Borderland Ruins (Slaughter)

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Pvpicon.pngBorderland Ruins (Slaughter)
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While many will remember the Calamity for the destruction it wrought upon Eorzea, that destruction was not without its blessings - one of those being the uncovering of ancient Allagan ruins hidden underneath the war-scarred Carteneau Flats and heretofore unseen for several Astral Eras. When an attempt by the Grand Companies of Eorzea to determine the control of these ruins, and more importantly the secrets they contain, through peaceful negotiations ended in faliure, the city-states elected to solve the issue of dominion using a form of civilized warare dubbed Frontline.


Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
0~24/72 0~24/72 0~24/72
Type: PvP
Zone: [[]]
Region: [[]]
Minimum Level: 50
Synced Level: Item Level 80
Unlock Quest: Like Civilized Men and Women
Weather: Clear
Expansion: Original
Patch: Patch 2.5
Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Allegory Icon.png


Achieve a Tactical Rating of 30 (8v8v8) or 150 (24v24v24) for your team

Frontline is a PvP duty wherein the main goal is to defeat opposing players and other enemies to accumulate a "Tactical Rating" of 30 or 150 (depending on team size) for your team before the other teams accomplish the same.


When you enter the Carteneau Flats, you will appear in your Grand Company's staging area. You will have 2 minutes to strategize and prepare. While in your staging area, you can cast buffs, mount, or change jobs/classes. There are no role requirements for teams, so you can change at will while in the staging area.


After the prep time is over, the battle begins. Once you leave the staging area, you can not return unless you are KO'd. The battle has a time limit of 30 minutes. Returning to the staging area after a KO will grant you temporary invulnerability when you rejoin the battle.

Located around the area are several teleporters, marked with a circle on the ground and an arrow pointing in the direction of travel. These can be used to move about the area quickly, however, they are one-way and you can not return to the previous location from where you arrived.

Unlike in Borderland Ruins (Secure), there are no control points. Slaughter is strictly a team deathmatch event, and you only earn points from defeating opponents and special monsters that appear in the area.

These actions will earn Tactical Rating for your team:

Action Tactical rating points
KO'ing Opponents 1 each
Defeating Interceptor Drones 1 each
Defeating Assault Systems α 20 each Caution Icon.png
Defeating the Assault System β 20 Caution Icon.png
Defeating the Assault System γ 20 Caution Icon.png
Defeating the Interceptor Node 30? Caution Icon.png

After one minute, Assault System γ spawns at the center of the heliodrome. Defeating it grants bonus Tactical Rating to your team. One minute after the Assault System γ's death, a Assault System α will appear in each of the Allagan Manors, Allagan Sun Temple, and Allagan Markets locations on the map, defeating them grants further buffs to your team. At the same time, an Assault System β also appears at the Heliodrome.

At approximately 5:00 remaining in the match, an Interceptor Node will spawn. This Node has much more HP than the one in Borderland Ruins (Secure) and must be defeated before it blows up; the team that does so gains a bonus to their Tactical Rating.

In 8v8v8 mode, only Interceptor Drones will appear. They will spawn periodically during the match and give Adrenaline to the killer (last hit). The Interceptor Drones only appear in 8v8v8.

Defeating the enemies that appear also awards special effects to players and grants a bonus to the Adrenaline gauge (see below). The bonuses available depend on the enemy killed and are as follows.

  • Note: The actual method of awarding buffs seems to differ from what was stated in the patch notes. The chart below has been set up to reflect what actually happens. All buffs recieved seem to affect the entire team except for Interceptor Drones, which only seem to benefit the player with the killing blow.
Enemy Status Effects
Assault System γ Haste Decreases action recast times and auto-attack delay of team members
Assault System β HP and MP Boost (Status Effect) Increases maximum HP and MP of team members
Assault System α Damage Up (Status Effect) Increases damage dealt by 10% per stack for each team member. Each Assault System α defeated adds a stack for a max of 30% if all are defeated by the same team
Interceptor Drone Adrenaline Bonus Increases the Adrenaline gauge by 50% for the killer only.


