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Player Versus Player (Commonly read as PvP) duties are events where players are not all fighting on the same side. Generally these are competitive events where the goal is for a player or team of players to get kills, complete an objective, or do something else before the opposing players accomplish the same goal. Unlike other quests or battles, the enemies you face here are other players, who will typically behave very differently from A.I. controlled monsters.

PvP only takes place in special instanced areas. You can not become hostile towards other players outside of these areas.

PvP-Related Areas

Name Minimum Level
Astragalos (Zone)
Hidden Gorge (Zone)
The Feasting Grounds
Wolves' Den Pier
The Fold 15
Seal Rock 30
The Fields of Glory 30
Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins 50

PvP Duties


Frontline is a large-scale, 3-way battle for domination, taking place in Carteneau Flats, Seal Rock, or the Fields of Glory. The battles generally feature a large open area where three teams of up to 24 players each compete for control of a vast wasteland with allagan technology lying about. There are three modes across two different areas, the Carteneau Flats (CF) and Seal Rock (SR):

  • "Secure" (CF), where the goal is to be the first team to accumulate a set Tactical Rating score, which is earned from taking control points, defeating opponents, and killing special monsters;
  • "Slaughter" (CF), which is a team deathmatch mode where the goal is to aquire Tactical Rating purely by defeating opponents and special monsters;
  • "Seize" (SR), where teams compete to obtain valuable data from Allagan tomeliths which appear around the area.
  • "Shatter" (FoG), which is a bit of a hybrid of the other modes, where the goal is to earn points through controlling capture points like Secure, kills as in Slaughter, and by destroying Icebound Tomeliths.

It also contains unique battle mechanics, including "Adrenaline" which is like a personal limit break system, and "battle highs" which reward kill streaks. It differs from The Wolves' Den in that it lasts to a certain score, rather than the last team standing.

Regardless of area and mode, Frontline is made to be accessible to all and has minimal requirements in order to facilitate party matching- players may even change jobs in their team's starting area.

The Wolves' Den (Unrated)

  • The Fold The Fold (Level 50 iLvl 80 Matched Party)]]- 1 to 3 player queue (4 vs 4)
  • The Fold The Fold (Level 50 iLvl 80 Light Party)]] - 4 player only queue (4 vs 4)
  • The Feast 8 on 8 (Level 60 iLvl 150 Matched Party)]] - 1 or 2 players only queue

The unrated Wolves Den plays host to two types of arenas:

The Fold: The original Wolves Den encounter, this is a 4-on-4 Last Man Standing battle. Two teams battle it out and the match ends when all members of one team are KO'd at the same time.

The Feast: In this arena, two teams of 8 battle it out to collect the most medals. Each player starts with 100 medals, and you drop half of your medal total when you are KO'd. The match ends when one team reaches the target number of medals.

The Wolves' Den has strict party composition requirements- Each team must have

For 8-on-8 matches, parties will consist of 2 of each role instead of one.

The Wolves' Den (Rated)

  • The Feast 4 on 4 (Level 60 iLvl 150Matched Party) Rated
  • The Feast 4 on 4 (Light Party) Rated

Rated battles offer a more competitive setting for PvP battles. These follow the same rules as for the Feast described above, but players will earn a rating that goes up and down based on the outcome of the matches. As you earn rating points, you will ascend through five ranking tiers, which will be shown on your PvP Profile. Ratings for solo queue and party battles are kept separately.

Feast Leaderboards

Click the link above to view the current standings for rated battles!


Bronze Silver Gold
Bronze tier.png Silver tier.png Gold tier.png
Platinum Diamond
Platinum tier.png Diamond tier.png

Each rank tier requires a certain minimum rating. When you achieve this rating, you will play a best-of-five match series, in which you must win three of the next five games to advance to the next tier.

Rated play is broken down into seasons, which typically last from one secondary patch (x.x5) to the next. At the end of each season, players are given special rewards based on the tier achieved, and then a new season begins and all ratings are reset.

A win/loss in rated play earns/costs you a base value of 25 rating points, but this value can increase or decrease if the overall rating of each team is unbalanced (beating a weaker/stronger team will earn you less/more points, and losing to a weaker/stronger team will cost you more/less points). To redcuce rank anxiety and more quickly move players to their expected rating, lower tiers reduce the number of points taken away on a loss by a set amount:

No Tier: zero points lost
Bronze: -10 points lost
Silver: -5 points lost


To participate in any PvP activity, you must be at least level 30 and have met the requirements for a particular event to appear in the Duty Finder before you can participate (See each PvP area above for the requirements for each one). All PvP is accessed through the Duty Finder. There is no cost to participate; however, if you leave a PvP duty instance before it has concluded, you will be unable to participate in PvP duties again for 15 minutes upon exiting.

