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Spear Fishing Nodes

This article has been "archived". It was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV, but is not part of the current game anymore.
Spearfishing Nodes
Location (X, Y) Grade Items Notes
Central Shroud (35, 33) Grade 1 Center
Central Thanalan(entered) (30, 22) Grade 1 Striped Goby, Muddy Water, Dart Frog North cave
Central Thanalan (29, 22) Grade 1 East cave
Eastern Thanalan(entered) (37, 23) Grade 2 Pipira, Azure Lac Bugs, Vert Lac Bugs Northeast
North Shroud (19, 17) Grade 2 Center
North Shroud (22, 19) Grade 2 West
North Shroud (19, 20) Grade 2 South
South Shrud (39, 52) Grade 3 Northeast
South Shroud (38, 54) Grade 3 North
South Shroud (36, 48) Grade 3 East
Western Thanalan (16, 27) Grade West
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