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In the below tutorials, we'll explain how our various templates work and what values you can input in order to create a page when using a template!

But first, a word about templates!

Basically, a template is a bunch of fields and values. Like a row in a database. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, and the template definition (a mess of fairly complex code, defined elsewhere) does all the formatting, categorization, and generally does all the work for you.

This makes basic page editing very simple. It also lets us make changes to the template definition that show up in all the pages that use it. The templates also include the magic that makes changes to say, Gridanian Shortbow show up on the lists of Archer weapons automatically.

Queststutorialbutton.png Fatetutorialbutton.png Actionstutorialbutton.png Traitstutorialbutton.png Npcsbutton.png Monsterstutorialbutton.png Monsterfamilytutorialbutton.png Monsteractionstutorialbutton.png Huntinglogstutorialbutton.png Itemstutorialbutton.png Classesjobsbutton.png Areastutorialbutton.png

Useful Tidbits[edit]

Youtube for embedding videos on pages You can insert a youtube video onto any page! You can also make size and alignment adjustments.

<youtube align="center" width="800" height="450">VIDEO ID HERE</youtube>

Gallery For use at the bottom of pages, often to show concept art. Can be placed in the Notes section for the time being

Image:image1.jpg|image1 caption
Image:image2.jpg|image2 caption