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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Bracelets
Accuracy/Bracelets/Levels 01-10 to Aetherial Electrum Circlet (Turquoise)
Aetherial Electrum Circlet (Zircon) to Ala Mhigan Bladedancer
Ala Mhigan Bowman to An Eye For Quality: Botanist II
An Eye For Quality: Botanist III to Attack Magic Potency/Feet/Levels 31-40
Attack Magic Potency/Feet/Levels 41-50 to Battlecraft Row
Battlecraft Supplier to Bloodied Buccaneer
Bloodied Huntress to Bowman's Tunic (Green)
Bowman's Tunic (Red) to Buckling Under
Bud Bait to Canvas Trousers (Pink)
Canvas Tunic to Chub
Chuchumu to Control/Earring/Levels 21-30
Control/Earring/Levels 31-40 to Cotton Hood (Red)
Cotton Hood (Yellow) to Craftsmanship/Earring/Levels 21-30
Craftsmanship/Earring/Levels 31-40 to Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 60-69
Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 70-79 to Dated Brass Earrings
Dated Brass Elmo to Dated Dodoskin Moccasins
Dated Dodoskin Pot Helm to Dated Mercenary's Chainmail (Yellow)
Dated Mudstone Grinding Wheel to Dead Man's Drink
Dead Man's Moan to Dexterity/Bracelets/iLevel 20-29
Dexterity/Bracelets/iLevel 30-39 to Dodoskin Culottes
Dodoskin Culottes (Blue) to Earth Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 90-99
Earth Resistance/Feet to Enemy at the Tidegates
Energy Drain to Eyriguht
Eyrimhus to Fingerless Goatskin Gloves of Gathering
Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves to Fishing Log: The Goblet
Fishing Log: The Juggernaut to Fresca's Wash
Fresca's Watch to Gathering/Tool/Levels 41-50
Gathering/Waist to Gladiators' Guild Mark
Gladiators' Guild Marks to Greenwrath
Gregory to Hatting Training
Haughtpox Bloatbelly to Hempen Half-robe (Beige)
Hempen Half-robe (Brown) to Holding the Hamlet: Golden Bazaar IV
Holding the Hamlet: Hyrstmill I to Hunting Log: Gladiator 49
Hunting Log: Gladiator 50 to Ice Magic Potency/Consumables
Ice Magic Potency/Weapons to Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Bracelets/iLevel 110-119
Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Bracelets/iLevel 20-29 to Intelligence/Shield/Levels 41-50
Intelligence/Shield/iLevel 0-9 to Jeulerand
Jewellers Den to Landtrap Salad
Langliva to Lifethirst Materia IV
Ligart to Linen Slops (Brown)
Linen Slops (Yellow) to Magic Accuracy/Armor
Magic Accuracy/Consumables to Marrow Sucker
Marsh-green Nakki Leather to Mind/Bracelets/iLevel 50-59
Mind/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69 to Moraby Hedgemole
Moraby Mole to Mythril Wristlet
Mythril Wristlets to Oakwood (1.x)
Oannes to Package to Horizon
Packed Lunch to Pearl Ginger Root
Pearl Lane to Piety/Body/iLevel 50-59
Piety/Body/iLevel 60-69 to Powle
Pox to Raptorskin Culottes (Grey)
Raptorskin Culottes (Purple) to Rime-bound Necrologos Page
Rime Wreath to Sacred Prism
Sacred Soil to Serpent Ceiling Fan and Lamp
Serpent Chocobo Issuance to Shred
Shredded Tome to Skill Speed/Shield/iLevel 110-119
Skill Speed/Shield/iLevel 20-29 to Spear Fishing Nodes
Spear of Heaven to Star Marmot
Star Onions to Strategos Set
Strategos Wristlets to Swift Shadow
Swift Sough to The Big Bagoly Theory
The Big Issue to The Screaming Dark (Hard)
The Sea Rises to To Kill a Raven (Gridania)
To Kill a Raven (Gridania)/Plot Details to Tylswaen
Tymbryss to Velveteen Doublet Vest of Crafting (Green)
Velveteen Doublet Vest of Gathering to Vitality/Ring/iLevel 70-79
Vitality/Ring/iLevel 80-89 to Water Resistance/Body/iLevel 40-49
Water Resistance/Body/iLevel 50-59 to Weaver Recipes
Weavers' Guild to Wind Resistance/Head/Levels 31-40
Wind Resistance/Head/Levels 41-50 to Woolen Gown of the Mind (Grey)
Woolen Gown of the Mind (Purple) to Zeromus (Server)
Zezeda to Zwynwyda

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