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Heavensturn is one of the many annual event festivals held in Eorzea. As the harshest cold of the winter fades, the attention given to the valorous citizens, of current times past, during the Starlight Celebration turns back to The Twelve once more.


Starlight Celebration

The Starlight Celebration is one of the many annual event festivals held in Eorzea. Coinciding with the December holiday season, the Starlight Celebration extols the selflessness, unity, and generosity of honored citizens past with a lavish festival of winter decor and fashion.

Citizens of every nation are encouraged to embrace the spirit of charity and enjoy the pleasure of each other's company. The Smilebringers take this time especially to give back to their communities, making appearances across the continent for no other reason than spreading happiness and encouraging you, as a fellow citizen of Eorzea, to do the same.


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