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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Body/iLevel 110-119
Accuracy/Body/iLevel 20-29 to Aetherial Cobalt Sollerets
Aetherial Cobalt Trident to Aganbold
Agaric Fly Swarm to Amateur's Alembic
Amateur's Awl to Ascian Thaumaturge
Ascilia to Baenryss
Baenryss of the Deep to Black Mor Dhona Slag
Black Mor Dhonan Slag to Boarskin Jerkin of Vitality (Grey)
Boarskin Jerkin of Vitality (Red) to Broadening Horizons
Broenbhar to Camp Bronze Lake
Camp Crimson Bark to Cavalry Chain Coif (Ochre)
Cavalry Chain Coif (Red) to Cluster Mantis
Clutch and Kin to Control/Ring/Levels 11-20
Control/Ring/Levels 21-30 to Cotton Shirt Back (Blue)
Cotton Shirt Back (Green) to Craftsmanship/Hands/iLevel 90-99
Craftsmanship/Head to Crofter's Wain
Croftlight to Dated Brand
Dated Brass Alembic to Dated Darksilver Circlet (Peridot)
Dated Darksilver Head Knife to Dated Leather Skirt
Dated Leather Skirt (Black) to Dated Velveteen Robe (Yellow)
Dated Velveteen Rope Belt to Determination/Legs/Levels 21-30
Determination/Legs/Levels 31-40 to Direwolf Gauntlets of Maiming
Direwolf Gloves of Aiming to Dropping Like Flies
Dropping Out to Eft
Eft Steak to Enhanced Stealth II (Botanist)
Enhanced Stealth II (Fisher) to Felt Beret of Vitality (Red)
Felt Bliaud to Fire Resistance/Feet/Levels 41-50
Fire Resistance/Feet/iLevel 0-9 to Flame Lieutenant's Spear
Flame Lieutenant's Wand to Full Angler-sized Sack
Full Belly, Happy Heart to Gathering Points/Bracelets/Levels 31-40
Gathering Points/Bracelets/Levels 41-50 to Gleeful Girl
Glimmerscale to Green Megalocrab Shell
Green Pigment to Harder Bigger Faster Stronger
Harder than Rock to Hempen Camisole (Brown)
Hempen Camisole (Grey) to High Allagan Spear
High Allagan Staff to Hunting Log: Conjurer
Hunting Log: Conjurer 01 to Hyuran Gloves
Hyuran Halfgloves to Ilsabardian Bass
Imailie to Inner Quiet (Culinarian)
Inner Quiet (Goldsmith) to Iron Scale Fingers
Iron Scale Greaves to Kindly Son
Kindness of the Alacran to Leather Knee Pads (Ochre)
Leather Knee Pads (Red) to Lightning Resistance/Legs/iLevel 80-89
Lightning Resistance/Legs/iLevel 90-99 to Lodestone
Lodille to Mahogany Pattens (Blue)
Mahogany Pattens (Brown) to Mastering the Hand
Mastering the Land to Mind/Hands/iLevel 100-109
Mind/Hands/iLevel 110-119 to Morale/Bracelets/iLevel 90-99
Morale/Earrings to Mythril Vambraces
Mythril Vambraces (Red) to Oak Log
Oak Longbow to Output/Consumables
Output/Weapons to Patch 1.22
Patch 1.22a to Photon Stream
Phurble to Plum Purple Dye
Plumage to Quests
Quests and Battles to Red Summer Tanga
Red Summer Top to Roof Riders
Roof Tile to Saw of the Luminary
Say It with Flowers to Seventh Umbral Era
Seventy-seven Caravans to Silver Axe Butt
Silver Battle Fork to Slashing Resistance/Neck/Levels 21-30
Slashing Resistance/Neck/Levels 31-40 to Spell Speed/Hands/Levels 21-30
Spell Speed/Hands/Levels 31-40 to Steel Celata
Steel Celata (Blue) to Strength/Bracelets/iLevel 70-79
Strength/Bracelets/iLevel 80-89 to Swozblaet
Swygrael to The Big Bagoly Theory
The Big Issue to The Righteous Tools for the Job
The Ring of Ash to Titan's Soul
Titan-Egi to True Grit
True Grits to Valor Set
Valor Sollerets to Vitality/Bracelets/Levels 01-10
Vitality/Bracelets/Levels 11-20 to War Harness
War Is a Pain in the Back to Wawaton
Way Down in the Hole to Wide Volley
Widigast to With Open Arms
With Pan in Hand I to Wounded Aurochs
Wounded Survivor to Zwynwyda

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