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Red Coral

Red Coral Icon.pngRed Coral  Fisher icon.pngTreasure Map Icon.pngExplorationicon.pngExplorationicon.png
A piece of sharp red coral, rarely found in any of Eorzea's five seas.
Stack Size: 99
Sells for: Gil Icon.png x 10 HQ Icon2.png11
Recommended Level: Fisher Icon 5.png 40
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Rewarded from Treasure Map: (1)
Treasure Map Deciphered From
Goatskin Treasure Map Timeworn Goatskin Map
Fishing Overview:
Fisher icon.png Type: Coastlines Smallest: 14.2 im
Largest: 34.0 im
Prime Locations: La Noscea - Western La Noscea
Baits: Sinking MinnowHerring BallKrill Cage FeederNorthern KrillYumizuno
A piece of sharp coral, rarely found in any of Eorzea's five seas. The material is so rare, in fact, that it often fetches prices similar to those asked for garnets or rubies.
Fishing Locations:
Fishing Log: North Bloodshore Hole Level: 35
Eastern La Noscea - La Noscea (32-24) Saltwater
Bait: Sinking Minnow
Acquired from Waterside Exploration Venture
Acquired from Fishing Exploration Venture
Recipes using Red Coral (8)
Item Skill
Crab Bow Icon.png Crab Bow
Carpenter Icon 5.png
Raptorskin Wristbands Icon.png Raptorskin Wristbands
Leatherworker Icon 5.png
Raptorskin Wristbands of Gathering Icon.png Raptorskin Wristbands of Gathering
Leatherworker Icon 5.png
Red Coral Armillae Icon.png Red Coral Armillae
Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Red Coral Earrings Icon.png Red Coral Earrings
Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Red Coral Necklace Icon.png Red Coral Necklace
Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Red Coral Ring Icon.png Red Coral Ring
Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Wolf Bow Icon.png Wolf Bow
Carpenter Icon 5.png
(&Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "�".50★)
Red Coral Fishing Icon.png

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Sinking Minnow at the Isles of Umbra Southshore fishing location gives Red Coral 100% of the time. Caution Icon.png
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