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Minion of Light

Minion of Light Icon.pngMinion of Light  UNIQUEUNTRADABLE
"When Darkness veils the world, three Minions of Light shall come."
─Unknown Prophet
One of three minions will appear when summoned.
Sells for: Unsellable
Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Uses

  Use item to acquire the Minion of Light (Minion).

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This Veteran Reward is mailed to you when you've paid for a total of 180-days Subscription. (Crysta, a Prepaid Time Card, etc).
  • Randomly spawns one of the three each time you summon it

Minion 1 Minion 2 Minion 3
Ffxiv minion-of-light 01.png Ffxiv minion-of-light 02.png Ffxiv minion-of-light 03.png
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