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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to A Weighty Problem
A Weighty Question to Aetherial Elm Cane
Aetherial Elm Crook to Air Supply
Airell to Amateur's Alembic
Amateur's Awl to Armorfitters Den
Armorfitters Row to B'khenna the Pheonixfire
B'konbalha to Betrayed Soul
Better Ash than Blood to Blunt
Blunt Aeolian Scimitar to Boxing Pleco
Boyle to Broombush Seeds
Brother from Another Mother to Canvas Doublet
Canvas Doublet (Auburn) to Cell Mite
Cellar Puk to Cobalt Aforethought
Cobalt Arrow to Copper Dust
Copper Ear Cuffs to Cotton Sleeves (Yellow)
Cotton Slops to Critical Hit Rate/Legs/Levels 01-10
Critical Hit Rate/Legs/Levels 11-20 to Darkness
Darksilver Buckle to Dated Cavalry Sollerets (Black)
Dated Cavalry Sollerets (Green) to Dated Hempen Hat (Beige)
Dated Hempen Hat (Brown) to Dated Peiste Cesti
Dated Peridot Choker to Dated Walnut Sandals (Ochre)
Dated Walnut Sandals (Red) to Dexterity/Earring/Levels 11-20
Dexterity/Earring/Levels 21-30 to Dodoskin Skullcap
Dodoskin Skullcap (Black) to Earth Resistance/Feet/Levels 21-30
Earth Resistance/Feet/Levels 31-40 to Enhanced Axe Kick II
Enhanced Axe Kick III to Explorer's Calot
Explorer's Choker to Felt Work Gloves of Vitality (Brown)
Felt Work Gloves of Vitality (Green) to Fishermen's Guild Mark
Fishermen's Guild Marks to Flintstone Fight
Floating Eye to Garnet Earrings
Garnet Grinding Wheel to Glade Cottage Wall (Composite)
Glade Cottage Wall (Stone) to Grade 1 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking)
Grade 1 Glamour Prism (Smithing) to Gwyllgi
Gwyr-Aen to Heart Drops
Heart of Cermet to Hempen Robe Front
Hempen Robe Front (Beige) to Hobriaut
Hoddyn to Hunting Log: Gladiator 37
Hunting Log: Gladiator 38 to I'tolwann
I've Got You under My Skin to In Spite of It All
In Their Shoes to Iron Couters
Iron Cross-pein Hammer to Judge's Bow
Judge's Chain Coif to Lamprey
Lancaster Cargo to Lepidotes
Less is More to Linen Robe of Casting
Linen Robe of Casting (Blue) to Lower Tailors Den
Lower Tailors Row to Manderville Men
Mandragora to Mercenary's Acton
Mercenary's Chainmail to Mining Your Own Business: Thanalan V
Minion to My Body Is a Temple
My Brother's Not a Keeper to No Root for You
No Sea Wasp for You to Old Wisdom New Ways
Oldgrowth Treant to Paralysis Resistance/Body
Paralysis Resistance/Consumables to Perception/Tool/Levels 11-20
Perception/Tool/Levels 21-30 to Plumed Pine Crook
Plumed Steel Hatchet to Qiqirn Roerunner
Qiqirn Scrambler to Razyn Mylzyn
Re-crating the Scene to Riviera Flower Vase
Riviera Fringed Rug to Sahagin
Sahagin Hanging Larder to Self-regarding Roegadyn
Sellsword Sergeant to Shelfclaw Reaver
Shelfclaw Sahagin to Skittish Adventurer
Skoefmynd to South Forest
South Shroud to Steady Hand (Blacksmith)
Steady Hand (Carpenter) to Strategos Bliaud
Strategos Choker to Sylphic Vase
Sylphic Vendor to The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 2
The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3 to The Ram's Breath
The Ram's Keeper to Till Death Do Us Part/Plot Details
Till Sea Swallows All to Training and Eating
Training and Tailoring to Undyed Buffalo Leather Strap
Undyed Canvas to Velveteen Shirt
Velveteen Shirt (Black) to W'dhovaka
W'doyagha to Water Resistance/Waist/Levels 21-30
Water Resistance/Waist/Levels 31-40 to What a Pirate Wants
What a Sap to With Bait in Hand I
With Bait in Hand II to Woolen Slops of the Mind (Purple)
Woolen Slops of the Mind (Red) to Zephyr Gate
Zer'maat Five to Zwynwyda

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