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 Miner Hands: iLevel 280-289 Miner Hands: iLevel 300-309 

Filtered to show items with bonuses to one or more of the following: GatheringPerceptionGathering Points.
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Item iLevel Requirements Stats
 Serge Work Gloves Icon.png  Serge Work Gloves
Tools icon.pngGil Icon.png
 &0000000000000290000000290&000000000000007000000070 Disciples of the Land
Req. Level 70
Defense 234 HQ Icon2.png 260
Magic Defense 410 HQ Icon2.png 456
Gathering +129  HQ Icon2.png +147
GP +5 
Vitality +14  HQ Icon2.png +7

 Miner Hands: iLevel 280-289 Miner Hands: iLevel 300-309 

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