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Mob19 Icon.pngMeracydia  CONTINENT

Meracydia is a continent to the south of Eorzea. It was once a land of dragons [1] born of the original Bahamut and his brood-sister Tiamat, two of the First Brood brought to Hydaelyn by Midgardsormr. [2]

According to the ancient legends of a treelike people native to Meracydia, lanners bore the seeds of the World Tree across the seas, planting the verdant forests that dot the realm today. [3] This race is also known to have worshipped Sephirot of the Warring Triad as their patron deity, thinking him the embodiment of the World Tree. [4]

Dark Bass and Angelfish are native to Meracydia, as are the Aloe plant and Sesame Seeds. Quality materials crafted by Alchemists are highly sought-after in Meracydia [5], and the witch doctors of Meracydia trade with Eorzeans for potion ingredients. [6]
Location: South of Eorzea
World: Hydaelyn
  • Early DAT files stated that the Miqo'te race is native to Meracydia and fled their ravaged homeland during the Fifth Astral Era. The entries for Aloe and Sesame Seeds also refer to the Miqo'te bringing them from Meracydia, hinting that this information may still be accurate.
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  1. Hunt: Leucrotta
  2. Fetters of Lament
  3. Warring Lanner
  4. When the Bough Wakes
  5. Right as Rubber
  6. Undercutting the Competition
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