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Welcome to Eorzeapedia
Welcome to Eorzeapedia

A Final Fantasy XIV community site.
184,149 pages and 77,470 articles since June 2009.

Knowledge Base
 Bullet.png Starting-out:  Character Creation
 Bullet.png Game Basics:  Actions
 Heads-up Display (HUD)
 Market Wards
 Bullet.png Exploring Eorzea  City-States
 Bullet.png Storyline & Battles  Guildleves
 Bullet.png Items & Equipment  Armor
 Secondary Tools
 Bullet.png Crafter's Compendium  Alchemy Recipes
 Armorcraft Recipes
 Blacksmithing Recipes
 Carpentry Recipes
 Cooking Recipes
 Goldsmithing Recipes
 Leathercraft Recipes
 Weaving Recipes

From the founders of FFXIclopedia - the most popular Final Fantasy XI resource, the hosts of the Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio podcasts, and translation talent from JP Button, comes Eorzeapedia - a community site where you can read up on the latest FFXIV news and opinions, lend an ear and learn about all things Eorzean, discuss the new world ready to explode with adventurers, chat with friends and help create a FFXIV wiki second to none.

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