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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Hands/iLevel 150-159
Accuracy/Hands/iLevel 160-169 to Aetherial Cobalt Vambraces
Aetherial Cobalt Vambraces/Desynth to Aetheryte Ring
Aetheryte Ring/Desynth to Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on Me to Arachne Field Dressing of Striking/Desynth
Arachne Field Dressing of Striking/Recipe to Attack Magic Potency/Bracelets/Levels 11-20
Attack Magic Potency/Bracelets/Levels 21-30 to Avoirdupois
Awake the Metal to Besaid (Server)
Besmitten and Besmirched to Boarskin Choker
Boarskin Choker/Desynth to Briar Lake
Briar in the Hole to Can't Start a Fire
Can You Hear Me Now to Chemically Treated Chimera Hide
Chemicking Training to Cobalt Claw Hammer/Desynth
Cobalt Claw Hammer/Recipe to Control/Ring/iLevel 280-289
Control/Ring/iLevel 290-299 to Crafting Points/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69
Crafting Points/Bracelets/iLevel 70-79 to Critical Hit Rate/Body/iLevel 150-159
Critical Hit Rate/Body/iLevel 160-169 to Dark Sleeper/Desynth
Dark Summoner to Dated Hempen Acton (Brown)
Dated Hempen Acton (Grey) to Dead Hive Grimoire
Dead Hive Grimoire/Desynth to Determination/Necklace/iLevel 250-259
Determination/Necklace/iLevel 260-269 to Dira
Dire Dormouse to Dravanian Squeaker/Desynth
Dravanian Striking Set to Earth Resistance/Necklace/iLevel 40-49
Earth Resistance/Necklace/iLevel 50-59 to Endless Expanse Cane
Endless Expanse Cane/Desynth to Faded Copy of Blind to the Dark
Faded Copy of Blood for Blood to Fingerprints of the Gods
Fingers to Flame Interior Wall/Desynth
Flame Lieutenant's Axe to Full Belly, Happy Heart
Full Belly Happy Heart to Gathering Points/Earrings/iLevel 260-269
Gathering Points/Earrings/iLevel 270-279 to Glamour
Glamour Dispeller to Grade 1 Wheel of Recreation/Recipe
Grade 1 Wheel of Revival to HP Regen/Weapons
HQ to Healer's Culottes
Healer's Gloves to Hempen Robe Back (Grey)
Hempen Robe Front to Holy Rainbow Healing Set
Holy Rainbow Sarouel of Aiming to Hunting Log: Marauder 04
Hunting Log: Marauder 05 to Ice Resistance/Shield/iLevel 110-119
Ice Resistance/Shield/iLevel 120-129 to Inquire at the Spire
Inquisitor's Tuck to Ironworks Bracelet of Casting/Desynth
Ironworks Bracelet of Fending to Kazai Buoyzai
Kazutoyo Maehiro (NPC) to Leather Duckbills (Red)
Leather Duckbills of Gathering to Lightning Resistance/Shield/Levels 41-50
Lightning Resistance/Shield/iLevel 0-9 to Lost Treasures of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Lost Wether to Manor Harp
Manor Harp/Desynth to Midan Boots of Maiming/Desynth
Midan Boots of Scouting to Miners' Guild Marks
Miners' Holiday to Morale/Feet/iLevel 60-69
Morale/Feet/iLevel 70-79 to Mythrite Bracelet of Casting/Recipe
Mythrite Bracelet of Fending to Nymeia Lily Seeds
Nymeia the Spinner to Orland's Armor
Orland's Sabatons to Parry/Legs/iLevel 120-129
Parry/Legs/iLevel 130-139 to Perception/Medicine/Levels 41-50
Perception/Neck/Levels 01-10 to Pilgrim's Eyepatch
Pilgrim's Eyepatch/Desynth to Proto Ultima Amulet of Fending
Proto Ultima Amulet of Healing to Rainbow Slops of Aiming
Rainbow Slops of Aiming/Desynth to Replica Allagan Grimoire of Casting
Replica Allagan Grimoire of Casting/Desynth to Riviera Table Chronometer
Riviera Table Chronometer/Desynth to Saurian Boots of Aiming/Recipe
Saurian Boots of Healing to Serpent Sergeant's Beret
Serpent Sergeant's Beret/Desynth to Shot Through the Heart/Plot Details
Shoulder Tackle to Skill Speed/Shield/iLevel 60-69
Skill Speed/Shield/iLevel 70-79 to Soul without Life
Souleater to Staff of the Round/Recipe
Staff of the Sephirot to Storm Private's Trousers
Storm Private's Trousers/Desynth to Sunburst Brais of Striking
Sunburst Breeches of Fending to Teak Bracelet of Casting
Teak Bracelet of Casting/Desynth to The Hunted
The Hunter Becomes the Kweh to Through Sashes Come the Ashes (L)
Through The Gate I to Torrent Belt of Scouting
Torrent Belt of Scouting/Desynth to Unbreakable Orchestrion Roll
Unbreakable Rock to Velveteen Hat (Yellow)
Velveteen Hood to Void Ark Armor of Fending
Void Ark Armor of Fending/Desynth to Water Resistance/Feet/iLevel 20-29
Water Resistance/Feet/iLevel 200-209 to What's Your Poison (FATE)
What's Yours Is Mine to Wind Resistance/Ring/iLevel 280-289
Wind Resistance/Ring/iLevel 290-299 to Woolen Gown of Vitality (Black)
Woolen Gown of Vitality (Grey) to Yellow Ranger Pose B
Yellow Roundstone to ´╗┐Category:Outdated Landmarks
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