Action Points

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This article contains information that is outdated or obsolete and may no longer be relevant to the current version of the game, but is retained here for historical purposes.
Main Command 3 Icon.pngAction Points  (AP*)
Action points determine the number of Actions that may be set on the action bar.
  • At rank 1, each class begins with six Action Points in each category (Battle Actions, Traits, and Gathering & Synthesis). After changing to a particular class, its most basic actions are set automatically and can not be removed. While these default actions cost no points, most other actions have a cost associated with them and may not be set to your action bar if they require more points than you have available.
  • Typically, you will receive one point per category when your primary skill increases. At some ranks, you may gain two points. Trait and Gathering/Synthesis Action Points appear to be gained every 3 ranks.

* May also refer to Attribute Points.