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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Abused Adventurer
Abylbenn to Aetherial Cobalt Cavalry Bow
Aetherial Cobalt Celata to Aetherlouse
Aethernet to Amalj'aa Shaman
Amalj'aa Sniper to Artisan's Raising Hammer
Artisan's Round Knife to Bad to the Bone
Baderon to Black Crow Swashbuckler
Black Dragon Kabuto to Boarskin Jerkin (Grey)
Boarskin Jerkin (Red) to Brilliant Glass Shards
Brimstone to Calamity Salvager (Gridania)
Calamity Salvager (Limsa Lominsa) to Castrum Occidens
Castrum Oriens to Close to Home (Gridania)
Close to Home (Limsa Lominsa) to Control/Medicine/Levels 11-20
Control/Medicine/Levels 21-30 to Cotton Sarouel (Blue)
Cotton Sarouel (Green) to Craftsmanship/Feet/iLevel 50-59
Craftsmanship/Feet/iLevel 60-69 to Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 40-49
Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 50-59 to Dated Bone Hora
Dated Bone Ring to Dated Cotton Turban (Red)
Dated Cotton Turban (Yellow) to Dated Leather Leggings
Dated Leather Leggings (Blue) to Dated Velveteen Hat
Dated Velveteen Hat (Black) to Determination/Head/Levels 21-30
Determination/Head/Levels 31-40 to Direwolf Choker of Casting
Direwolf Choker of Fending to Drill Cannon
Drillemont to Ebrelnaux
Eburhart to Enhanced Skewer II
Enhanced Skewer III to Felt Beret of Dexterity (Blue)
Felt Beret of Dexterity (Brown) to Fire Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 30-39
Fire Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 40-49 to Flame Flooring
Flame General Raubahn Aldynn to Fuandrec
Fueling the Flames to Gathering Points/Body/iLevel 40-49
Gathering Points/Body/iLevel 50-59 to Glare (Status Effect)
Glass Bottle to Greedy Hoglet
Greedy Merchant to Hard Leather Skullcap
Hard Leather Subligar to Hempen Breeches
Hempen Breeches (Beige) to High Allagan Ring of Casting
High Allagan Ring of Fending to Hunting Log: Archer 39
Hunting Log: Archer 40 to Hygieia
Hyllfyr to Illuminati Footman
Illuminati Glider to Inn Rooms
Inner Beast to Iron Round Knife Blade
Iron Sabatons to Kikinori
Kikipu to Leather Jacket (Green)
Leather Jacket (Ochre) to Lightning Resistance/Legs/Levels 41-50
Lightning Resistance/Legs/iLevel 0-9 to Loam Cough
Loam Maintenance to Maguey
Magus to Master Gladiator's Ring
Master Goldsmith's Ring to Mind/Feet/Levels 31-40
Mind/Feet/Levels 41-50 to Morale/Body/iLevel 110-119
Morale/Body/iLevel 20-29 to Mythril Ring of Crafting
Mythril Rings to OIC Administrator (Ul'dah)
OIC Officer of Arms to Out of Body Out of Mind
Out of House and Home to Patch 1.17
Patch 1.17a to Phanaxio of the New Leaf
Phantasma to Plasma Spark
Plasmoid to Quarrying Maul
Quarrying Nodes to Red Letter Day
Red Lion to Roehanth
Roelle to Savage Aim Materia I
Savage Aim Materia II to Serpentcarrier's Ring
Serpentine Tail to Silence Resistance/Hands
Silence Resistance/Head to Slashing Resistance/Hands/Levels 31-40
Slashing Resistance/Hands/Levels 41-50 to Spell Speed/Earrings/iLevel 80-89
Spell Speed/Earrings/iLevel 90-99 to Stealth
Stealth (Botanist) to Strength/Body/iLevel 110-119
Strength/Body/iLevel 20-29 to Swift Sough
Swiftcast to The Aurum Vale
The Aurum Vale (Landmark) to The Ram's Keeper
The Ram's Voice to Tiny Chris
Tiny Crown to Triangulate
Tricks of the Trade to V is for Vandals
Vacuum Wave to Viscous Discharge
Viscous Secretions to Wandering Soul
Wandering Wight to Waterproof Cotton
Waterskipper to Whitebrim
Whitebrim Front to Wise Moon
Wish Upon a Star to Working the Bellows: Amateur
Working the Bellows: Apprentice to Zwynwyda

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