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The content of this article is based on information of a future patch. It is not currently in the game, and is subject to change upon release. Until said content is added to the game, this page might exhibit some bugs or other quirkyness until all information is added.

Note: Preliminary testing on PvP was conducted during Beta Test Phase 4. Information contained herein is based on that and may be subject to change in its release planned for Patch 2.1.


Player Versus Player (Commonly read as PvP) duties are events where players are not all fighting on the same side. Generally these are competitive events where the goal is for a player or team of players to get kills, complete an objective, or do something else before the opposing players accomplish the same goal. Unlike other quests or battles, the enemies you face here are other players, who will typically behave very differently from A.I. controlled monsters.

PvP only takes place in special instanced areas. You can not become hostile towards other players outside of these areas.

PvP Areas

Name Minimum Level
Astragalos (Zone)
Hidden Gorge (Zone)
The Feasting Grounds
Wolves' Den Pier
The Fold 15
Seal Rock 30
The Fields of Glory 30
Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins 50


To participate in any PvP activity, you must be at least level 30 and have met the requirements for a particular event to appear in the Duty Finder before you can participate. All PvP is accessed through the Duty Finder. There is no cost to participate; however, if you leave a PvP duty instance before it has concluded, you will be unable to participate in PvP duties again for 15 minutes upon exiting.

Once you meet the requirements, it is a simple matter of queuing up in the duty finder for the event and tier you want to participate in. You can join alone, or with a party. Players in the same party will be on the same side in the PvP duty.


This section lists things that are different about PvP compared to PvE gameplay. Things here apply generally to all PvP activities unless otherwise noted. See a specific PvP area's page for rules specific to that particular area.

  • All (or nearly all) abilities, spells and attacks function identically in PvP; However, special actions can also be acquired for PvP that can not be used in other areas.
  • Exception: Raise can be cast in combat, while it is not normally possible in PvE areas.
  • Damage is calculated normally, except that a special character attribute, Morale, reduces damage received from enemy players. This stat is not used in damage calculation against monsters.
  • Crowd control effects (e.g. Sleep, Repose follow a 100% -> 50% -> 25% - 0% -> 100% -> ... duration cycle.
  • All chat is restricted in PvP, except for party chat and emotes. This is to minimize the potential for abuse. Note that you can still receive Linkshell and Free Company chat, but you will be unable to respond until the PvP instance has ended.
  • Opposing players have their names masked until the battle is over. This is to reduce the likelihood of collaboration with the opponents.


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Little is known of rewards for PvP participation at this time, except that various euqipment, as well as PvP-specific abilities, can be obtained through playing.

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