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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Earrings/iLevel 0-9
Accuracy/Earrings/iLevel 10-19 to Aetherial Heliodor Bracelet
Aetherial Heliodor Choker to All By Ourselves
All Classes to Antique Mail
Antique Sollerets to Augmented Ironworks Armor of Fending
Augmented Ironworks Belt of Aiming to Beckon of the Elementals
Beckon of the Elementals/Plot Details to Blue Coral Wristband
Blue Coral Wristband (Black) to Brass Francisca
Brass Francisca Head to Buzz Off, Birds
Buzzard to Caught in the Long Grass
Caustic Blow to Clothiers Ward
Clotho to Control/Waist/iLevel 0-9
Control/Waist/iLevel 10-19 to Covered in Roses
Covering Permission G1-F to Critical Hit Rate/Body/Levels 01-10
Critical Hit Rate/Body/Levels 11-20 to Darklight Corselet of Aiming
Darklight Corselet of Striking to Dated Cotton Slops (Yellow)
Dated Cotton Sugarloaf Hat (Blue) to Dated Linen Shortgloves (Pink)
Dated Linen Shortgloves (Yellow) to Death of a Mailman
Death to the Bean Thieves to Dexterity/Feet/iLevel 20-29
Dexterity/Feet/iLevel 30-39 to Doing It the Bard Way
Doing It the Bard Way (1.0) to Earth Resistance/Hands/iLevel 0-9
Earth Resistance/Hands/iLevel 10-19 to Enhanced Aura Blast III
Enhanced Awareness to Fallen Pikeman
Fallen Soldier to Fire Resistance/Consumables
Fire Resistance/Earring/Levels 01-10 to Flame Private Pakipo Tabkipo
Flame Private Second Class to Galadion Bay
Galago to Gemstone
Genevieve to Goobbue Card
Goobbue Earring to H'lahono
H'loonh to Heliodor Set
Hell Slash to High Allagan Earrings of Aiming
High Allagan Earrings of Casting to Hunting Log: Archer 45
Hunting Log: Archer 46 to I Eat Whorls for Breakfast
I Found That: Botanist I to In the Sultana's Wake
In the Sylphlands, Treasure Hunts You to Intelligence/Tool/Levels 41-50
Intelligence/Waist to Jellyfish Humours
Jellyfish Umbrella to Lampalagua
Lampblack Linseed Oil to Life, Materia and Everything (Book)
Life Materia and Everything to Linen Wedge Cap of Gathering (Red)
Linen Wedge Cap of Gathering (Yellow) to Magicked Prism (Sunshine)
Magicked Prism (The Raven) to Mastering the Hand
Mastering the Land to Mind/Ring/Levels 21-30
Mind/Ring/Levels 31-40 to Mordyn
More than Meets the Eye to New White Mage's Robe
Newly Spun Diremite Web to On the Payroll III
On the Payroll IV to Parry/Meal/Levels 31-40
Parry/Meal/Levels 41-50 to Perception/Waist/iLevel 0-9
Perception/Waist/iLevel 10-19 to Platinum Archon Card
Platinum Bangles of Casting to Quelling Strikes
Quenburga to Regen (Status Effect)
Region d'Etre to Royal Allagan Sunway (Western Thanalan)
Royal Audience to Seasoned Adventurer
Seasong Grotto to Shield Wall
Shield of the Savage to Skill Speed/Ring/Levels 21-30
Skill Speed/Ring/Levels 31-40 to Speaking Salts
Speaking Tube Component to Starlight Supplier
Starlight Tights to Strength/Earrings/iLevel 30-39
Strength/Earrings/iLevel 40-49 to Syneyhil
Syngithuv to The Dreamer's Dilemma (Ul'dah)
The Dreamer's Gospel to The Wanderer's Palace (Landmark)
The Warden's Wand to Toto-Rak Investigation Team Feared Lost
Toto-rak to Undyed Hempen Socks
Undyed Leather Vamps to Vertical Lash
Very Slow Array to Wanted: B'khenna the Phoenixfire
Wanted: Coiled Adder to Weathered Auroral Brais
Weathered Auroral Choker to Wind-up Sahagin (Minion)
Wind-up Sea Devil to Woodgreet Mass
Woodland Exploration to You Look Good Enough to Eat
You Put Your Left Hand In to ´╗┐Category:Outdated Landmarks

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