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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to A Wolf in Your Belly
A Wrench in the Works to Aetherial Fire Brand
Aetherial Fluorite Bracelet to Ala Mhigan Mustard Seeds
Ala Mhigan Pikeman to Ambition
Ambric to Ascian
Ascian Conjurer to Baderon's Recommendation
Baderon Tenfingers to Black Boar Gate
Black Bombard Ash to Blunt Resistance/Weapon/Levels 41-50
Blunt Sailor's Knife to Brass Vambrace Plates
Brass Vambraces to Bump on a Log: Gladiator
Bump on a Log: Immortal Flames to Canvas Shortgloves (Pink)
Canvas Shoulder Guards to Chigoe
Chigoe Larva to Coeurlclaw Trapper
Coeurlfish to Cotton Camisole (Yellow)
Cotton Canvas to Crafting Points/Head/Levels 41-50
Crafting Points/Legs to Custom-made Cuirass
Custom-made Robe of Casting to Dated Bronze Hatchet
Dated Bronze Haubergeon to Dated Decorated Buckler
Dated Decorated Copper Scepter to Dated Leather Culottes (Auburn)
Dated Leather Culottes (Blue) to Dated Toadskin Moccasins (Black)
Dated Toadskin Moccasins (Green) to Deluxe Oasis Pendant Lamp
Deluxe Riviera Pendant Lamp to Discipline
Discipline of Magic to Dull Knife
Dull Sand to Elm Fishing Rod
Elm Hammer Grip to Error Codes
Erudite's Picatrix of Casting to Felt Coif of Toiling (Grey)
Felt Coif of Toiling (Purple) to Fire Resistance/Neck/Levels 11-20
Fire Resistance/Neck/Levels 21-30 to Flame Sergeant's Sash
Flame Sergeant's Shield to G'wahnako
G'zentsa to Gigant Octopus
Gigantoad to Good Knight, Sweet Dreams
Good Knight, Sweet Dreams/Plot Details to Guild-issue Supplies
Guild Facilities Recommended to Healing Magic Potency/Medicine/Levels 41-50
Healing Magic Potency/Neck/Levels 01-10 to Hempen Kecks
Hempen Kecks (Grey) to Hit Points/Hands
Hit Points/Head to Hunting Log: Gladiator 32
Hunting Log: Gladiator 33 to I Ain't Got No Ingots
I Am Millicent, Hear Me Roar to In the Company of Heroes
In the Court of the Rat King to Iron Gauntlets (Brown)
Iron Gauntlets (Green) to Junkmonger (Jijiroon's Trading Post)
Junkmonger (Memeroon's Trading Post) to Large Buffalo
Large Chestnut to Leviathan (Server)
Levinshower to Linen Smock of Piety (Yellow)
Linen Smock of the Mind to MP Regen/Consumables
MP Regen/Weapons to Mapping the Realm: Brayflox's Longstop
Mapping the Realm: Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) to Middle Tailors Row
Middle Tailors Ward to Molten Core
Molten Metal to Mythril Scythe
Mythril Shposhae Coffer Key to Numbing Breath
Nunuba to Orchard Brown Dye
Order Slip to Patch 1.21/Armor
Patch 1.21/Armor2 to Piercing Resistance/Waist/Levels 01-10
Piercing Resistance/Waist/Levels 11-20 to Prickle
Prickly Patients to Ranger's Tunic (Red)
Ranger Rescue to Rereroto
Research Level to Rotting Pikeman
Rotting Rat Meat to Scent of a Roselet
Scented Letter to Shadowy Traveler
Shaft A1 to Simurgh Is the Word
Simurgh is the Word to Soft Marauder
Soft Shoe Shuffle to Spring Forward, Fall Back
Spring Skirt to Storm Private's Labrys
Storm Private's Leggings to Svara's Flight
Swaenhylt to Thaliak's Ward
Thanalan to The Mirror Planks
The Miser's Hold to Throbbing Maple Log
Through The Gate I to Tougher Than Leather II
Tougher Than Leather III to Ultima Weapon
Ultimate Alchemy to Velveteen Outer Cowl (Red)
Velveteen Outer Cowl (Yellow) to Vortex Ring of Fending
Vortex Ring of Healing to Water Resistance/Ring/Levels 11-20
Water Resistance/Ring/Levels 21-30 to What a Pirate Wants
What a Sap to With One Eye Open
With One Stone to Woolen Trousers (Purple)
Woolen Turban to Zoxio
Zozoru to Zwynwyda

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