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Talk:Timeworn Leather Map

[edit] Treasure Maps

Location Enemies Reward

Middle La Noscea (22-19)

Territorial Wolf x1 (initial spawn)
Territorial Jackal x2 (second spawn)
Territorial Hound x3 (second spawn)

1 Aetherial Boarskin Crakows
4 Hi-Potion of MindHQ Icon.png
90 Wind Shards
5 Steel RivetsHQ Icon.png
3 Walnut LumberHQ Icon.png
4 Horn GlueHQ Icon.png
1353 gil

Lower La Noscea (19-32)

Territorial Raptor x2 (initial spawn)
Territorial Pelican x2 (second spawn)

1 Aetherial Boarskin Satchel Belt
30 Wind Shards
1261 gil

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