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Rolfe Hawthorne

NPC Icon.pngRolfe Hawthorne  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
Zone(s): East Shroud - Nine Ivies - The Hawthorne Hut (16-27)
Affiliation: Gridania

Well met and welcome, friend. What brings you to my humble abode?

Rolfe Hawthorne is the patriarch of the Hawthorne family and owner of the Hawthorne Hut, his family's hearth and home which he shares with his wife, Rosa and daughter, Ysabel.

In his younger days, Rolfe was an adventurer, but he gave up that life to become a homesteader. Because he finds life dull by themselves, he and his family have given the local sentries and travelers free use of his land.

He enjoys listening to adventurers' stories and is generally hospitable, but he does not tolerate abuse of that hospitality—particularly where Ysabel is concerned.

During his time as an adventurer, Rolfe befriended the Sylphs and learned some of their customs. [1][2]

His kindness to the sylphs hasn't escaped their notice, as they frequently try to show their gratitude by decorating his hut with vegetables. Rolfe would prefer they leave them on his doorstep, but where's the fun in that? [3]

Starts Quests (3)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Sylphic Studies &000000000000002000000020&00000000000000030000003 8120 1078 Main Scenario Quest
First Impressions &000000000000002000000020&00000000000000040000004 8120 1245 Main Scenario Quest
First Contact &000000000000002100000021&00000000000000050000005 8400 1109 Main Scenario Quest
Involved in Quests (1)

Additional Dialogue

Gallery Add Image

  1. Sylphic Studies
  2. First Impressions
  3. Deck the Hut

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