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The Order of the Twin Adder

The Order of the Twin Adder Flag.pngThe Order of the Twin Adder
Grand Company
"Eorzea's children are as trees in a grove - bending to the wind like the willow, or bearing it like the oak. Yet live how we might, the wind shall blow."

The Order of the Twin Adder, one of the three Grand Companies of Eorzea located within the Adders' Nest in Gridania, establishes a medium from which the Seedseers can return from their wanderings deep within the Black Shroud and directly oversee not only the safety of Gridania's citizens, but the workings of the local guard.

Both the Gods' Quiver, who defend the forest from external threats, and the Wood Wailers, who protect it from internal strife, have expressed their support of this temporary measure.

There are, however, those within Gridania who would question the ability of the Seedseers, whose duties until now have been limited to various ritualistic proceedings, and doubt whether or not they are fit to lead a nation into war.

The Order of the Twin Adder Flag.png
Location: Adders' Nest
Leader: Kan-E-Senna
Levequests (20)
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