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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Ability
Able-bodied Ambusher to Aetherial Bronze Gauntlets
Aetherial Bronze Plate Belt to Aetherial Woolen Turban
Aetherial Wrapped Elm Longbow to Amalj'aa Brigand
Amalj'aa Bruiser to Army's Paeon
Arnald to Baby Behemoth
Baby Behemoth (Minion) to Binding Tendrils
Bio to Blunt Sailor's Knife
Blush to Brayflox's Runstop
Brayflox's Watchbox to Button Mushroom Saute
Buttons in a Blanket to Carline Canopy
Carline Memories to Claiming the Booty
Clamor to Control/Earrings/iLevel 100-109
Control/Earrings/iLevel 110-119 to Cotton Half-robe (Green)
Cotton Half-robe (Red) to Crafting Points/Waist/iLevel 50-59
Crafting Points/Waist/iLevel 60-69 to Critical Hit Rate/Head/iLevel 40-49
Critical Hit Rate/Head/iLevel 50-59 to Darklight Grimoire
Darklight Harpoon to Dated Cotton Breeches
Dated Cotton Breeches (Blue) to Dated Iron Longsword
Dated Iron Magnifiers (Red) to Dated Tin Bronze Raising Hammer
Dated Toadskin Cesti to Deny
Deputy Postmoogle to Dexterity/Ring/iLevel 10-19
Dexterity/Ring/iLevel 100-109 to Doomed
Doomed Gigantoad to Earth Resistance/Legs/iLevel 90-99
Earth Resistance/Meal/Levels 01-10 to Enhanced Aetheric Burst II (Conjurer)
Enhanced Aetheric Burst II (Thaumaturge) to Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
Eyriguht to Filling the Quiver
Filtered Water to Fishing Log: Cape Westwind
Fishing Log: Cedarwood to Fool Me Once
Fool Me Twice to Gathering/Earrings/iLevel 40-49
Gathering/Earrings/iLevel 50-59 to Ghimthota
Ghimthota Sthalmoenwyn to Goobbue Horn
Goobbue Mount to Guntram
Gunzelin to Heavens' Fist Materia IV
Heavens Know You're Fast to Hempen Tabard Back (Beige)
Hempen Tabard Back (Brown) to House Durendaire Guard
House Durendaire Knight to Hunting Log: Lancer 46
Hunting Log: Lancer 47 to Ice Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 30-39
Ice Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 40-49 to Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Bracelets/iLevel 50-59
Increased Spirit Bond Gain/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69 to Intelligence/Necklace/iLevel 100-109
Intelligence/Necklace/iLevel 110-119 to J'dyalani
J'ghonako to LTW Recipes
La Noscea to Leffeyne
Lefleda to Like Father, Like Son
Like Father Like Son to Looking for Trouble
Looking the Part to Mammet (Sunsilk Tapestries)
Mammet 001 to Memento Moogle
Memento Mori to Mind/Shield/Levels 31-40
Mind/Shield/Levels 41-50 to Morale/Ring/iLevel 40-49
Morale/Ring/iLevel 50-59 to Nathelain
Native Gold to Oasis House Wall (Wood)
Oasis Interior Wall to Padded Leather Duckbills (Green)
Padded Leather Duckbills (Ochre) to Paulemont
Pauline to Piercing Resistance/Legs/Levels 01-10
Piercing Resistance/Legs/Levels 11-20 to Poison Powder
Poison Resistance to R'sushmo
R'zalikko to Reduces weaponskill TP cost by 30% and waives directional requireme...
Redwing Ked to Rose-pink Canvas Dye
Rose-pink Dyer's Moss to Scaffolding Log
Scale Eater to Severain
Severaint to Siltstone Whetstone
Silvairre to Slashing Resistance/Meal/Levels 11-20
Slashing Resistance/Meal/Levels 21-30 to Spell Speed/Feet/Levels 11-20
Spell Speed/Feet/Levels 21-30 to Steady Hand (Carpenter)
Steady Hand (Culinarian) to Stray Dodo
Stray Karakul Ewe to Swansgrace Hose
Sweat of Brow to Thaumaturge
Thaumaturge's Arm to The Only Way is Up
The Onyx Oars to Tidal Wave Staff
Tidal Wave Wand to Treant Sap
Treant Sapling to Up for a Challenge II
Up for a Challenge III to Victory Is Mine, Not Yours
Victory Is Mine Not Yours to Walk of Shame
Walk the Line I to Water Resistance/Ring/iLevel 80-89
Water Resistance/Ring/iLevel 90-99 to When Sheep Attack/Plot Details
When We Were Blings to Wind Resistance/Shield/iLevel 10-19
Wind Resistance/Shield/iLevel 100-109 to Woolen Sarouel of Invoking (Purple)
Woolen Sarouel of Invoking (Red) to Zircon Choker
Zircon Earrings to Zwynwyda

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