Assault System α

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Question mark stub.pngInterceptor Node  NMicon.pngZoneicon.png
Defense Node
Assault System
Level 50
Interceptor Node.png
An ancient Allagan device uncovered at the Carteneau Flats. It appears to be a defense mechanism which periodically discharges bursts of energy while it charges up a powerful burst of energy designed to incapacitate everyone in the vincinity. One of many relics of Allagan technology which are being contested on the Frontline.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins  50 Aggressive.png
  • One each spawns at the Allagan Manors, Allagan Sun Temple, and Allagan Markets shortly after the Assault System γ is destroyed at the Heliodrome in Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins. A Assault System β also spawns at the Heliodrome at this time.
  • Periodically launches lasers at the ground centered on random player targets.
  • Defeating the Assault System α awards a Haste buff to the team that dealt the most damage. Lasts 5 minutes.
  • Is rooted to the ground and therefore completely immobile.
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