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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Legs/Levels 31-40
Accuracy/Legs/Levels 41-50 to Aetherial Felt Hat
Aetherial Felt Hat/Desynth to Ak Mena Varlet
Akagi to An Awkward Situation
An Axe to Grind I to Armorer Recipes
Armorers' Guild to Augmented Ironworks Magitek Rod/Desynth
Augmented Ironworks Magitek Shield to Batsight Kote/Desynth
Batsight Okabuto to Block Rate/Accessories
Block Rate/Armor to Bracelet of the Defiant Duelist/Desynth
Bracelet of the Divine Harvest to Byregot's Brow (Blacksmith)
Byregot's Brow (Carpenter) to Central Crossing
Central Forest to Cloud Strife (Triple Triad Card)
Cloud Strife Card to Control/Ring/iLevel 10-19
Control/Ring/iLevel 100-109 to Crafting Points/Feet/iLevel 230-239
Crafting Points/Feet/iLevel 240-249 to Critical Hit Rate/Feet/iLevel 260-269
Critical Hit Rate/Feet/iLevel 270-279 to Darksteel Breastplate
Darksteel Breastplate/Desynth to Dated Leather Espadrilles
Dated Leather Espadrilles (Black) to Deepspring Water
Deepspring Water (Waterbringer) to Dexterity/Head/iLevel 80-89
Dexterity/Head/iLevel 90-99 to Dodoskin Workboots (Blue)
Dodoskin Workboots (Green) to Dzemael Darkhold (Landmark)
Dzemael Gratin to Elegance and Artistry
Elegant Dress to Expanse Barding
Expanse Barding/Recipe to Filibuster's Choker of Casting
Filibuster's Choker of Casting/Desynth to Fishing in Troubled Waters
Fishing in the Rain to Fromelaut
Frondale's Phrontistery to Gathering Points/Earrings/iLevel 90-99
Gathering Points/Feet to Glorified Hole-punchers
Glory Days to Grade 5 Glamour Prism (Alchemy)/Recipe
Grade 5 Glamour Prism (Armorcraft) to Hallowed Ramie Sash of Healing/Recipe
Hallowed Water to Heavy Metal Cuirass of Maiming/Recipe
Heavy Metal Culverin to High-quality Blackloam
High-quality Blue Mythril Ore to Hunt: Cloudworm
Hunt: Conodont to I Ram What I Ram
I Saw What You Did There to Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Necklace/iLevel 30-39
Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Necklace/iLevel 40-49 to Iron Cuirass Set
Iron Cuisses to Job
Job Fatigue to Lauriane
Laurisse to Lightning Resistance/Neck/Levels 01-10
Lightning Resistance/Neck/Levels 11-20 to Lost Treasures of the Stone Vigil
Lost Treasures of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft to Maple Pattens (Yellow)
Maple Picatrix to Middlingly Medium Mogwall
Mide to Mistbreak Earrings of Aiming
Mistbreak Earrings of Aiming/Desynth to Mormorion
Mormorion/Recipe to Natalan Swiftbeak
Natalan Watchwolf to Of Cooks and Books
Of Endings and Beginnings to Pahja Zhwan
Pahsana Fruit to Peisteskin Crakows/Desynth
Peisteskin Crakows/Recipe to Piety/Hands/iLevel 180-189
Piety/Hands/iLevel 190-199 to Primal Nature
Primal Ring of Aiming to Ragstone Whetstone
Ragstone Whetstone/Recipe to Replica Allagan Boots of Healing/Recipe
Replica Allagan Breeches of Casting to Road Kill
Road Rage to Saw of the Luminary
Sawney to Serpentskin Hat of Casting/Recipe
Serpentskin Helm of Maiming to Silence Ward Potion/Recipe
Silencing Dagger to Slashing Resistance/Waist/Levels 41-50
Slashing Resistance/Weapon/Levels 01-10 to Spell Speed/Shield/iLevel 110-119
Spell Speed/Shield/iLevel 120-129 to Sticking It Out
Sticking Their Necks Out to Strength/Waist/iLevel 140-149
Strength/Waist/iLevel 150-159 to Tamed Gobbue
Tamed Jackal to The Guardian's Breastplate of Maiming/Desynth
The Guardian's Breastplate of Striking to Thrill-seeking Milksop
Thrill of Battle to Toss Fit Workout
Toto-Rak Investigation Team Feared Lost to Unidentifiable Ore
Unidentifiable Ore (Key Item) to Velveteen Wedge Cap of Gathering/Recipe
Velveteen Wedge Cap of Gathering (Red) to Wailing Barracks
Wailing Widow to Waterfowl Feather
Waterlight Seeds to Wind-up Alphinaud (Minion)
Wind-up Amalj'aa to Wolf Breeches/Recipe
Wolf Cane to Wyvernskin Gloves of Healing
Wyvernskin Gloves of Healing/Desynth to ´╗┐Category:Outdated Landmarks
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