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'Neath Garuda's Shadow to Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69
Accuracy/Bracelets/iLevel 70-79 to Aetherial High Mythril Flanchard
Aetherial High Mythril Gauntlets to Allagan Boots of Healing
Allagan Bracelet of Aiming to Antiquated Welkin Robe
Antiquated Welkin Set to Attack Magic Potency/Head/Levels 41-50
Attack Magic Potency/Legs/Levels 01-10 to Basilisk Whetstone
Basket Lunch to Bloated Bogy
Bloated Burble to Bowman's Hat (Red)
Bowman's Hat (Yellow) to Burtgang
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie to Cavalry Haubergeon
Cavalry Haubergeon (Black) to Clockwork Dreadnaught
Clockwork Knight to Convert
Convertable to Crafting Points/Feet/iLevel 90-99
Crafting Points/Hands to Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 30-39
Critical Hit Rate/Waist/iLevel 40-49 to Dated Bronze Saw
Dated Bronze Scale Mail to Dated Iron Haubergeon (Blue)
Dated Iron Haubergeon (Brown) to Dated Weathered Spectacles (Green)
Dated Weevil Bow to Dexterity/Bracelets/iLevel 50-59
Dexterity/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69 to Doesdornn
Doesfolg to Earth Resistance/Feet/iLevel 80-89
Earth Resistance/Feet/iLevel 90-99 to Enhanced Featherfoot
Enhanced Feint to Fat Chocobo (Triple Triad Card)
Fat Chocobo Card to Fire Resistance/Neck/Levels 21-30
Fire Resistance/Neck/Levels 31-40 to Flickering Coal
Flicking Sticks and Taking Names to Gathering/Body
Gathering/Body/Levels 01-10 to Glade Banner
Glade Bathtub to Grade 2 Feed - Special Stamina Blend
Grade 2 Feed - Speed Blend to Halone Gerbera
Halone Gerbera Seeds to Hellsguard
Hellwolf Bracelet of Aiming to Hildibrand and Nashu Mhakaracca Card
Hildie to Hunting Log: Gladiator 14
Hunting Log: Gladiator 15 to Ice Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 60-69
Ice Resistance/Bracelets/iLevel 70-79 to Independent Jeweler
Independent Mender (Falcon's Nest) to Ironman's Will Materia II
Ironman's Will Materia III to Kikiri
Kill the Messenger to Leather Sandals
Leather Satchel to Limestone Golem Soulstone
Limit Break to Lurkers in the Grotto
Lurking Leech to Mark Up
Mark Up II to Mind/Body/iLevel 40-49
Mind/Body/iLevel 50-59 to Morale/Feet/iLevel 100-109
Morale/Feet/iLevel 110-119 to Nanawa Mines Aetheryte
Nanawa Mines Battlewarden to Octomammoth
Odd Egg to Panha Jaab
Panic to Perception/Feet/iLevel 50-59
Perception/Feet/iLevel 60-69 to Pinga
Pinga Lucis to Putrid Stomach
Putting the Squeeze On to Red Dewflower Sylph
Red Drop to Rose Gold Ear Cuffs
Rose Gold Ear Screws to Scythe Tail
Scythes to She Walks in Beauty
Shearing Is Caring to Skill Speed/Earrings/iLevel 60-69
Skill Speed/Earrings/iLevel 70-79 to Soul of the Paladin
Soul of the Scholar to Stardust Rod Atma
Stardust Rod Atma Replica to Strength/Feet/iLevel 70-79
Strength/Feet/iLevel 80-89 to Taking It to the Stars
Taking It to the Streams to The Four Winds
The Fox in the Hen House to Theobalin
Theodore to Tortoiseshell Harpoon
Tortoiseshell Harpoon Butt to Unfinished Bravura Replica
Unfinished Curtana to Vermilion Sollerets
Vert Lac Bugs to Warmwater Trout
Warmwine to Weathered Tool Belt
Weathered Trousers to Wind Resistance/Legs/iLevel 10-19
Wind Resistance/Legs/iLevel 100-109 to Woolen Slops
Woolen Slops (Black) to Ziz Venom
Ziz Venom (Event) to ´╗┐Category:Outdated Landmarks

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