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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 20-29
Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 30-39 to Aetherial Goatskin Crakows
Aetherial Goatskin Duckbills to Alehouse Wench (Buscarron's Druthers)
Alembic to Annexing the Shore
Annexing the Valley to Attunement
Attunement (Conjurer) to Battlecraft Den
Battlecraft Levequest to Bloodflight Materia I
Bloodflight Materia II to Bowfin
Bowing Out to Buffalo Calf (Minion)
Buffalo Hide to Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber Weave to Clear Demimateria I
Clear Demimateria II to Control/Meal/Levels 21-30
Control/Meal/Levels 31-40 to Cotton Sugarloaf Hat of the Mind (Blue)
Cotton Sugarloaf Hat of the Mind (Brown) to Craftsmanship/Weapons
Crag Heart to Damaged Wailer Armor
Damantus to Dated Cavalry Sollerets (Ochre)
Dated Cavalry Sollerets (Red) to Dated Lauan Pattens
Dated Lauan Pattens (Beige) to Dated Velveteen Robe (Red)
Dated Velveteen Robe (Yellow) to Determination/Medicine/Levels 01-10
Determination/Medicine/Levels 11-20 to Discipline of War
Discipline of the Hand to Dune Bogy
Dune Manta to Elezen Shoes
Elezen Surcoat to Essential Oil
Essylt to Ferry Docks Western Thanalan
Ferry Skipper (Aleport Docks) to Fishing Hat
Fishing Hat (Blue) to Forged in Flame
Forging Ahead to Gathering/Necklace/iLevel 90-99
Gathering/Ring to Glade Wall Chronometer
Glade Wardrobe to Gregory
Grehfarr to Hawksbill Shell
Hawktail to Hempen Outer Cowl
Hempen Outer Cowl (Beige) to Hornet Swarm
Horny Toad to Hunting Log: Marauder 12
Hunting Log: Marauder 13 to Ice Resistance/Head/iLevel 90-99
Ice Resistance/Legs to Independent Arms Merchant
Independent Importer to Iron Lance Butt
Iron Lance Head to Kafre's Tusk
Kain to Leather Armguards (Green)
Leather Armguards (Ochre) to Lightning Resistance/Hands/iLevel 80-89
Lightning Resistance/Hands/iLevel 90-99 to Logistics System Identification Key
Lohmani Rosso to Making Headway
Making Like a Tree to Menacing Marauder
Menacing Mercenary to Mining Bentbranch
Mining Black Brush to Mud About You
Mud Biast to Noble's Goggles
Noble's Jacket to Operation: Crucible Down Report
Operation: Frame Work to Parry/Tool/Levels 21-30
Parry/Tool/Levels 31-40 to Petyr Winsome
Pfarahr to Plinks Aplenty
Plowshares to Swords to Quiveron Guard
Qull to Removing the Stain
Renascence Man to Ruby Earring
Ruby Ring to Security Mammet
Security Token to Shifty Thespian
Shifty Youngling to Skill Speed/Ring/Levels 41-50
Skill Speed/Ring/iLevel 0-9 to Spanning the Spectrum
Spare Tank Component to Starboard Wing Control Component Materials
Starboard Wing Control Component Materials (Key Item) to Strength/Body/iLevel 110-119
Strength/Body/iLevel 20-29 to Sylph Bonnet
Sylph Green Dye to The Ceruleum Road
The Chantry to The Third Prize Is That You're Slain
The Thirst to Toll of the Warden
Toll of the Warden/Plot Details to Ulmhylt
Uloine to Velveteen Sugarloaf Hat
Velveteen Sugarloaf Hat (Black) to Wail of a Tale
Wailing Barracks to Water Spirit
Water Sprite to Widowmaker
Wield Rate to Wolf Bow
Wolf Bracers to Y'mhitra the Learned
Y'mihtra the Learned to Zwynwyda

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