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Spriggan Graverobber

Spriggan Icon.pngSpriggan Graverobber  Zoneicon.pngMob1 Icon.png
Level 7
Spriggans are neither sprites nor faeries, but share similarities with both. They are known to inhabit rocky regions and the deep recesses of mines. These black-furred soulkin are famous for carrying a gem or chunk of ore about with them at all times—a custom which may explain the popularly held belief within the mining fraternity that they are bringers of good fortune. Their classification as soulkin is based on a theory expounded in the Codex of Stone, which asserts that the creatures are naught but vessels for the will of the earth.[1] Although these creatures are spread across many lands areas of Eorzea, their overall population is rather small. The abilities and characteristics of each Spriggan can determined by the colored stone they bear - a magical battery from which they draw their strength. Like other soulkin, Spriggans seem to have lost their will to live without these stones and live controlled by that attachment. However, despite this power, most Spriggans prefer avoid fighting unless necessary.[2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Central Thanalan - Black Brush - Sil'dih Excavation Site (17-23)  7 Passive.png
Hunting Log (3)
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