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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Abylgo Hamylgo
Abyssal Blue Dye to Aetherial Cobalt Shamshir
Aetherial Cobalt Sollerets to Ahctkoen
Ahctstymm Shadowlurker to Amateur's Slops
Amateur's Smithing Gloves to Ash Sapling
Ash Saw Grip to Balloonfish
Balmung (Server) to Blacksmith's Goggles
Blacksmith's Slops to Bodhum (Server)
Bodwine to Bronze Chainmail (Brown)
Bronze Chainmail (Grey) to Canvas Acton Sleeves (Brown)
Canvas Acton Sleeves (Pink) to Ceruleum Field
Ceruleum Generator to Coblyn Larva
Coblyn Larva (Minion) to Copper Circlet (Danburite)
Copper Circlet (Fluorite) to Cotton Turban (Blue)
Cotton Turban (Green) to Craftsmanship/Waist/iLevel 10-19
Craftsmanship/Waist/iLevel 100-109 to Custom-made Tunic
Custom-made tunic to Dated Canvas Coatee (Blue)
Dated Canvas Coatee (Brown) to Dated Hempen Chausses (Beige)
Dated Hempen Chausses (Brown) to Dated Sheepskin Culottes
Dated Sheepskin Culottes (Beige) to Deep Jungle Coeurl
Deep Jungle Coeurl (Torama) to Dexterity/Hands
Dexterity/Hands/Levels 01-10 to Dodoskin Leggings (Brown)
Dodoskin Leggings (Grey) to Earth Resistance/Feet/Levels 11-20
Earth Resistance/Feet/Levels 21-30 to Empty Heart
Empty Meal Sack to Explorer's Earrings
Explorer's Moccasins to Figaga's Gift
Figaro (Server) to Fishing Log: Bluefog
Fishing Log: Bronze Lake Shallows to For the Children
For the Good of the Guild to Gathering/Hands/Levels 21-30
Gathering/Hands/Levels 31-40 to Gigantic Krakka Root
Gigantoad to Graceful Song
Grade 1 Carbonized Matter to Haiderin
Hail Mary to Heliodor Earring
Heliodor Earrings to Hewrey
Hex Baubles to Hunt: Trenchtooth Sahagin
Hunt: U'Ghamaro Quarryman to Hunting Log: Pugilist 22
Hunting Log: Pugilist 23 to Ice Resistance/Shield/iLevel 70-79
Ice Resistance/Shield/iLevel 80-89 to Inferno Bangle of Aiming
Inferno Bangle of Casting to Iron Guisarme Head
Iron Halberd to Kamapuaa
Kamlito Halito to Leather Armguards (Ochre)
Leather Armguards (Red) to Lightning Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 20-29
Lightning Resistance/Earrings/iLevel 30-39 to Liquefy
Liquid Persuasion to Magicked Bones
Magicked Drake Scale to Master's Mend II (Alchemist)
Master's Mend II (Armorer) to Mind/Earrings/Levels 01-10
Mind/Earrings/Levels 11-20 to Mor Dhona/Map
Mor Dhona (Region) to Mythril Peak
Mythril Pit T-8 to O'rhoyod
O-App-Pesi to Out of Sight Out of Mind
Out of Sight Out of Mine to Patch 1.21a
Patch 1.22 to Physical Defense
Physical Level to Plundered Earrings
Plundered Gauntlets to Quiloud
Quimperain to Reduces weaponskill TP cost by 30% and waives directional requireme...
Redwing Ked to Rose Gold Nugget
Rose Gold Ring to Scented Letter
Scepters to Shalala
Shale-brown Dyer's Moss to Silver Square
Silver Sylphlands Coffer Key to Slime Earrings
Slime King to Spell Speed/Necklace/iLevel 90-99
Spell Speed/Ring to Steelquill Tuco-tuco
Steering Mechanism Component to Strength/Legs/Levels 01-10
Strength/Legs/Levels 11-20 to Syrphid Swarm
Sysley to The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)
The Condemned to The Taste of Fear
The Tasting of the Shrews to Toadskin Harness (Red)
Toadskin Hunting Belt to U'ndomii
U'odh Nunh to Velveteen Gaiters (Black)
Velveteen Gaiters (Green) to Vitality/Ring/Levels 31-40
Vitality/Ring/Levels 41-50 to Water Ether
Water Homunculus to Weathered Pattens
Weathered Pattens (Grey) to Wind Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 100-109
Wind Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 110-119 to Woolen Bliaud (Purple)
Woolen Bracers to You Can't Take It with You I
You Can't Take It with You II to Zwynwyda

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