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{{disambig2|[[Carreer Opportunities (Quest)]]}}{{ARR Infobox Achievement
{{disambig2|[[Career Opportunities (Quest)]]}}{{ARR Infobox Achievement
| Index      = 414
| Index      = 414
| Patch      = 2.0
| Patch      = 2.0

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002627.pngCareer Opportunities (Achievement)
Obtain the following seven achievements: “Like a Knight in Shining Armor,” “Bulletproof,” “I Am the Warrior,” Dragoon Age,“ ”A Bard's Tale,“ ”Seeing White,“ and ”Back in Black.“
20 Achievement Points
Title: (Females): The Professional (Males): The Professional
Required Achievements: A Bard's Tale
Back in Black
Dragoon Age
I Am the Warrior
Like a Knight in Shining Armor
Seeing White