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Area: Silent Arbor
Zone: South Shroud
Region: The Black Shroud
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Hamlet
Aetheryte: Quarrymill
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
Patch: 2.0
NPCs (27)
Quests (14)
Name Level Starter Type
All You Wanted to Know about Odin 46 Simmie Sidequest
An Apple a Day 26 Deidra Sidequest
Come Highly Recommended 27 Meffrid Main Scenario Quest
Forest Law 26 Wlfric Sidequest
He Ain't Heavy 27 Meffrid Main Scenario Quest
Helping Horn 27 Meffrid Main Scenario Quest
In Grandfather's Name 26 Cuthbert Sidequest
Killing Him Softly 26 Meffrid Main Scenario Quest
Leves of Quarrymill 20 Nyell Sidequest
Savage Snares 26 Balan Sidequest
Serveth Thy Master 46 Kerrich Sidequest
Slim Pickings 46 Isarmoix Sidequest
The Marvelous Mun-Tuy Bean 26 Aedoc Sidequest
Wretched Hive of Villainy 26 Faucertaux Sidequest
Levequests (100)
Name Level Starter
A Shocking Soiree 25 Nyell
A Watery Web of Lies 25 Nyell
Appleanche 25 Nyell
Baby, Light My Way 25 Nyell
Belly Up 20 Nyell
Bet You Anything 25 Nyell
Blind Ambition 20 Nyell
Blind Man's Bluff 20 Nyell
Campaign in the Membrane 25 Nyell
Can't Start a Fire 25 Nyell
Conspicuous Conjuration 25 Nyell
Cooking with Gas 25 T'mokkri
Dancing with the Stars 25 Nyell
Dog Tags Are for Dogs 20 Nyell
Doublet Jeopardy 20 Eustace
Dripping with Venom 20 Nyell
Elemental Housekeeping 20 Nyell
Feast of All Soles 20 T'mokkri
Fishing 101 25 Nyell
Food Chain Reaction 20 Nyell
Food Fight 20 Nyell
Fool Me Twice (Levequest) 25 Nyell
For Crumbs' Sake 20 Nyell
Fueling the Flames 20 Nyell
Get Shirty 25 Nyell
Getting Handsy 20 Nyell
Glazed and Confused 25 Eustace
Grinding It Out 20 Nyell
Hands On 20 Nyell
Heal Away 25 Nyell
Hearth Maul 20 T'mokkri
Hot for Teacher 25 Nyell
Hush Little Wailer 20 Nyell
I'll Be Your Wailer Today 25 Eustace
I Love Lamprey 25 Nyell
I Saw What You Did There 25 Nyell
I Was a Teenage Wailer 20 Nyell
It's Hard Being Moogle 20 Nyell
It's a Trap 20 Nyell
Just Rewards 25 Gontrant
Just the Artifacts, Madam 20 Nyell
Keep the Change 25 Nyell
Killing Beasts Softly 20 Nyell
Lancers' Creed 25 Nyell
Location, Location, Location 20 Nyell
Look How They Shine for You 20 Nyell
Love's Crumpets Lost 25 Nyell
Militia on My Mind 20 Gontrant
Moon in Rouge 25 Nyell
More than Meets the Eye 25 Nyell
Mors Dagger 25 T'mokkri
Mushroom Gobblin' 25 Nyell
Music to Their Ears 20 Nyell
My Sole to Take 20 Gontrant
Necklet of Champions 25 Nyell
Necrologos: Olidious Separation 25 Nyell
Necrologos: The Beholders 25 Nyell
Need for Mead 25 Nyell
No Hand-me-Downs 20 Nyell
No Leaves Left Behind 20 Nyell
No Risk, No Reward 25 Nyell
Not Enough Headroom 20 Nyell
Nowhere to Slide 20 Nyell
One and Only 20 Nyell
Open to Attack 20 Nyell
Over the Underbrush 25 Nyell
Packing a Punch 20 Nyell
Pantser Corps 25 Nyell
Picnic Panic 20 Nyell
Polearms Aplenty 20 Nyell
Powderpost Derby 20 Nyell
Put a Lid on It 25 Nyell
Quicker than Sand 25 Nyell
Refugee Raw 25 Nyell
Revisiting Raimdelle 25 Nyell
Rock My Wall 20 Nyell
Rope a 'Lope 25 Nyell
Shaken, Not Stirred 20 Nyell
Sounds Fishy to Me 20 Nyell
Storm of Swords 25 Nyell
Tag, You're It 25 Nyell
That's Some Fine Grinding 25 Nyell
The Devil's Workshop 20 Nyell
The Long and the Shortcrust 20 Nyell
The Root of the Problem 20 Nyell
The Telltale Tress 20 Nyell
The Truth Will Set You Free 25 Nyell
The Wailers' First Law of Potion 25 Nyell
The Writing Is Not on the Wall 20 Eustace
Tools for the Tools 25 Gontrant
Toys of Summer 25 Nyell
Treevenge 20 Nyell
Up the Creek 25 Nyell
Wall Not Found 20 Nyell
What's Yours Is Mine 20 Nyell
Whatchoo Talking About 20 Nyell
When Rhalgr Met Nophica 20 Nyell
Whirled Peas 25 Nyell
You Burnt It, You Bought It 20 Eustace
You Put Your Left Hand In 25 Nyell
FATE Monsters
Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
Greedy Hoglet 24-29 Animal Hide Icon.png Animal Hide  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Greedy Hog 24-29 Animal Hide Icon.png Animal Hide  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
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