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{{ARR Infobox Missing NPC
{{ARR Infobox Missing NPC
| Image = Abelard.PNG
| Image = Abelard.png
| Name = Abelard
| Name = Abelard

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This NPC was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV.
Unless otherwise documented, the NPC is missing, and presumed dead, from the Calamity.
NPCs determined to have survived should be updated using the ARR Infobox NPC template.
Removed Icon.pngAbelard  MISSING
Missing NPC
Last Seen
Zones: Western Thanalan
Locations: The Coffer & Coffin
Last Words

Hello, and welcome to the Coffer & Coffin, my own humble
port of call for travelers such as yourself. A favorite haunt of
the folks from the Jolly Raptor, too. You'll often see their chocobo
coaches putting in here.

Gender: Male
Race: Hyur
Clan: Highlander
Occupation: Miner
Pre-Calamity Involvement (1)
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