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Main Command 3 Icon.pngAnanta
Clans: Qalyana & Vira
A serpent-like preople who inhabit the mountains of Gyr Abania. Consisting solely of women, this tribe has existed since the time of the Allagans, and are famed for their proficiency with gemcraft, employing age-old magicks handed down throught genrations. [1]

Physical Characteristics:
At a glance, the Ananta's upper body appears similar to that of a Hyuran female, but closer inspection reveals that the "hair" upon her head is in fact a cowl of strands formed from rigid scales. Her most distinctive feature, of course, is a serpent -like lower body- a sinuous appendage which propels her along the ground with an undulating motion. An Ananta molts at regular intervals, constantly renewing the glossy sheen of her scaled skin.

The Ananta are hunter-gatherers, and subsist primarily on the flesh of the prey they bring down. This reliance on meat is in large part due to the stark landscape of Gyr Abania, and the scarcity of wild fruits and other vegetation. They are, however, fond of certain species of fungi, and have been known to use mushroom for added flavor in their cooking.


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