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Recruit a Friend Campaign

The Recruit a Friend Campaign is a program designed by Square Enix to encourage players to invite their friends to play Final Fantasy XIV. From the Mog Station, a player can navigate to the Recruit a Friend page and send a message to a friend along with a recruitment code. The friend then creates a Square Enix account (if needed) and registers the recruitment code via the Mog Station. Exclusive recruitment rewards are provided based on the friend's number of accumulated paid subscription days (i.e. free trial days do not count). The reward items can only be redeemed once per character.

More information can be found on the official Recruit a Friend Campaign website.

See also: Order Bonuses, Mog Station Sold Items and Veteran Reward.

Days Recruiters Friends
0 Days Ballroom Etiquette - Improper Greetings, Gold Chocobo Feather x5  
30 Days Friendship Circlet, Aetheryte Pendulum Friendship Circlet, Ballroom Etiquette - Improper Greetings, Aetheryte Ticket x99, Silver Chocobo Feather x10
90 Days Draught Chocobo Whistle  
150 Days Gold Chocobo Feather x5  
210 Days Gold Chocobo Feather x5  
270 Days Gold Chocobo Feather x5  
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