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The Howling Eye (Hard)

Trialicon.pngThe Howling Eye (Hard)
The Howling Eye (Hard).png
Not to be outdone by the Amalj'aa, the Ixal have also taken advantage of the Ultima Weapon's destruction and again summoned their patron deity. What is worse, this most recent incarnation of Garuda is said to possess a nigh insatiable appetite for destruction. If Coerthas and the Twelveswood are to be spared further destruction, you must return to the Howling Eye and seek an audience with the Lady of the Vortex.


Restrictions: 60 minutes

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Trial
Zone: The Howling Eye
Region: Coerthas
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Minimum Level: 50
Synced Level: 50
Min iLvl: 52
Echo Icon.png Echo: Applied on total party incapacitation.
Unlock Quest: In for Garuda Awakening
Duty Finder: Trials: A Realm Reborn
Duty Roulette: Trials
Expansion: Original
Patch: Patch 2.0
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Law Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Icon.png
Soul Energy
Nexus Stage Zeta Stage
Gentle (4) Faint (100)

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