The Adrenaline gauge replaces the Limit Break gauge in Slaughter. The adrenaline gauge gradually fills as you participate in combat and is used to perform a personal version of the various Limit Break effects. Adrenaline accumulates faster if your team is behind (1.25x normal in 2nd place, and 1.5x normal in 3rd place) and also accumulates faster if you are in the Battle High or Battle Fever state described below.

Battle High & Battle Fever

These are special statuses awarded for achieving a streak of KOs without being defeated yourself or changing classes. The effects grant you greater power, but beware as they will also make you a target!

  • When you earn 4 straight KOs, you'll be in a Battle High state. Damage dealt will increase by 20%, and the Adernaline gauge will fill 50% faster. An aggressive enemy icon will appear beside your name to friends and foes alike.
  • When you earn 8 straight KOs, you'll experience Battle Fever. Damage dealt will increase by 40% and the Adrenaline gauge fills twice as fast. a boss monster icon will appear beside your name to friends and foes alike.

Be careful when you earn one of these statuses, as your location will be revealed on the minimap to nearby players, making you an easier target.


You sometimes recieve this announcement when doing a lot of damage to a target without getting the K.O.. Any other meaning of this is currently unclear. Information Needed

Victory Conditions and Rewards

Once one team reaches the target Tactical Rating, the match ends. The team reaching the target first will be declared the victor, with the two other teams ranked according to their ending Tactical Rating. PvP Experience and Wolf Marks will be earned based both on your participation and your team's rank at the end, with the 2nd place team earning approximately 3/4 the rewards of the 1st place team, and the 3rd place team earning approximately 1/2 of the 1st place team's reward.

The base rewards are as follows. Note that a special multiplier to these rewards applies if a particular Grand Company is losing more frequently. Companies that have lost more matches will therefore receive more EXP and Marks than listed here. More specifically, an under-performing Company's participants will initally recieve a 10% bonus to Wolf Marks. If that company continues to underperform, the bonus increases to 20% and can continue to increase up to 50%. This is applied additively with Mark Up if it is in effect.

Team Ranking PvP EXP.png


Wolf Mark Icon.png

Wolf Marks

1st Place 400 600
2nd Place 300 450
3rd Place 200 300

All participants also receive:
Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery x50
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x20

special mounts- Storm Warsteed, Flame Warsteed, Serpent Warsteed can be earned by completing the Line in the Storm IV, Line in the Sand IV, and/or Line in the Glade IV achievements (100 wins with the respective Grand Company).

For those upgrading a Relic Weapon Nexus, Frontline generates Brilliant light (6 points), or Blinding light (12 points) with bonus each match, regardless of the outcome.


Frontline follows most of the general PvP rules as outlined in Category:Player Versus Player, with the following additions and exceptions:

  • Due to the Item Level Sync imposed on the area, bonuses from Materia are not functional on the Frontline. Morale *does* apply, if the gear's item level is below the ilvl 80 cap (e.g. ilvl70 PvP equipment becomes ilvl 80 in Frontline; however ilvl 90 and higher PvP gear still syncs down to ilvl 80)
  • Unlike in The Wolves' Den, mounts can be summoned and ridden on the Frontline. However, any direct damage has a 100% chance of inflicting the Heavy effect (Damage over Time effects with no initial hit and non-damaging effects do not cause the Heavy effect. Two-passenger mounts can not be used.
  • The Limit Break gauge is replaced by Adrenaline for each player. Normal limit breaks are not possible in this mode.
  • Unlike the Wolves' Den you are able to Return when incapacitated. When you are KO'd, you will have to wait for a period of time before you can use Return. Each time you do this, the wait time the next time you are KO'd will be increased. This can be avoided by accepting a Raise or Resurrect spell instead of returning.
  • Say, Shout, and Yell can be used within the area, however they will only be heard by members of your team. Alliance chat can also be used if there are more than 8 players on each team.
  • It is NOT currently possible to enter as a pre-formed alliance, even though that feature is available as of Patch 2.35. It is only possible to queue for Syrcus Tower or Labyrinth of the Ancients.