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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Feet/iLevel 80-89
Accuracy/Feet/iLevel 90-99 to Aetherial Linen Tights
Aetherial Linen Trousers to Allagan Earrings of Casting
Allagan Earrings of Fending to Archer's Arm
Archer's Ring to Aurum Vale
Aurum Veil (Status Effect) to Bigclaw Crayfish
Bigger Chigoe to Boarskin Jerkin of Dexterity (Red)
Boarskin Jerkin of Strength to Bronze Bardiche Head
Bronze Baselards to Canvas Doublet Vest (Pink)
Canvas Dye to Choco Kick
Choco Medica to Company Seals
Company of Heroes to Cotton Halftights (Yellow)
Cotton Halftop to Craftsmanship/Head/iLevel 50-59
Craftsmanship/Head/iLevel 60-69 to Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames III
Cutting Your Wolf Loose: Immortal Flames IV to Dated Canvas Wedge Cap (Auburn)
Dated Canvas Wedge Cap (Blue) to Dated Leather Bracers
Dated Leather Bracers (Auburn) to Dated Walnut Sandals (Black)
Dated Walnut Sandals (Green) to Deviled Eggs
Devilet to Dodoskin Jerkin
Dodoskin Jerkin (Blue) to Earth Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 30-39
Earth Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 40-49 to Enhanced Aetheric Burst II (Thaumaturge)
Enhanced Attunement to Fanning the Flames III
Fantasia to Fire Resistance/Hands/iLevel 110-119
Fire Resistance/Hands/iLevel 20-29 to Flamedrake
Flamefang Choker to Gate of Thal (Central Thanalan)
Gate of Thal (Ul'dah - Steps of Thal) to Gigas Bhikku
Gigas Bonze to Grade 3 Glamour Prism (Goldsmithing)
Grade 3 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking) to Hard Leather Satchel Belt
Hard Leather Shepherd's Belt to Hempen Half-robe
Hempen Half-robe (Beige) to Horde Mite
Horde Skull to Hunting Log: Marauder 32
Hunting Log: Marauder 33 to Ice Resistance/Shield/Levels 21-30
Ice Resistance/Shield/Levels 31-40 to Ink & Quill
Ink Blue Dye to Ironworks Magitek Sword
Ironworks Maiming Set to Kobold Ashman
Kobold Bedesman to Leek Soup for the Soul
Lefchild to Linen Deerstalker of Piety (Brown)
Linen Deerstalker of Piety (Yellow) to Made by Apple in Coerthas
Madelle to Mask of Grief
Mask of the Mortal Hex to Mind/Head/Levels 41-50
Mind/Head/iLevel 0-9 to Morale/Shield/iLevel 80-89
Morale/Shield/iLevel 90-99 to Never Strikes Twice
Never Trout that I Love to Once Upon a Time in Doma
Once in a Lifetime to Parry/Ring/iLevel 70-79
Parry/Ring/iLevel 80-89 to Phantom Dart
Phantom Orb to Podcast
Podling Peril to Rainbow Trout
Rainbowlip Oyster to Rhotano Privateer
Rhotano Sea to Sagolii Dunes
Sagolii Gate to Serpent Private's Ring
Serpent Private's Ringbands to Silent Moss the Solemn
Silex to Slowcall
Sludgeskipper to Sphere Scroll: Stardust Rod
Sphere Scroll: The Veil of Wiyu to Storm Lieutenant's Bow
Storm Lieutenant's Cutlass to Superior-quality Silver Ore
Superior Enchanted Ink to Thaumaturge Is Magic
Thaumaturges' Guild to The Salter
The Sash of the Blind Maiden to Toadskin Harness (Green)
Toadskin Harness (Ochre) to Ul'dahn Pugiones
Ul'dahn Ring to Velveteen Socks (Green)
Velveteen Socks (Red) to Wall Planter
Wall Stone to We'll Always Have Ul'dah
We Can Dismember It for You Wholesale to Wind-up Moogle (Minion)
Wind-up Nanamo to Woolen Beret of Dexterity (Black)
Woolen Beret of Dexterity (Grey) to Yuyubesu
Yuyuhase to ´╗┐Category:Outdated Landmarks

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