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Oschon Icon.png Oschon
Nickname: The Wanderer
Description: Name: Oschon {oh'-shun}

Sex: Male
Aspect: Ruler of the mountains
God of: Wanderers and vagrants
Guardian deity of: Nym
Element: Wind
Month: 6 †
Depiction: A carefree ranger wielding a bow of yew
Symbol: The walking stick

Parents: n/a
Siblings: brother Nald'thal
Children: n/a
Other: Close companion of Halone. Menphina is his lover.

Game Description: Oschon is the ruler of the mountains and god of vagrants. He commands the element of Wind and is associated with the sixth moon of the Eorzean calendar. Oschon is the brother of Nald'thal and the close companion of Halone. He is most often depicted as a carefree ranger wielding a bow of yew. His symbol is the walking stick.

Character Creation: Selecting Oschon as your guardian grants 3 Fire resistance, 4 Wind resistance, 2 Earth resistance, 2 Lightning resistance, and 2 Water resistance.

Etymology: Oschon appears to be based off of the norse god Odin. Who was sometimes called Odin(Wodin) the Wanderer. He was depicted as being an older man who walked about with a curled walking stick but was proficient with many weapons.
Oschon the Wanderer is the patron deity of the Miners' Guild. He is associated with continental drift.

† Information in pre-release versions of FF14 associated Oshon with the tenth month of the Eorzean calendar.

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