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Achievements can be earned by fulfilling specific conditions. Completing achievements earns you "achievement points." For every 50 achievement points you earn you will receive 1 Achievement Certificate. Achievement Certificates can be traded to Jonathas#Sells for various items. Certain achievements will award a specific item or items. Those item(s) are either obtained from either Jonathas (by talking to him and then selecting the 'Share a tale' dialogue option) or Grenoldt (via a menu). Finally, certain achievements may provide a reward in the form of a title.

Category Description  
Battle Battle, Hunting Log, FATEs, Chocobo Rank, Duties, Treasure Hunting, etc.
Character Class levels, Commendations, Retainer Ventures, and your Sightseeing Log progress
Items Achievements pertaining to Items, Currency, and Materia
Crafting Achievements about your Disciple of the Hand class Crafting Log completion
Gathering Achievements specifically about the different Disciples of the Land classes and your progress in using them
Quests Achievements about the many different quests and seasonal events in the game
Exploration Achievements related to your exploration of the various dungeons, duties, and zones within the realm
Grand Company Achievements about the Grand Companies in the game and your various milestones with them
Legacy Achievements from patches 1.0 to 1.23b of the original game. They are now impossible to earn (Patch 2.0 and onward)


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