Once you meet the requirements, it is a simple matter of queuing up in the duty finder for the event and tier you want to participate in. You can join alone, or with a party. Players in the same party will be on the same side in the PvP duty.


This section lists things that are different about PvP compared to PvE gameplay. Things here apply generally to all PvP activities unless otherwise noted. See a specific PvP area's page for rules specific to that particular area.

  • Most abilities, spells and attacks function identically in PvP; However, special actions can also be acquired for PvP that can not be used in other areas.
  • Note: For balance reasons, some abilities have altered effects in PvP only:
  • Another exception is enmity. Enmity is currently useless against players, so abilities that only generate enmity, such as Provoke, will have no effect (Except on monsters which appear in the PvP areas)
  • There is a 100% rate of spellcasting interruption due to damage from actions in PvP, unless you are under the effect of Equanimity. Attacks from pets, other than those which inflict Stun, do not cause interruption.
  • Archers and Bards have their damage modified by distance in PvP, with shooting at maximum range causing lower damage. They can learn the PvP action Farshot to perform a long range attack without the distance penalty.
  • Damage is calculated normally in PvP, except that percentage modifiers apply to damage dealt, physical damage taken and magic damage taken depending on class and job. The modifiers are larger for jobs than classes, effectively reducing the effectiveness of classes compared to jobs.
  • Crowd control effects (e.g. Sleep, Repose follow a 100% -> 50% -> 25% - 0% duration cycle. After immunity kicks in, it lasts for 30 seconds, then the next spell will have full duration.
  • All chat is restricted in PvP, except for party chat and regular emotes. This is to minimize the potential for abuse. Note that you can still receive Novice Network, Linkshell and Free Company chat, but you will be unable to respond until the PvP instance has ended.
  • Since Patch 2.3 Other chat modes can still be used, but they will only be heard by players on the same side as you.
  • Opposing players have their names masked until the battle is over. This is to reduce the likelihood of collaboration with the opponents. Opposing players will be identified only by their current class or job. The exception is The Feast, where player names are shown.
  • The Limit Break gauge is available; it caps at level 1 for Light Parties and level 2 for Full Parties; Level 3 limit breaks are not possible. The limit gauge fills at a slower rate in the Fold than normal, and faster than normal on the Frontline and in The Feast.
  • As of Patch 2.4, magic DPS limit breaks take 0.5 seconds longer to cast, and cancelling a limit break before it finishes casting will deplete 1 limit break bar, to discourage players from triggering false panic in opponents by casting and cancelling it.
  • If all players in a party are out of combat for a certain amount of time, the limit break gauge will gradually deplete.
  • When in a PvP area which allows mounting, two-person mounts can not be used, and flying mounts can not fly.
  • When you are K.O.'d, there is no option to return. You can only wait for another player to cast Raise or Resurrection on you. Teleport and Return can not be used to leave the area. If you wish to quit the battle, Click the Leave button in the Duty Finder interface. If you do so however, you'll be blocked from participating in PvP again for 30 minutes (Note that the 30 minute penalty for PvP duties is seperate from the penalty for leaving other duties, and being penalized from one doesn't lock you out from the other). Return CAN be used to return to the starting location for your side in certain duties only.
  • Regardless of whether Morale is in effect or not, the Defense and Magic Defense stats are negated; effects that increase defense or magic defense, such as Protect, therefore have no effect (Though Protect can be still used as a buffer against dispelling effects by causing a useless buff to be removed instead of a more significant one) This has been removed with the revamp of the morale stat.
  • Players under the effect of Hide are completely invisible to both allies and opponents and can not be targeted by either.


As you participate in PvP battles, you will earn PvP Experience. When you earn enough, your PvP Rank will increase. Each PvP rank awards Action Points which can be spent to unlock PvP-exlcusive actions and traits. If your current class/job is not level 60, you will also earn normal experience points from non-level 60 battles.

In addition, each PvP event has a selection of items and equipment with stats tailored towards PvP. See the specific content's page for the rewards associated with it. Some PvP equipment may have a rank requirement to equip, and if PvP gear has Materia slots, the materia placed in them will only take effect in PvP content. Outside of this restriction, however, PvP reward gear can be used in any content, with stats equivalent to other gear of the same item level.

Additionally, there is a selection of special mounts, titles, and gear that are earned from PvP-related achievements.

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