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Levequests are immediately repeatable quests obtained by talking to a Levemete. You can possess up to 100 Leve Allotments at any one time, with three replenishing every 12 hours. Upon talking to a Levemete, you will be offered a set number of available Levequests, and you can select any/all offered. New levequests will be offered as you complete the ones taken. Levequests fall into three main groups, battlecraft, tradescraft and fieldcraft.

Of course, there are no regulations stating that tasks must be completed alone. Adventurers are free to call on their companions to join them, as only one leve is required to take advantage of the benefits and privileges provided to its bearer. By coordinating the leves of multiple party members, adventurers can even plan grand campaigns built around several different quests. Levequests can be activated or abandoned via the Journal. You may choose to retry should you fail the Levequest through the Journal menu.

Levequest Types

Levequest are divided into 3 categories. Battlecraft (which have a player fighting against monsters as a Disciple of War or Magic), Fieldcraft (Which have a player gathering items as a Disciple of the Land), or Tradecraft (Which have you crafting items as a Disciple of the Hand).


Main article: Battlecraft Levequest.

Battlecraft Levequests are for Disciples of War & Magic and generally require a player to fight something or collect something from the mobs. Battlecraft Levequests allow you to select a difficulty setting. Increasing the degree of difficulty will result in more powerful enemies by 1 level, larger amounts of experience points, greater experience, and difficulty rewards.

Main article: Grand Company Levequest.

Grand Company Levequests are strictly battle levequests, and reward success with experience and Grand Company Seals.


Main article: Fieldcraft Levequest.

Fieldcraft Levequests are for Disciples of the Land and require the player to gather something through the gathering class the Levequest is associated with.


Main article: Tradecraft Levequest.

These Levequests are for Disciples of the Hand and require the player to make something with the Crafting Class that the Levequest is associated with.

Large-scale Leves (L)

These levequests, designated with (L) after the name, grant bigger rewards for twice the work, but also cost 10 allotments. Only available in Ishgard.
You may occasionally receive Amber-encased Vilekin from chests, which can be traded for lvl 52, 54, 56, 58 wristbands and rings for DoW or DoM at the Amber Trader.


Main article: Guildleves.

Guildleves are the metal plates issued by the Levemete which describe the levequest. Levequests using the same guildleve will typically share a common characteristic (i.e. levequest bearing the Constancy plate are crafting levequests where delivery is in the same location as the levemete, levequests bearing the Resolve plate are battle leves requiring you to pacify a mob). The challenge Just Leve It to Me requires completing leves using 5 different plates, but otherwise the plate is largely irrelevant.


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