maximum wait time allowed is 60. If the wait time amount is over 60, it will be counted as 0.

  • /wait [number]

"Waits [number] of seconds before performing the next task in the macro.

ex. /wait 10 - Would wait 10 seconds before moving on to the next line in the macro.

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