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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 40-49
Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 50-59 to Aetherial Goatskin Jacket
Aetherial Goatskin Leg Guards to Aleport
Aleport Docks to Ankle Biter
Annabel to Attic Bat
Attribute Points to Battle Voice
Battle in the Big Keep to Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood (Quest) to Boughbury Trader
Bouillabaisse to Budding Oak Wand
Budding Peach Tree Blossoms to Captain Madison
Captain Madison (Mutated) to Choral Sandals
Choral Set to Control/Consumables
Control/Earring/Levels 01-10 to Cotton Robe
Cotton Robe (Blue) to Craftsmanship/Legs/iLevel 20-29
Craftsmanship/Legs/iLevel 30-39 to Curtain Call
Curtana to Dated Canvas Gaiters
Dated Canvas Gaiters (Auburn) to Dated Horn Fishing Rod
Dated Horn Staff to Dated Toadskin Shoes (Brown)
Dated Toadskin Workboots to Determination/Bracelets/iLevel 40-49
Determination/Bracelets/iLevel 50-59 to Direwolf Crakows of Casting
Direwolf Cuirass of Fending to Dreamtoad Ooze
Dreamweed to Egg-hunting We Will Go (Limsa Lominsa)
Egg-hunting We Will Go (Ul'dah) to Enhanced Vitality III
Enhanced Vitality III (Gladiator) to Felt Gown of the Mind
Felt Gown of the Mind (Blue) to Fire Resistance/Weapon/Levels 11-20
Fire Resistance/Weapon/Levels 21-30 to Floating Stone
Floatstone to Gathering/Bracelets/iLevel 30-39
Gathering/Bracelets/iLevel 40-49 to Gigiyon
Gil to Grade 2 Feed - Balance Blend
Grade 2 Feed - Endurance Blend to Hamlet Puller's Hat
Hamlet Report to Hempen Acton Sleeves (Brown)
Hempen Acton Sleeves (Grey) to Hippocerf
Hippocerf Sinew Bowstring to Hunting Log: Gladiator 12
Hunting Log: Gladiator 13 to I Survived Camp Broken Water
I Survived Camp Drybone to Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Body/iLevel 60-69
Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Body/iLevel 70-79 to Intelligence/Weapon/Levels 01-10
Intelligence/Weapon/Levels 11-20 to Jenet
Jenlyns to Lambs of Dalamud
Lamia (Server) to Levin an Impression
Levinlight to Linen Smock (Yellow)
Linen Smock of Piety to Magic Crit Rate/Weapons
Magic Damage to Master's Mend II (Armorer)
Master's Mend II (Blacksmith) to Mind/Hands/Levels 41-50
Mind/Hands/iLevel 0-9 to Morale/Head/iLevel 100-109
Morale/Head/iLevel 110-119 to Nature Is a Monster
Naughty Nanka to Observe (Leatherworker)
Observe (Weaver) to Parasite Cleave
Parasite Ladybug to Perception/Earrings/iLevel 70-79
Perception/Earrings/iLevel 80-89 to Piety/Necklace/iLevel 80-89
Piety/Necklace/iLevel 90-99 to Prunilla
Prying Eyes to Raya-O-Senna and A-Ruhn-Senna Card
Razel Hhizan the Stationary to Roadside Bewitcher
Roadside Bludgeoner to Satin Plume
Sating the Simians to Sewer Mole
Sewer Rat to Silver Wire
Silver Wristlet to Smiling, Styling, and Textiling V
Smiling Styling and Textiling V to Sphere Scroll: Artemis Bow
Sphere Scroll: Bravura to Storm Axe Head
Storm Biast to Succulent Bone
Sucked Dry to Templar's Chain Coif
Templar's Falchion to The Long Lance of the Law
The Long and the Shortcrust to Tidal Wave Harpoon
Tidal Wave Kris to Triangulate
Trick Attack to Valentione Mitts
Valentione Pattens to Vitality/Feet/iLevel 60-69
Vitality/Feet/iLevel 70-79 to Warwolf Sollerets of Fending
Warwolf Spear to Weathered Spectacles (Green)
Weathered Suit of Astrum Mail to Wind Resistance/Feet/Levels 41-50
Wind Resistance/Feet/iLevel 0-9 to Woolen Gown of Intelligence (Purple)
Woolen Gown of Vitality to Zehkrepf
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